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I think it’s fair to say that Gordon Ramsay loves meat with the same amount of gusto that he hates vegetarians. In case you’ve forgotten, Gordon angered Paul McCartney after making several off color remarks about the vegetarian lifestyle that were just plain dumb. Obviously this very, VERY pro-meat chef might upset the meat-free, but is he now even starting to piss off his own fans too? YEP!

Earlier this summer, Ecorazzi reported that Ramsay spent time in Poland Iceland hunting puffins. You see in Britain, where Ramsay regularly records, puffins are endangered and therefore protected by law. However, Gordon took the special trip to Iceland so he might get the chance to hunt the otherwise endangered bird. As if that wasn’t enough, after shooting the puffin he proceeded to rip out its heart and eat it raw.

Shortly after the episode the bosses at his network were inundated with complaints over the vulgar action and many suspected that Ramsay might be in some real trouble with the law. But the watchdog group Ofcom has just concluded that since the bird is not protected in Iceland, Gordon broke no rules.

Will Gordon Ramsay see a backlash from his beastly ways? I certainly hope so!

  • renee

    dang i liked him too,he has joined the blacklist for me

  • je suis

    He did not do anything illegal.
    Puffins are cute, but it probably tastes like chicken.

  • VeggieTart

    How disgusting. I’m sure he was killing them for kicks–and ripping out the heart is serial-killer creepy.

  • Cid Martins

    What an idiot! Who in their right judgement watches a show of such an imbecile?

    Idiots! What’s the point of the show besides entertaining barbaric fools?

    I sincerely hope he gets a virus or something for what he does to animals and for eating them raw…

    And this moron earns a living like that?

    oh please… drop dead ramsay…

  • erin

    i seriously think that if there is a hell he will go to it. this evil wrinkled man (who is like what? 38? is ugly inside and out.

  • Sally-Anne

    Gordon Ramsey is a walking ego. He believes his own hype and revels off being the ‘bad boy’ in the kitchen. Unfortunately for him, what he doesn’t seem to realise is that he just comes across and a bitter and angry bully. The question of why TV stations are happy to transmit his demeaning treatment of other human beings and animals, is only outshone by the question of why anybody is prepared to sit watch it.

  • Liz

    Was it Poland or Iceland? Still disguting.

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  • Mjása

    hahahaha!! This is so funny how all of you are like eww OMG aaaaa!! Get over it fuckers this show was in Iceland and these Puffins are not dying out you geeks! And who cares if the hart was raw or not it taste awesome you need to try it. And Chef Ramsay is so sexy funny and honest! Can you be honest???

    You all need to live a little go and see the world this was nothing compere to many other things and you all need to know that.
    So my last word is, start living life fuckers!

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  • K


    Try your hand at using proper grammar so you sound at least half intelligent and credible.

    Vegans are the minority, and by going against the grain, we *are* being honest with ourselves. Why would we put ourselves in a situation that allowed irrational people like you to ridicule us if we weren’t?

    Perhaps you should be more honest with yourself because as humans we are capable of humility and empathy, and it seems your attitude does not fall under those two categories.

  • the puffin man

    there are 20,000,000 puffins in iceland alone with over 700 breeding colonies. Puffins are on the menu in most of the resturants in that reigon. Most of the ones on these menus are caught in nets and clubbed. the fortunate puffins are shot on the open sea by sportsmen, who also happen to be Conservationist. conservation is the preservation, management, and care of natural and cultural resources.
    Ramsay may be crazy but he didnt do anything wrong. most of you on here are a bunch of idiots who cant think for yourselves.

  • Bruce

    Before you judge Gordon you should watch the F-Word episode in which he catches and eats the puffin. You’ll see that he has done nothing wrong and has a much deeper respect for the proper hunting of animals than you or I.

    Funniest thing is that he catches multiple puffins in that show but only eats one of them and releases all the rest. The tries to kiss one on the head before releasing it but it pecks him in the face and makes him bleed. Ha ha! I love the guy but that was hilarious.

  • assman

    Lets eat vegetarians. Yay! mmmmmm Puffins delicious.

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  • erin

    hey assman

    your names accurately describes you.


  • Tom

    This is so freaking DUMB, this article has so many inaccuracies in it it is insane! He did not go to Poland he went to Iceland. The bird is not endangered. There are MILLIONS of them in the world! He also did not shoot them. You catch them with a net and snap their necks. He did NOT rip a heart out and eat it. That is so insane that anyone would write such slander and crap. I watched the episode just yesterday and there was no such thing. He caught them, killed it, and then cooked the breasts of the bird.

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  • Stephen

    I was angered by this article. Then I did a little research. Puffins aren’t endangered, and there was no disrespect to the animal in the show either.

    Christ people, follow though with checking out the facts.