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britney spears topless

Britney Spears is suddenly hot again — though we have no idea why. We can only attribute it to a.) less frequent mentions of Kevin Federline and b.) less frequent live signing. Nevertheless, Ms. Spears has done a commendable job in using her fame to help others and her resurrection in the spotlight can only mean good things for charity fundraising.

The 26-year-old recently stripped down to her knickers for artist Daniel Maltzman. The painting — which looks to pay homage to the pre-meltdown days — will be sold to raise money for charity in an eBay auction. All of the cash will go towards The Promises Foundation, an organization which helps low-income moms and their children.

Bidding for the autographed 4ft by 5ft unframed work of art is currently at just over $13,000 — with a final price above $15K expected by the closing hammer at 3pm EST. We would recommend consulting your significant other before throwing down a bid.

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  • Key

    “a” does not apply. It’s all over the net today that Brit Brit is trying to reconcile with K-Fed.

    I also wouldn’t say that she’s gotten back to her pre-break status yet. Far as I can tell everyone is almost as bored with her right now as they are with Brangelina.

    Luckily I take the same stance with Brit as I do Brangie – it’s all good it is genuinely for a good cause.

  • Dalena

    I wounder is she serious or not about the charity thing she is doing.