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As reported last week, Heather Mills is donating $1 million in food products to the children of Hunts Point in the South Bronx. On Saturday, Mills held a BBQ just before the Hunts Point Back to School Fair kicked off and grilled up some soy hamburgers, soy hot dogs, and soy chicken cutlets. “My plan is to get healthy food out to kids and to get it in the service industry, get it in retail, make a fast-food chain around the world with healthy options and just keep doing my work behind the scenes,” Mills told People magazine.

Say what you will about Heather — but it sure is encouraging to see these kids chomping down on something not animal-related. If they learn early that there are options, the world would be a much better place down the road for the next generation. Good work to all involved!

heather mills kids

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  • Vegetarian Star

    And they look absolutely adorable. Seem to be enjoying it!

  • VeggieTart

    Would be nice if she’d made sure they had some veggies–and no, ketchup doesn’t count.

  • erin

    I agree as the article said it was all soy products she was donating. wtf? I know there’s a lotta soy controversy but i would rather eat a plate full of veggies than soy and am trying to avoid soy altogether. I think it’s questionable whether these soy products are healthy but yes, still better than beef!

  • Dalena

    That was a nice thing to do because then people will know what to choose.

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