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In case you haven’t been hanging out around by the lockers, the word on the street is that Val Kilmer might run for Governor of New Mexico in 2010. Sure you could say that Kilmer doesn’t have enough experience to handle a major political position, but I’d argue that these days that doesn’t really seem to matter (see also: Sarah Palin). Oh and might I also remind you that he played Batman and that any person who saves Gotham City can certainly run Mexico City.

But on a more serious note: here at Ecorazzi we’re curious about Kilmer from an environmental standpoint. What eco-qualifications does this dude posses? points out that Kilmer owns a 6,000 acre ranch near Sante Fe and raises the more environmentally friendly type of animal: bison. Ugh…okay Kilmer, but I need more than that. On his website, Val shows his more charitable side.  Val says, “the Wildlife Center is a charity that I have donated to for over ten years. We have released over one hundred wild animals on our wilderness retreat that Dr. Ramsey has PERSONALLY treated. Please check it out.”

Finally, one could assume that Kilmer at least believes in global warming (again, unlike Palin) by his recent decision to star in two movies with global warming tie-ins – The Thaw, and The Steam House.

So what do you think Ecorazzi readers? Is Kilmer green enough for your vote? Chime in and share your thoughts!

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