by Michael dEstries
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The October issue of Vogue magazine features a Mongolian goat, coyote, and fox out in the wilds of the desert. Unfortunately, they’ve been gutted and replaced by models. In high heels.

We’re pretty sure — as they were electrocuted or agonizingly dying stuck in a trap somewhere — that this was not the end these animals had in mind.

As FashionIndie points out, this month’s issue was put together by Marie Amelie-Sauve — on loan from French Vogue. Back in July, controversy erupted over French Vogue’s depiction of a protest by an animal-rights group in a photo shoot for fur. So, one can safely assume they’re certainly on the offensive to get fur back into the spotlight of the fashion industry. And they’re bringing the battle stateside. Ugh.

More pics of the carnage available below.

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  • erin

    ladies (and men for that matter) of this board. I have a piece of advice for you!

    Never buy Vogue.
    Never buy Vogue.
    NEVER buy Vogue.

    They are evil in many ways. I turned down doing editorials with them because of the whole fur thing (back in the 90’s) yuck. gross. They are evil. Pure evil.

    I wouldn’t buy any fashion mag (buying mags uses up paper) but if you are going to for a plane ride buy an eco friendly mag instead.

    Vogue is SO not Vogue!


  • Sibi

    What an awful photoshoot. Makes my skin crawl.

  • VeggieTart

    Ewww. Like I would ever buy Vogue–most of the stuff I can’t afford anyway.

  • Mister Jingles

    just disgusting and out of style!


    awful gravelpit sluts

  • Stephanie Williams

    Disgusting for so many reasons. Disgustingly skinny anorexic models covered in tortured animal skin….yeah….sexy *puke*