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One point for Team Heather!

Just weeks after I officially declared myself retired from the old team, the maiden of controversy is giving me good reason to suit up and play ball.

Heather Mills is donating $1 million in food products to the children of Hunts Point in the South Bronx. For all those non-New Yorkers out there, the South Bronx is one of the few areas left in NYC that’s in pretty bad shape. Nearly half of local families live below the poverty level and many struggle everyday just to survive.

To help lighten their load, Heather will donate the food tomorrow during a ceremony in Hunts Point Riverside Park with Congressman José Serrano. Besides footing the bill, Mills plans on pitching in at the grill and firing up some delicious meatless option. Oh yes folks — all the food she’s donating is TOTALLY VEGAN!!!!! For her actions, Serrano and the city of New York will present Mills with an honorary congressional award.

I know, I know…a lot of people out there don’t like this chick! But how can I not support her when she’s not only helping my city, but promoting a lifestyle I wholeheartedly believe in? Sorry guys, this point goes to Team Heather!

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  • Helen

    She said in an interview that she is cooking up 1,000 vegan meals for this event. If these are ‘the meals’, this works out at $1,000 a head (on the basis of her $1m donation). Sounds a bit pricey to me…

  • erin

    It looks as if (gasp) she is giving a mil of food AND cooking up 1000 meals (if I read this article correctly) and by the way I lerrrve this article! They accuse her of all sortsa nasty stuff!

  • Joanne

    While it is a great donation, it’s the same old Heather. It has to be a news blitz and there has to be an award attached. She doesn’t give from the heart, she gives to be noticed. One difference here is she is actually giving something. Before it was always talk.

  • Clancey

    Hmmm. She “donates” money to an animal rights group..and receives an award. She “donates” to a NYC charity…and receives an award. Anyone see a pattern here? Let’s see if the amount she says she’s pledging ever winds up in these chaities coffers. She has a history of getting maximum press for such donations and then winding up giving either considerably less, or not at all.One only has to read her divorce judgement (google it) to find that out.She made sure every media outlet knew of her donating her Dancing with the Stars fee to charity, but as it turns out, she must have also included the Heather Mills botox fund in that. The real charity didn’t not receive the full amount.

  • erin

    good point Joanne. She gets a lot more exposure than when she was going to get that poor little girl (in Russia?) an artificial leg and then never did…

  • Phoenix

    She’s giving something, alright. She’s dumping the inventory of her vegan food line no one is interested in. Nice little tax write-off this one (vs. a complete financial loss), A-N-D more pictures and awards no one has ever heard of, to boot (to be publicized). Bleeeech!

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  • KC

    Sure she wants exposure to bring attention to giving to Charities.

    You critics probably have done nothing so have no room to attack her for trying to do good. That is shallow and evil.