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Although sometimes I get frustrated with Al Gore (mainly cause the veg thing), in general I give him a whole lot of credit for being a leader in the environmental revolution. However, like all celebs, Gore has put himself in the spotlight and is therefore subject to all the scrutiny that comes with it. And scrutiny there is!

The internet is a buzzin’ this week after the former vice-president purchased a 100-foot houseboat that’s docked on Center Hill Lake. Now before you get your organic cotton panties in a bunch, please know that this boat isn’t your typical gas-guzzler. Al’s boat is blanketed with solar panels, runs on biodiesel and is aptly named Bio-Solar One.

Still, global warming skeptics have been quick to light their torches and storm the castle over this “eco-hypocrisy.” Radio talk show host Steve Gill, a regular Gore basher, says that Gore isn’t practicing what he’s preaching when it comes to “so-called global warming.” “So-called,” huh? Because 16 million hurricanes in three weeks is TOTALLY normal and has nothing to do with our actions. RIIIIIIGHT!

What do you think Ecorazzi readers? Should Gore have passed on the Bio-Solar One or is the boat cool because it’s promoting solar and biodiesel alternatives ? Chime in and share your thoughts!

  • Jeff

    Sounds about as green as it can be. I don’t see what’s wrong with that.

  • shannon

    doesn’t bother me – at least it’s done up with the eco-energy alternatives.

    it’s not as though celebrities and wealthy people are suddenly going to go without luxuries just because they are activists for the green/eco-movement. i mean, if you had loads of money, wouldn’t you want to splurge and enjoy yourself (eco-responsibly)?

  • fbr

    Al Gore is a great businessman first and foremost. He’s been instrumental in building the current eco fad and has cashed in handsomely on it. Maybe his work will turn out to be beneficial to the world in the long run, maybe it won’t, but he certainly deserves to get whatever kind of boat he wants.

  • Cid Martins

    Being an environmentalist doesn’t mean one has to go and live in a dark, cold cave!

    If he has money to buy a huge boat and if it’s powered by solar energy and biodiesel, I don’t see the contradiction there! I mean, he has done much more for the environment alone, than all of those who criticise him together…

    Just because he is alerting for the REAL problem of climate change, it doesn’t mean he should stop flying or living in his mansion! What, does everyone who criticises him live in an eco-friendly home and uses eco-friendly vehicles?

    Stop throwing dust into people’s eyes in order to distract them from the real problems! There are too many people doing that already!

    Besides, Al Gore is not perfect, nor a saint nor a saviour… no one is, without exception!

  • erin

    i think al has every right to get this eco friendly boat and think that steve gill is … well i don’t want to use such words on ER’s site ;)

    and parrish, i’m totally with you on the vegetarian issue. i mean, even if al gore cut down his meat consumption to twice a week he might help save the environment AND lose a little weight/help his heart.

    i don’t think any medical doctor would say oh you need to eat MORE meat to improve your heart. most people (especially americans) need to cut their consumption of meat products…

    i hope that at least gore eats organic meat? does he share anything about his diet?

    I cannot remember if ER posted this last week but from Yahoo to CNN (and even Fox New!) last week the biggest news to come out (besides our failing economy – thanks Bush and more global warming hurricanes – thanks Bush again) was that the United Nations announced that giving up meat just one day a week could help with global warming. Yes big smart scientists announced this people..

    read it and go vegan go vegetarian or at least have some eggplant parmesian once a week!!??!

  • Elaine

    I agree with fbr. Gore has done much re; spreading the word about global warming and as it sounds like his boat is eco-friendly, he is doing his part. Any naysayers should walk the talk, as he does.

  • ethicalandgreen

    Totally agree that his boat sounds really eco-friendly. If the guy wants to buy a boat and has the cash then fair enough. At least he is sticking by his principles and getting an eco-friendly one! It’s not like he is going against his principles.
    More people in the public eye should be doing what he does and setting an example we can all follow. Granted not all of us can buy boats but you know what I mean….

  • VeggieTart

    If it has solar panels and runs on biodiesel, not such a problem. Question is, does biodisel leak or cause residue that might affect the water in which the boat sails? Ocean liners are notorious for polluting the ocean because of the exhaust and waste; I hope that biodisel boats are less harmful.

    And yes, I agree Mr. Gore should go vegan, but he’s from a cattle ranching family, and I guess he has to blind himself to that issue.

  • LQ

    I bet he bought the boat to aid his search for the true threat to the environment, manbearpig. Actually, I’m actually totally behind this, actually.

  • michael

    Good point LQ. Scientists still aren’t sure where ManBearPig is hiding — so the water may be Al Gore’s next best guess..