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A long time friend and hang-out buddy (yes, it’s a grown man) of Michael Jackson describes how ‘the man without a face’ loves visiting KFC. The best friend is David Gest; remember him from his marriage to Elizabeth Taylor Liza Minnelli?  Doesn’t he have a wonky plastic surgery face too? Well, he’s been friends with the Jacksons since childhood and had this to say about his BFF, “I’ve been best friends with Michael for 40 years and I will defend his reputation until the day I die.”

“When we hang out we visit antique stores, play Frisbee and go to KFC – he thinks if you peel the skin off the chicken, it makes it organic. He cracks me up.”



[Editor’s note: I apologize in advance for frightening everyone with that photo so early in the morning.]

  • shannon

    Gest was married to Liza Minnelli (not Taylor)

  • erin

    this guy is as bad as McSame and Palin.. OUT Of touch with reality…. stuck in their own little worlds, their multiple homes and sick little lives.

  • VeggieTart

    Bwaa-haa-haa. No, knucklehead, peeling the skin off only reduces the fat content. Nothing about KFC is organic.

  • herb_ivor

    Is Mr. Jackson organic under all that fake skin?

  • ainteasybeinggreen

    This blurb is scary in SO MANY WAYS…..