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The first rule of fight club is, there is no fight club. The second, though less well-known rule, is never double-cross PETA. It’s one thing to end up on their shit list in the first place — but to make them a promise one moment — championing yourself as defender of animals — and then completely give them the finger the next is not wise. At the very least, it will lead to half-naked women dressed in only lettuce parading outside your stores; which, depending on your point of view, may or may not be bad for business.

Such is the dliemma now faced by fashion icon Giorgio Armani who, despire last summer promising the animal rights organization to never use fur in his collections again, has gone ahead and released a fall line stuffed with pelts. From Page Six,

“Last year, Giorgio Armani told Time that PETA had persuaded him to drop fur from his designs, but his fall line includes fur coats for babies, floral-printed fur coats, fur-hemmed skirts and fur-trimmed jackets. “We feel betrayed. I have met with Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger and many other designers who once used fur but had a change of heart, and not one of them broke their promise,” PETA President Dan Mathews said.”

Fur coats for babies? WTF?

And what happens when you break your promise? PETA sends Pamela Anderson to lead the counter-offensive. Matthew said “Anderson would reveal plans at a PETA benefit tomorrow in Italy to put ‘stars who attend Armani shows in the hot seat’ and urge them to shun all Armani designs during the upcoming award season.”

BOO-YA! More to come…

via Perez Hilton

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16 Responses to Giorgio Armani Double-Crosses PETA, Prepares For Counter-Offensive


    another schizofrenia monster: please go to have a look at: where he is promoting animal protection. i don’t know if these people are so stupid or playing the fool? really i don’t understand this…

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  3. stephanie says:

    i hate when bull like this happens. My BF buys AX stuff all the time but won’t anymore cause of this.

    I have to make sure to let my AR group know too, so we can hit them on our fur protests too!

  4. Cid Martins says:

    You know, I have long stopped having faith in humankind because of people like this one and so many others!

    Humans are the cruellest, most sadistic and arrogant species on this planet…

    Ultimately, our ignorance and ‘zombified’ attitude will destroy us all! Probably sooner than people might think!

    This isn’t an apocalyptical or a religious based statement! I just look around me and see what’s happening…

    Things are getting out of control… :(

  5. erin says:

    one of the worst things (I believe) is going back on your word. ESPECIALLY when it’s about using dead animal fur on coats and stuff. especially for babies. he is a sick ugly over tanned loser and I swear I used to model Armani (when he wasn’t using fur) I love to wear Armani (fits me best especially their suits) BUT NEVER AGAIN!

    Hey Giorgio. I got news for you. Versace used fur. And look what happened to him (and who knows with his ugly Donetalla pig relative) he was SHOT dead (kind of the like the animals you kill) I am non violent and have never hurt anyone but I don’t know about some of those anti animal fur people out there Giorgio. If I were you I’d value my life more than dead fur for sale.


  6. VeggieTart says:

    What a prize jerk. And fur coats for babies? If it weren’t for high heels for babies, I’d say that takes the cake. Now toadlers and babies can be dressed up just like their vacuous mommies.

  7. claudia marrapodi says:

    hey giorgio – torturare e uccidere animali per farne pellicce non è di moda!

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