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Katherine Heigl rocks my frigin socks, people! Besides being beautiful, talented and super smart, Heigl has a soft spot for animals and isn’t afraid to speak up!

The National Enquirer is reporting that on a recent trip to Mexico, the Grey’s Anatomy star confronted a local fisherman who had recently caught a yellow-finned tuna. Acting quickly, Heigl offered the man $100 to put the fish back into the water. The offer was declined and it was only after the star doubled the cash that the fisherman agreed. After the fish was thrown back, Heigl said, “Thanks, I hate to see anything die.” Pretty ballsy, Kat!

What do you think Ecorazzi readers? If dough wasn’t an issue would you have the courage to confront a fisherman mid-act. Chime in and share your thoughts!


  • LPT

    Katherine isn’t a vegetarian or a vegan I just think like most sensible people she doesn’t like to see animals suffer. Good for her. She is a wonderful actress and very lovely as well – both inside and out it seems.

  • erin

    i would have done it (believe me i’m gutsy ;) but it would be great if she stopped eating meat and smoking cigarettes. she’s a beautiful talented actress and would be more so sans the meat and smoke.

  • Sibi

    That’s admirable and I respect her for doing that, although, if she still eats fish, it’s a bit of a contradiction.

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  • VeggieTart

    That’s very nice, but catch-and-release still harms the fish. I understand many fish don’t survive the trip out of the water, the “Lookit what I caught,” and the toss back in.

  • tash

    i think kat is showing her love for the animals and is doing what she can even though it may not work the thought was still there

  • Bob

    Is this the same Kat Heigl that drives a Land Rover/Range Rover Sport that gets a whopping 12-15 mpg? Just more hypocrisy…

  • Kendra

    Oh give me an effing break. That’s just ridiculous. Who cares if someone caught a fish? It’s really not that serious. I don’t understand people who have love for animals that goes THAT deep. I’m not saying I’m for the mistreatment of animals (because I’m not) but why do certain people have a problem with others eating meat? It’s not like they’re eating domesticated animals. They’re not eating dogs, cats, horses, lions, or wolves. They’re eating chickens, pigs, and cows. I’m sorry to say it, but animals that have no other purpose but to be slaughtered and eaten. You don’t see normal people with pet chickens or cows lol!

    I’m sorry Katherine, but that was really retarded. She should have kept her money and moved on. lol! Not a big deal…