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I never thought I’d write the words “Martha Stewart” and “big, long wiener” in the same sentence, but I also never thought Giorgio Armani would double-cross PETA.

On a recent episode of The Martha Stewart Show, the talk show host invited the folks from Empire National to showcase their 15-foot long hotdog, which was inspired by the world’s largest hotdog – a whopping 197 feet long of mystery meat.

It’s estimated that Americans consume approximately 20 billion hot dogs each year, which figures out to be about 634 a second. Besides the fact that hotdogs are insanely bad for you, they’re also exceptionally cruel and totally NOT eco-friendly.

While Martha has worked with PETA in the past to expose the realties of the fur trade, obviously Martha has no problem supporting the meat industry. Said Martha: “For those of you who don’t think length matters, I disagree – especially when it comes to wieners. There’s just never enough bites in a hot dog.” Um…gross!

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  • Vegetarian Star

    Parrish, you perve!

    Luckily, her daughter likes big long veggie wieners.

  • parrish

    Ah come Vegetarian Star, that was TOTALLY HYSTERICAL!!

    Ps. I’m a huge fan of your site! Everybody, add to your bookmarks NOW! Trust me, you won’t regret it!

  • erin

    maybe she was deprived of big long weiners in prison and she’s making up for it now. i have never liked this woman and don’t get her popularity one bit. BUT at least she stopped wearing fur… (you know she wore fur coats to her court dates and trial but after PETA lambasted her she changed her tune) She’s kinda fugly and boring me thinks. But I know plenty of people looove them some Martha Stewart.

  • VeggieTart

    Darn, and I was hoping I could pretend it was a big, long veggie weiner.

    Wonder who ate it after the photo-op.

  • mikey

    I seen that episode and it was so damn funny, and she had Kevin Sharkey her gal-pal with her to taste ‘weiners’ and decide which was best.

  • erin

    Someone sent me a link to it and I found it far from highlarious.

    The only time I found her show funny is when she wasn’t able to do her show (jail, house arrest) and it wasn’t on.

  • Paul Sheldon

    It is only natuaral for humans to eat meat we would have no desire to eat it if that wasn’t so. We even have some sharp teeth that are really worthless for plant eaters. I think you “Vegans” are mental vegetables. So vedge out!

  • billy depp

    Vegans are rooted in ignorance and fear. Studies of centenarians has shown that almost all 99.9% of them consumed animal products. So in plain English those who lived longer ate meat or animal products. The study actually shows those with a diet without animal products did not live any longer than those who did. In fact it showed on average that those who ate meat or animal products had no differences in disease or mortality rates either. So depriving yourself of them is just plain foolish. If it makes you feel better and you feel you are part of a “movement” then I guess while a bit misguided, it is harmless. Just don’t force it on others.

  • parrish

    Hey Billy- I would love to read these studies you mention. If you get a chance, please site your references. Thanks.