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There are blankets — and then there are the incredible organic “blanquettes” from Yumi and Laurie that are perfect for wrapping yourself up in on a cold winter’s evening in front of a roaring fire and tray of fine cheeses and wine. Of course, I’m being dramatic — these would also make a fine substitute for a robe — but if you’re seriously considering the cheese idea, I’d recommend Brie.

For today’s giveaway, we have two blanquettes from Yumi and Laurie — as enjoyed by celebrities like Jennifer Garner, Hilary Duff, Eric Dane, Sarah Michelle Gellar, David Boreanaz and Shannon Elizabeth. Each one (which look like an oversized plush turkish towel) is made from the highest quality 100% certified organic cotton and bamboo fibers available — a 50/50 mix.

My wife and I have one of these and all summer it’s traveled from our bedroom to the porch swing to the back deck. With winter approaching, I imagine it will lay most of the time on the couch. Truly, it’s a wonderful accessory for any regularly chilly person to have on hand around the house.

Want to win one? Simply leave a comment below telling us how you plan on staying warm this winter — and how a blanquette from Yumi and Laurie might help with that. Two comments will be chosen at random to win. Complete rules and giveaway details for this contest are available here. Good luck!

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  • Kelly

    hmm staying warm this winter might be a challenge as i do not want to turn my heater up too much! i can’t afford it and i just don’t want to use that much energy!!! that blanket would look so cute wrapped around me this winter in my new apartment!!!

  • Melissa

    I will, will myself to think it’s warmer? :)

    …of course I will also wear many more layers of clothing and drink lots of hot cocoa!

  • Carrie

    I’m trying to go as long as possible before turning the heater on this winter… I could really use these!

  • http://mymsie.wordpress.com Mymsie

    I plan to stay warm this winter by dressing in layers and snuggling with cute boys!

  • http://nowenteringmomville.blogspot.com Mary Jenkins

    I live in MS so we don’t have to use much heat. A banquette would give us a good excuse to snuggle!

  • http://www.vegoftheweek.com vegoftheweek

    The animals at home will only provide so much heat-and it’s hard getting them to lie in the right places! I need a blanket for the times when the cat doesn’t want to sleep on my feet.

  • Molly

    I plan on staying warm by being under one of these wonderful blankets…with the economy the way it is, who knows if utilities will be dependable this winter.

  • http://www.tpde.com Marley

    As an architect I built out my four bedroom loft apartment (yes, four roommates) in Brooklyn with beds lofted up nearer the 12′ ceilings to help keep us warm all winter. We have a single source of winter heat (natural gas forced air furnace) that is distributed throughout the loft beds with vents, windows, and shutters. We also put plastic over the windows & mullions to help keep the heat we do have IN. Regardless of all that we keep the thermostat locked at 68 degrees, and therefore blankets are a big part of the plan!

  • Tiffany

    I plan to cuddle up on the couch with warm clothes and a blanket and not turn the heater on!

  • caela

    I’m leaving sunny Los Angeles for chillier northern climes. I could certainly use a snugly blanket to keep me and my feline family member warm!

  • http://maternalbliss.blogspot.com michelle

    my plan for staying warm, is the sweat I will break by toting 2 kids around in the snow and ice! So after a day of that…curling up with a soft blanket will be a necessity.

  • Morgan

    We try not to use our heat at all, so we usually wear lots of layers, drink plenty of hot tea, curl up under cozy blankets, or let the our dogs sleep on our feet.

  • Gaby

    Love it!! – and love that it is eco friendly too! What more could you ask for?

  • Laura

    I’d like one to cuddle up with my husband this winter.

  • Lyndsay Orwig

    I am currently jacket-less this year, and I’m way too poor to buy a new one, so winning a free blanket would be greatly appreciated.

  • http://www.erincooks.com Erin

    You do realize that my goal in life is to be Jennifer Garner when I grow up? So this blanket would get me once step closer.

  • Thea Rose

    I am so excited for Fall and Winter, I love getting under a warm blanket and having hot apple cider. A perfect plan for lazy days.

  • Beth

    Fall is my favorite season and these blankets are perfect, plus it will keep me warm since we don’t turn up the heat.

  • http://magdathepug.com/wordpress/ Catwrangler

    I plan on staying warm this winter by moving someplace super rainy and hiding under blankets with my kitty.

  • Tavia

    I plan on keeping warm the best way ever … by snuggling with my Honey, of course! ;) But could use the blanket for when he’s out on the road.

  • http://treasuredgiveaways.blogspot.com/ Doreen

    Would love to warm up with this blankie! :) Otherwise, I just get cozy under my covers. ;)

  • Jerome Barksdale

    I’m currently on the road as the East Coast Micro Tour Manager of Brand Ambassadors for Toyota’s Mobile Hybrid Experience Highway to the Future and will be heading back home to Frisco, TX in about a month as the days get shorter and the temperature starts to drop for the year. I’ll spend Fall and Winter nights on the couch reading a good book or watching Run’s House with my son. The blankets on our couch now are somewhat thin and a blanquette from Yumi and Laurie might help keep us warmer by keeping the thermostat at the recommended 68 degrees during cooler/colder temperatures.

  • Dana

    It doesn’t get too cold in South Florida, but there are nights in the winter when we do bust out the blankets. Every night’s a two-dog night in our house, and when it gets cold I drink lots of peppermint tea and miso soup.

  • http://www.frugalityinthemaking.blogspot.com/ kristen

    With the price of oil, I am planning on wearing sweaters and probably to be honest my big plush robe alot! These would be wonderful to wrap up on while watching TV or sitting on the computer at night

  • http://threadbeaur.blogspot.com carrie

    Wow! Those are great blankets! I live in Chicago and it is always so cold here in the winter. This winter I will be curling up next to the fireplace with my hot tea. I have a loyal yellow lab who will keep my toes warm, and if I had the Nevis blanket that would keep the rest of me warm! I love the celery and sky blanket!

  • Kathleen

    Definitely wool sweaters and Mexican hot cocoa with cayenne and cinnamon. These blankets wouldn’t hurt either!

  • Karen

    These are very beautiful. I would keep warm under one of these next to our woodburning stove, with one of my 4 cats on my lap. Thank you so very much for the giveaway.

  • Marie

    I would love to have one of these to keep warm in winter and use the heater less!

  • Sara

    Beautiful! I’m hoping to stay warm this wintertby putting storm windows on and by making lots of warm chilis and soups. One of these Yumi and Laurie Blanquettes would be great to keep me warm on cold upstate NY nights!

  • Maura

    I’ll do my part to decrease our dependence on foreign oil and keep the heat as low as possible. Blankets are required! And socks.

  • LJ

    These are great! My husband and I try to keep the heat set as low as possible, which is hard because I’m always cold – so a beautiful blanquette would be wonderful!

  • http://coolcraftymom.blogspot.com Jamie

    We use wood heat and have gas as a backup in the winter. We use the wood to cut down on the gas costs, which are going up 30% this year in our area, and we cannot afford it. So, the blanket would help to keep me cozy warm by the fire every night curled up with my husband and son reading a good book.

  • http://BrainyBlonde.com erin

    Granted I’m in Florida but I’m in the North East shore where it’s actually chilly! Since I eat mostly raw vegan I do get a little colder than the hot meal meat eating folks. I plan to wrap up in a nice organic blanket with some warm chai tea ;)


  • Mallory

    Those look great and since I am a poor student, it would be great to have a warm blanket in Michigan’s harsh winters and save me some money instead of putting on the heater.

  • http://www.sassypinkboutique.com Amy

    My hubby is HOT all the time, while I get cold pretty easily. For some reason I get really cold in my office while I’m working the computer, this product would be perfect! I can wrap myself up while in my office chair and get to work!

  • Ruby

    I love curling up in my Nightmare before Christmas hoodie and some fuzzy socks with a nice hot cup of good coffee. These Blanquettes would help me stay warm and keep me from having to go find my socks with my cold feet on the bare floor.

  • amandasue

    I plan on staying warm by dressing in layers, drinking lots of hot tea, and doing alot of cuddling with my bf, dog or a blanket lol. This blanket would be wonderful because I live in the snowy north where it gets VERY cold, so I can never have to many blankets!

  • RebekahC

    What will I do to keep warm this winter? Well, I’ll start by putting on my favorite toe socks (LOVE LOVE LOVE toe socks, btw. lol), grab a nice cup of steaming hot coffee, and then I’ll curl up on the couch with a good book. Mmm Sounds delightful. Oh, and curling up under one of those blanquettes wouldn’t hurt either. :P

    littleminx at cox dot net

  • http://wishboneclover.typepad.com/wishbone_clover/ Cat

    Our apartment is central-heating free, which is good because it keeps us from frivolously using energy, and bad because it gets *cold* in SF in the winter. This blanket would live on our couch, and watch many hours of reality TV with us!

  • Ann

    I love winter and winter clothing, hence my large collection of sweaters. But sometimes a sweater isn’t enough to keep me warm. Blankets are a great way to add extra warmth when thick blankets are too warming and thin blankets don’t do enough. This blanket with a beautiful design can do just the trick for those long winter nights.

  • http://www.enchantedtree.com tree

    i stay warm by spending the winter curled up in a blanket in front of the woodstove with a book or crocheting. This blanket would be fabulous! It looks so warm and inviting! i can already see myself snuggled up in it. :)

  • sg

    just left my live-in bf of two years . . . will definitely need something warm and cozy to get me through this winter w/o him

  • Michelle63094

    These are amazing! My baby would be so snuggly in one of these!

  • http://wwwmurbanbranches.blogspot.com lindsay meyer

    I plan on curling up with new hubby, just got married last week!! this lovely blanket will look soooo good in our eco friendly home!!

  • http://anindiansmakeupmusings.blogspot.com/ Indian Girl

    That yellow blanquette has my name written all over it ! Perfect to snuggle up in, this fall! Thank you for all the awesome giveaways!

  • Kelli

    Wool socks and a big soft blanket!

  • Kat

    My 11 month old puppy keeps stealing the sofa blanket I usually wrap myself up with….this fabulous one would be outta bounds for her!

  • Corrie Grace

    I’m cold even in summer and perpetually wrapped in a blanket-it would help me in winter not to turn the heater up if I could stay snuggled in both of these instead!

  • http://www.vegan-nutritionista.com Vegan Nutritionista

    Well, I’m perpetually cold and would love to win one of these pretty little blankets to wear around the house!

  • Stacy

    We plan to stay warm by cuddling up, watching movies and making lots of stew. The blankets would be great for our cold basement.

  • http://samsakara.blogspot.com/ Shilo Beedy

    It always gets so cold here where I live in upstate NY. I always crank the heat up and cover up with blankets. I usually put on a warm sweatshirt and sweat pants. I also drink a lot of hot chocolate or coffee to warm myself up. The blanquette would help me keep cozy warm compared to my dull worn out blankets. Plus I can cuddle up with my husband and kids on the couch to stay warm specially on my daughters snow days.

  • Rachelle

    My honey keeps me warm…but these blankets will do the trick as well.

  • http://www.reducethejuice.ca Sara Wicks

    I live in Canada. Warmness in winter is a dream. This blanket would make me one step closer my dream.

  • earthbiscuit

    layers help, but a great organic blanket would be even better…

  • http://myhalfofthebrain.com melissa

    I’m trying to save energy, so I plan to pile on the blankets this winter

  • J Chaborek

    It gets mighty cold where I live sometimes in the winter. I plan on staying warm near the fireplace with some hot chocolate. I’m going to try to get my grandmother to knit me some slippers. An organic blanket would make the whole thing even better.

  • http://apconnect.org Lisa

    I put up new curtains and plan to look for a handmade sweater on Etzy, but I sure could use some nice blankets!

  • Elizabeth M.

    I love cuddling with a blanket on the couch, sipping hot tea and reading a book while the snow falls gently or not so gently outside. I need to be wearing my jammies, slippers and a bathrobe too!

  • http://jenny-amothertryingtofindherkids.blogspot.com jennifer bowen

    wow i love to win them thay are nice and well being in wi it get’s cold and this will help me out big time

  • Stephanie!

    I will be wearing a lot of sweaters this winter. Hopefully wearing themunder a beautiful blanket.

  • Jessica

    I hope to keep warm mostly by cuddling up to my snuggly (and perpetually warm) new husband!!! But, for those times when he’s not around, I would LOVE to win one of these. They look divine; fashionable and warm!

  • http://thevegetarianblog.today.com Antonio Pasolini

    This winter I’ll decree a blanket ban on the cold.

  • janella

    i plan on keeping warm with a nice cup of organic cocoa made with rice milk and one of these organic blankets

  • stephanie

    I plan on staying warm but snuggling with my BF and my 2 kitties :)

  • kisah jackson

    winter? are you kidding? i’m always cold! i’m the only person i know who wears flannels at night in south florida. this blanket will certainly help me keep in what little body heat i have (course i probably need to eat more spinach too)….

  • http://www.rawinmontana.blogspot.com Kelly Ordway

    We heat our home in Montana solely with our wood stove. I love to drink hot tea and add ginger and cayenne to my juices and smoothies to stay warm!!

  • http://www.flyingfishmedia.com Phoebe

    Just looking at those beautiful bright colors and knowing the materials are organic & sustainable would make me feel warm inside!

  • Brandi

    I want to stay warm curled up with a good used book, a Yumi and Lauri blanquette, and some hot organic tea steeping in a great thrift store find mug!

  • Jenny R.

    I would love to snuggle under a Yumi and Laurie Blanquette with my two little boys and a stack of books and read funny stories all afternoon.

  • Julia

    instead of turning up the heat, I’m hoping to cuddle under one of these blanquettes with my boyfriend

  • http://www.google.com/reader/shared/16588789441333941032 Archer

    We live in Tucson, Arizona were it may be hot! hot! hot! some of the year but, with super dry air, the night temps drive quickly below zero in the winter. The older housing stock is poorly designed for passive solar capture or central heating. It’s chilly in our old adobe and we’d love to snuggle up in these blankets!

  • http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=11390 Robin D (Sarasota, FL)

    I so really need something colorful and comforting. I need creative energy, these look perfect! Please!

  • Jill Zundell

    I would so love to curl up under a blanquette & sip some wine while watching tv in the evenings!

  • http://jeez-o-petes.com Kristen

    I live in Florida, so I’ll stay pretty warm, but the nights get cool and I’d love to cuddle under this!

  • http://westerwoodgraphics.com theresa Southern

    I would love to cuddle with my two boys and my husband under one of theses beautiful blankets. My favorite way to stay warm? Sharing body heat with my family under cozy covers!

  • http://celebrities.com/ Key

    One would have to go to my surfer boy. He’s always looking for ways to warm up after time in the surf and with the change in the seasons he could definitely use it.

    I’ll take the other one and curl up with my kitty. Nothing like a purring cat on your chest to warm you up quick.

  • happyapple

    I would love to get cozy with this blanket. I am allergic to wool and garments that are not all organic, so I have been wrapping myself in organic cotton sheets, not to pretty. So this would be a lovely addition and sooooo fashion forward.

  • shannon

    Am I too late?? ME ME ME!!! :)

  • shannon

    Woops – I didn’t mention how I’ll keep warm :)…well, if I win these blankets – that’s how! But if not, I suppose I’ll have to deal with my collection of slipper socks and scarf collection. :)

  • VeggieTart

    Oh, these are beautiful! Of course, one thing I can say about my apartment is that they do a very good job of keeping it toasty in the winter (almost too toasty). But these would make such lovely gifts.

  • Bibi

    I plan to stay warm by baking sweet potatos. My apt. is so small that when I bake anything I stay warm for a long time…and it gives me an out for cooking during the summer.

  • Alicia Lewis

    My hubby and I made a choice to start eating organic food and use all natural products, unfortunately it runs a little more $$. So to to save money we decided to lower our energy usage, we went the summer without A/C and plan to go winter without using the heater. The plan this winter is to do lots of snuggling and curling up for story-time with our kids. I am planning on brewing up my homemade apple cider and hot cocoa.

  • Jennifer Parrucci

    My cat and I would love to cuddle under this blanket on the couch this winter, when i make sure to keep to heat pretty low.

  • http://amirtalai.com amir

    I live in California, so staying warm is never a problem! Can I use the blanquettes at the beach?

  • victoria foraker

    I am going to snuggle up with these blankets and plenty of pillows, and drink tea and honey for the next 5 months!

  • Kristan

    missouri winters are better than the michigan winter we had last year…but – sweaters and blankets, and maybe my baby girls will snuggle me – somehow doubt that! :)

  • Tina

    I plan on staying warm by having my cats act as little bitty moveable heaters – whatever part they lay on stays warm. A gorgeous blanket would help, too – keep me warm and lure the kitties to my lap. tinawittmer(at)yahoo(dot)com

  • http://purplegoddessgoesraw.blogspot.com chasmyn

    I would love to snuggle up with my son and husband in one of those gorgeous blanquettes. We bundle up in layers and snuggle together to keep warm. We make raw vegan comfort food and enjoy.

  • http://www.supercoupongirl.com Beeb Ashcroft

    What gorgeous blankets! I always have a blankie handy during winter to take the chill out first thing in the morning. The one I’m using right now is kinda small, so this would be fabulous. Another great way to stay warm on those harsh winter mornings: curl up with a piping hot cup of coffee!!

    Thanks so much for the chance to win.