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Oh Jesus, please tell me that isn’t REAL FUR!! Pop star Rihanna is pictured here wearing what looks to be a fur collar and we can’t determine if it’s real or fake. Nowadays it’s hard to tell the difference – although many times faux is still derived from animals.

While Rihanna is really good about raising money for charity, we know that animal issues aren’t really a big concern to her. In fact, after Rihanna and Chris Brown were caught kissing in a Florida KFC, the company sent a letter to the couple saying: “Clearly, like our founder Colonel Sanders, you two know how to kick it up a few degrees. We could feel the heat – literally – in our restaurant that night. So much so that we’d like to invite you and Chris back to any KFC for a free meal.”

Do we have any fur experts out there? If you think you can spot the real stuff, chime in and share your thoughts!


  • Pierre

    possibly real or faux shearling

    with no visible stitch lines where pelts would be sewn together, I’m leaning toward faux.

  • Run-DMS

    As the son of a furrier, I’m pretty sure that’s not real.

  • Sandra

    I’m no expert…but this does seem to looks fake to me. I hope so!

  • asdf

    With as many starving children in this world, why are you so up in arms about this woman’s collar. And she does do her share for charity. No fashion blunder. The outfit is very striking..not many could pull it off, but she certainly does.

    • Miranda

      Ughh I hate people who wear fur!!Gosh why can’t they skin themselves!What sucks most is how celebs would rather donate to places that get money anyway but they won’t to inocent animals who get skinned ALIVE!!!

  • erin

    I have to respectfully disagree with the person who hides their identity posting as “asdf” We could say that about any news that comes out. Who cares. There are more important things like starving kids around the world. You can’t use that as distraction or excuse why other news should not be printed. I would have thought the fur was real but then again I don’t know the slightest thing about what a real fur coat or collar looks like. I don’t own any.

  • Cid Martins

    asdf: If you are so worried (which is very honourable) about the starving children of this world, why don’t you sell your computer, your TV and a lot of other stuff you have at home and that you don’t need to survive, and donate the money to institutions who save children everywhere in the planet?

    Isn’t it so easy to criticise others who are trying to change things for the better? What about you, have you done anything to help those children you mention?

    And if you think we should all save children first and animals later, then next time you feel ill don’t go to a hospital because the services of a doctor might be needed to save a child! And if are the victim of a crime, don’t call the police because a child in trouble might need their help instead! Do you now realise the absurdity of your comment?

    It is possible to do everything at the same time, otherwise we wouldn’t do anything until there were no children starving in the world! Some people help children, others animals! So what? There is a place and need for everyone – we need politicians (unfortunately :) ), doctors, teachers, environmentalists, construction workers… everyone has its place in this world!

    And by the way, from your point of view, and since the Americans ‘consume’ more natural resources than the rest of the world, you are the main responsible for the starving children around the globe… Think about it, will you?

  • asdf

    I most certainly do help the starving children of the world. I have 5 children so far in Africa that I donate to monthly through the chldren’s Christian fund. And I need a computer for my job to feed the two children that I brought into this world.

    And Mr. Matin if you don’t know the difference between saving children and saving animals – then I say you need to ‘think’ things through. I agree with the greed of America, and that is going to have to change with the economic crisis we are facing now. And maybe this crisis will make us all rethink our priorities. Saving chldren will always be a higher priority than saving animals. And Rihanna is someone that supports that effort why pick on her – the collar is obviously fake and I don’t know a thing about fur????????

  • parrish

    Asdf- I hear what you’re saying and it’s a philosophy shared by many. A lot of people who are resistant to animal rights — for whatever reason — use the argument that we shouldn’t be focusing so much on animals when there are humans in this world who are suffering equally. To them I ask: why must we choose? Compassion is boundless — totally and utterly unlimited. One must not choose whether to be compassionate about animals OR children when one can be equally compassionate for both.

    Leo Tolstoy once said, “As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields.” I, like Tolstoy, believe that everything in this world is interconnected. If we as a society are willing to accept violence in any form, then we must be willing to accept violence in all forms. And I don’t know about you, but I simply won’t accept it.

    I think what Rihanna does for children is remarkable and that is why I make sure to showcase her efforts. However, I’m also quick to question celebrities when they support the senseless abuse of animals for fashion sake. Our readers generally share my viewpoint and that is why I chose to cover this particular story.

    I hope this explanation helped you gain a better understaning of where I’m coming from. As always, thanks for everyone’s input.

  • Sibi

    Looks fake to me, but who knows. Didn’t she wear real fur before though?

  • Stephanie Williams

    Looks fake, if the pic was bigger it may be easier to tell.

    As for this whole children/animals argument….many animal activists are active in many other areas too. This isn’t a save the starving children only blog…

    I always find it hard that so many celebrities do so much to help others, but then are so self centered, heartless, blind and full of themselves that they feel the need to drape themselves with dead animals cause they say it’s “glamorous” You know how much that coat costs?

    Yeah celebrities give money to charities, but that doesn’t stop them from having huge mansions and destroying the world 100 other ways in their personal lives. They are in a position to help the world be better. To me a lot of them are selective in their efforts.

  • erin

    parrish and cid have such a way with words. i commend you fellow eco people ;)

    oh and here’s a bigger shot of her in the fur coat (This article claims it is rabbit fur -looks more real there)

    as for “asdf” i have trouble taking someone seriously who puts their names as the first four characters of a keyboard but whatevah… Bottom line is you think people are more important than animals and that is your right. also you apparently think your own two naturally born children are more important that those starving kids you help sponsor or else you wouldn’t have had them and you would have gone and adopted the starving children (or other starving kids in OUR country) and brought them home and raised them. Now does this logic sound absurd? It might but it’s the same logic you are using. I don’t feel the need to be forced between helping a starving child or a starving animal. I’ve helped both. My parents have helped both (I”m adopted by the way ;) I agree with the gents above that it is our right to choose what’s important to us but how about THIS for an epiphany – instead of saying we think animal’s lives are MORE important than humans how about (gasp) saying they are EQUALLY as important!?!?!? I’m not sure what your religious views are but I believe God thinks an elephant he created in Africa is just as sacred as a man in Australia… How’s THAT for opening your mind? As do I.



  • erin

    ps i shouldn’t have said “gents” as stephanie posted above too. i also meant the last part to read like this..

    how about THIS for an epiphany – instead of saying we think animal’s lives are MORE important than humans (or vice versa) how about (gasp) saying they are EQUALLY as important!?!?!? I’m not sure what your religious views are but I believe God thinks an elephant he created in Africa is just as sacred as a man in Australia… As do I. How’s THAT for opening your mind?

  • Cid Martins

    asdf: please, at least write my name correctl :)

    And no, I don’t need to think things through, trust me! If everyone behaved like I do, there would be no starving children and no animals killed on this planet! No wars and no significant pollution! People would respect each other and all living creatures! Life on this planet would be a utopy! So please don’t you judge me or lecture me!!

    So, you think I am wrong and you are right just because I believe every living creature’s life is important… Okay…

    And what I mentioned was metaphorical. You obviously didn’t get it! What I meant was that we can do a lot of good in several areas and that different people help in different causes! We can’t all do the same thing at the same time, otherwise nothing would ever get done! It’s like a car…to build one and making it work perfectly you need all the parts, even the insignificant ones. They all have a role in the overall functioning of the car! Do you get it now?

    I think what you are doing for those children is praiseworthy as it is Rihanna donating to charity. However there is something called coherency – and I am not picking on Rihanna -; if that fur is real, then she could have helped more children by not wasting money buying it, and donating it to charity, thus saving both animals and children!

    I would also like to say that the money you asdf donate means much more than the one Rihanna does! Why? Because giving or raising a few thousand dollars is nothing to her; on the other hand a few hundreds is probably a lot to you!

  • tash

    i dont see why there is so much conflict asfd and Cid Martin because i personally believe that we should share our wealth and not hoard it away because it wrecks the harmony but since we have already done that i think we should try to redeem ourselves and try too save the world together and not fight.

  • tisha

    Whats wrong with it.. I think it looks fly. Don’t hate on rihanna. I heard Rihanna’s real good friends with new singer shontelle. They are so beautiful

  • Nina

    It must be a Bajan thing…because Rihanna and Shontelle have fashion Sense fo’ real!

  • Kelly

    Hey speaking of Shontelle…has anyone heard her “t-shirt” song? I first heard it on myspace.

  • David Dent

    Interesting that those who are most anti can never tell if a fur is real or not. The truth is that is because they are ignorant about animals.
    Actually, I am pretty sure that the fur is mouton: sheepskin. It could however be sheared beaver.

    I have designed a small fashion collection using infinitely renewable long lasting recyclable and bio degradable clothing.
    My motivation for this is I have witnessed the massive eco damage inflicted on the planet by cheap mass produced clothing made from petro chemicals and cotto; and hat happens to the rual areas when the animal based econmies are gone: urbanisation, intensive arable, deforestation and exploitation of minerals and oil: devastating to animals.

    My designs are tweed and fur because don’t just think I KNOW that these things offer the best method of Conservation of animal habitat: fur comes from candnavia siberia and canada predominatly, and as a result much of the boreal forest remains intact. With fur trade the option is deforstation and oil exploration. If you think of my native Wales and Scotland one can also see that sheep farming has meant very little development in these areas so red deer otter red kite red squirrel wild cats are all still there.

    I therefore use furs I source myself so I know no cruelty is involved, and also tweed and qaliy leather. I buy fur from SAGA which have probably the best animal welfare of any domescated animal in the world, rabbit from the Czech republic (where the meat is consumed)and nutria from Poland and argentina (where the meat is consumed)and beaver from Canada (where the meat is consmed)and some fox from Siberia (where the meat is consumed).
    Beacause we don’t eat it don’t assume the meat isn’t eaten; it will end up in pet food at least.
    SO therefore the is no difference between fur and leather or sheepksin.

    Paula Lishman the canadian fashion deigner also uses fur. Her husband is Wiliam Lishman the Conservationist of “Fly Away Home” fame.
    Here is Paula Lishman’s current camaign for the fur council of canada:

    Until now in my life I have been well known as an animal artist. That is because I love animals; and have also lobbied MPs on Conservation matters very hard.

    I have turned to fashion to make a point: animals are an infinitely renewable resource. They produce quality clothng; and be reassured the reason they are expensive is because you pay for good welfare(to produce good fur means the animals require the best husbandry) or good land management.
    Sensible hunting and fur use has been with us since the dawn of humankind, and those native people who still rely on it
    have the best relationship with nature. The fox and mink are the most hunted and used or fur mammal predators, and also the most common: that is no coincidence. It is the modern urban west and our relentless consumption of cheap nasty synthetics made from petro chemicals that have brought many animals to the brink of extinction and we have to return to keeping the land for the animals. Particularly the northern forests which still account for 80% of fur production.

    While we need animals they are safe. If you care , that is the future.

    At no time in human history has fur ben seen generally as unethcal, yet the mindset has come about through the relentless campign of a very hypocritcal lobby group. Well here is what they have been doing while tellng you fur is cruel:

  • Aimée

    Thank you to the above poster for your thoughtful response. So many of these posts strike me as immature and thoughtless. If you’re really getting that worked about about someone on the internet judging or lecturing you, you may need to take a step back.

    As for the issue at hand… A lot of friends of mine who are eco-activists chastise me for my wearing real rather than faux fur, but what they fail to realize is that I’m making the greener choice. All my furs are from secondhand shops–meaning that at least one other person wore them before I did. By buying used rather than new, I am not increasing the demand for new pelts, but simply “recycling” the older ones. Producing clothing of any sort uses up not only the materials but other resources for producing and transporting the item. Isn’t it more responsible to wear an animal that died a half-century ago than to wear a petroleum-based fake that some sweatshop belched out last week? Not to mention the fact that real is more durable and warmer–meaning it’ll spend a lot more time on my body and a lot less time in a landfill. When and if it does finally end up in the garbage, it will biodegrade much more quickly than the synthetics the above posters seem to tout.

    If you want to talk about charity, consider this: every scrap of fur I own comes from a Goodwill charity shop. (Who says retail therapy can’t help others? Shopping in the stores helps to fund their services to help others in the community.) Don’t have a goodwill near you? Try . Half goodwill, half ebay, all good times.

    Lest you should think I’m trampling on animal rights, it’s worth mentioning that I’m a member of PETA. Yes, that PETA. While that alone doesn’t make me a friend to animals, my many years of vegetarian living and my refusal to purchase new goods that have potential to harm animals certainly say something, in my opinion.

    As for Rihanna’s collar, it looks rather fake to me. It’s far too regular and solid to be multiple pelts, and too large to be one.

  • Mongrel

    Dear David Dent

    Your argument sounds like an attempt to get more people to buy fur. People can use every argument in the book about how fur is eco-friendly and a renewable source, but you won’t change my mind. Torturing animals for their fur in the name of vanity is simply wrong. And fur is not green!

    It takes up to 60 minks to produce one coat. Each mink produces 44 pounds of feces per year that simply gets dumped into our waterways. If not used for pet food, the animal carcasses get discarded, creating more waste. Farming animals is the leading cause of climate change.
    All fur must be treated or the pelt will rot just like unrefridgerated meat. Fur is treated with harsh chemicals that are harmful to humans and destroy the environment.
    Trappers have wiped out many species of wild animals. For each target animal trapped, 3 non-target animals are trapped. Traps are non-discriminatory, they will trap endangered animals as well as domestic cats and dogs. When a trapper says they don’t trap non-target animals, they simply mean that they don’t report it.
    To believe fur is green, you also have to believe that polluting our waters with feces and toxic chemicals as well as trapping animals to the point of extinction is green.

  • Oliver Chapman

    this song kils me men any time i hear this song i rememba ma guy