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“[A]fter all the abstract intellection, there remain the facts of the frantically clanking lid, the pathetic clinging to the edge of the pot. Standing at the stove, it is hard to deny in any meaningful way that this is a living creature experiencing pain and wishing to avoid/escape the painful experience.”

- A snippet of best-selling author David Foster Wallace’s “Consider The Lobster”, written for Gourmet Magazine. David Foster Wallace was not only an acclaimed author, but a proud vegetarian and animal rights activist. Wallace passed away on Friday at the age of 46. Ecorazzi salutes you, David!

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  • Kamela

    David Foster Wallace had such immense talent and his untimely death is tragic. Many prayers & blessing to his family, friends, and readers. Thanks to Ecorazzi for posting in regards to his work & life!

  • Missy

    I was not aware of David Wallace prior to his recent passing, and i’m glad you covered this tiny snippet of his work.

    It has made me instantly aware (and appreciative) of the kind and compassionate person David must have been.

    Thank You.

  • zimbara

    David Foster Wallace was not a vegitarian, or a veegan. Read “consider the lobster” in its entirety (This includes the footnotes). He clearly states that he is not a veegan, or even agrees with PETA. In short, he states that everyone has a agenda, and the questions he raises are more philosophical than convenient.