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gore guitarBack in late April, Live Earth founder Kevin Wall announced that the organization was preparing to rock college campuses this October with a concert spectacular taking place all over the United States. Instead, after a press conference this afternoon, it was announced that on December 7, 2008, the big bash will actually happen in India. From the release,

“Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore, who participated in the press announcement live via satellite, said India should lead the world by committing to produce all of its new energy in the electricity sector from clean and renewable sources within the next 10 years. Beneficiaries of Live Earth India include TERI’s Light A Billion Lives campaign and Climate Project India, which are dedicated to promoting awareness and finding solutions to current climate situations while alleviating poverty.

Joining Gore for the announcement was Wall, Indian environmental leader Dr. R. K. Pachauri, actor and Live Earth India spokesperson Amitabh Bachchan, and Jon Bon Jovi, lead singer of Live Earth India western headliner Bon Jovi. The concert bash — taking place at Andheri Sports Complex in Mumbai — will feature “world-renowned musicians and performers, environmental advocates and celebrities from India, the U.S. and all over the globe.”

“India will be among the leading powers of the global economy in the coming decades,” said Gore. “As a democracy that is looked up to by many nations, especially for its commitment to inclusive growth for its diverse peoples, India has a major role to play in leadership by example for the climate crisis and sustainable development. Kevin and I are honored to bring Live Earth to India.”

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