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sharon stone snakeskin

When I first saw this photo, I thought it was a nice change for Sharon Stone to be snapped promoting something good for a change. Here she is leaving the Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles, California today with a tee that reads “PEACE”.

However, upon closer examination, it appears that the bag she’s carrying looks to be made from snakeskin. Potentially python. Ugh.

The Beastmaster continues to be feared by animals everywhere…

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    as a spokesperson of wildlife waystation it seems rather sick to sport things like fur and snake skins! or is she suffering from schizofrenia?

  • The truth

    At least she doesn’t kill them for fun like Sarah Palin who is a cold hearted bitch!!

  • Stephanie Williams

    I think Sharon Stone is right up there with cold hearted bitches, despite her appearances at charities draped in 100 dead foxes….

  • VeggieTart

    the truth–you’re right; she’s having someone else kill them for her fun, which makes her a coward and a cold-hearted snotbag.

  • Misty Snatchwrath

    White after Labor Day? Grody…

  • Nicole

    She’s so gross!

  • Cid Martins

    Oh… how I wish the ‘furs’ and ‘skins’ could come alive and attack whoever would be wearing them…

    Now that would be extremely cool… :)

  • Mark

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    to big mouth: it would be better for you to shut up: imagine this: i got a lot of money to buy shit like fur and skin but instead at the end of the year PETA and the Humane Society shall get a big fat dollar note! baaaaaaaaaah!!!

  • Cid Martins

    big mouth (opposite to big brain): you are obviously not an intelligent nor an educated person…

    First, I don’t know what the hell you are doing on this site, besides making a fool of yourself.

    Second even if I had the money I wouldn’t buy that purse because I am a man – I can see you are the average ignorant, republican American who can’t even figure out whether a foreign name is male or female!
    And last and because you are a bit slow, we vegetarians don’t hunt… and it wouldn’t take much to grow our own food.

    Oh well, grow up and as you’re at it, get out of your state and travel a little bit so you can broaden your horizons and realize the world is much more than the limits of your town…

    Who lets these people out of the institutions where they are committed in? :)

  • Mister Jingles

    hey big mouth: i think you are not clever enough to recognize that you are on the wrong blog!!!!

  • Dalena

    Sharon Stone wears snake skin bag eeeeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!!!