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vaute couture

As evidenced by our recent string of giveaways, we love contests here on the Razz. But even better in our eyes are the contests that can end up as “life changing” opportunities for those that enter. Such is the case with this incredible opportunity from vegan-fashion house, Vaute Couture.

From now until October 7th, VC is scouting for rising designers looking to make their mark, beef up their portfolio, and show their support for conscientious fashion. The winners will receive $1,000 and their design will inspire the construction of a new line of winter couture coats. There will also be plenty of exposure and name-dropping involved — so for those looking to get their feet wet but not sure how — this is your moment! Here are some additional details on the contest:

Don’t worry about fabrics, construction, or patterns… we’ll take care of that! Just send your gorgeous sketches (along with a bit of bio info) for one of our 3 coat categories: all specs, details, and application on our site in the “How It Works” Section. Secondary artwork of the same coat and flat sketches are OPTIONAL, so we’re looking for painting, drawing, and tech-aided illustrators as well as more formally trained fashion designers both!

The founder of Vaute Couture (Haute Couture with a V), Leanne Mai-ly Hilgart, has been fighting and raising money for animal rights since she was 8. As part of their kick-off celebration, Hilgart will be donating 100% of the profits from one of the new line of coats to the Farm Sanctuary. So, it’s a beautiful win/win all the way around.

For more details, check out their beautifully designed site — and start coming up with some ideas! Who knows — we may be writing about YOU someday making your mark in the world of ethical fashion.

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