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Shortly after graduating college, the career I chose required I spend a majority of my time in different cities, trapped in hotel rooms for most of the afternoon. It was during those years that I discovered the beauty that is daytime television. A soap opera fan I am not, and so I was forced to toggle between game shows and courtroom dramas. If I had known then that television Judge Cristina Perez was so animal friendly I would have tuned in more often.

Perez hosts Cristina’s Court— a “real life” courtroom drama where plaintiff and defendant argue over problems like a botched wedding cake or owed money from a bitter breakup. Perez recently teamed up with PETA to draw attention to the link between cruelty to animals and violence toward humans.

In the interview Cristina said: I became interested in working with PETA when I was contacted after a show we had on Cristina’s Court regarding the killing of a dog by a neighbor. I always knew of PETA and supported and admired their work and strong position against animal violence and abuse. I believe that in situations when there is any type of violence, people must speak up. In many instances, violence may be an indicator of a much more serious problem, and as parents and as a society, we have to make sure we are raising our kids with the best foundation we can possibly provide for them. When we see negative signs—such as violence against another human, against a child, by someone toward an animal, or any other kind of cruelty—we have to take notice and take action.

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