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“I am a vegetarian — although I do eat fish — and I have been that way for the last 28 years. I take a lot of Omega 3-6-9 fish oil tablets. It helps lubricate my knees and heart, keeps cholesterol levels in check. I also take a liquid multiple vitamin, aloe vera capsules, and glucosamine/chondroitin for flexibility. I live by Abraham Lincoln’s motto: ‘You are only as happy as you decide to be,’ And I strive not to be distracted by negativity — that is the key.”

-Former NBA star Spencer Haywood in Everyday Health’s “Celebrity Secrets for Looking Great at Any Age.”

  • Jennifer Parrucci

    While I’m glad to hear anything about vegetarianism, he is not really a vegetarian. When are people going to understand that vegetarian=eat no animals. Fish=animal.

  • Stephanie Williams

    I agree with the above poster. Though it is wonderful what he is saying, it causes confusion and you can get the same benefits from non-animal sources :( This is why people think fish is SOOOOOO good for you.

  • erin

    well technically he’s a pesco vegetarian. i know a ton of people who eat fish but don’t eat any other meat. and they say it’s the only way they can stay vegetarian. personally if someone is going to forgo slaughtering cows, chickens, smart little pigs if they can have some fish I’m ok with that….. At least it’s a start…. Just my humble opinion (and what a great outlook on life Haywood has) I realize that the fishing industry is nasty and fish suffer too. But I still think it’s less evil than eating mammals who suffer their whole lives.


  • VeggieTart

    Sorry, dude, you aren’t vegetarian. And glucosamine and chondroitin aren’t vegetarian either, although they are suitable for someone who eats no flesh but fish.

    And there’s no such thing as pesco-vegetarian. The common term, which irritates hell out of me, is pescatarian. I prefer to call them meat reducers.

  • erin

    I understand your frustration VT. I really do. I am just reading it from these vegetarian websites that STATE the official definition as PV. But yes I’ve heard pescatarian as well though my dictionary doesn’t have it and DOES have pesco vegetarian (go figure) Bottom line don’t call them true vegetarians. That’s ok. BUT I know more people who don’t eat any meat (but eat some fish) than I do know strict vegans. And I sure think it’s still better than a meat eating Sad (standard american diet)

    Sadly I still think this man’s diet is better than many but agree he isn’t a “vegetarian”

    Actually I can’t stand the labels at all. When people ask me I say I eat a high raw and don’t eat meat and leave it at that.



  • Eric

    So is there such thing as Porko Vegetarians? Or Chickentarians? Everyone wants to rip off the “cool points” that vegetarians get, even if they eat meat. I really don’t even think lacto/ovo vegetarians should be called vegetarians, as they are still eating animal products. Vegetarian, if you break it down, denotes eating only vegetation. Dairy, eggs, fish, and any other meat is NOT vegetation.

    I realize that people who claim to be vegetarian, but “eat fish” aren’t usually trying to deviously undermine vegetarianism, but it really creates a lot of confusion for the general population. Every time someone learns that I don’t eat meat, they usually follow that up with, “but you eat fish, right?” or the more frustrating question, “but you eat chicken, right?”. /sigh