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In their new offensive against Giorgio Armani, PETA has managed to recruit another Anderson to help lead the charge. X-Files star Gillian Anderson met PETA vice-president Dan Mathews in NYC yesterday, a day after he flew back from Milan having visited Armani executives. Apparently, the actress walked away from the meeting having agreed to narrate a video of undercover footage taken inside rabbit fur farms.

Gillian said that she’s pretty angry at Armani and is contributing her time to help expose his hypocrisy. “I am stunned that Armani has gone back on his word,” she said. “I can’t understand why anyone would want to use real fur, and especially rabbit because it is so easy to replicate as the pile is so short.”

Meanwhile, reps for Armani said that they are being unfairly targeted — as they agreed to limit fur in their collection, but not rabbit fur sourced from humane farms. “As a luxury fashion house which has always been attentive to this issue, we feel we are being unfairly targeted in comparison to our competitors.”

via UK Daily Mail

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  • Mister Jingles

    Wow – this is great news – from a great lady!!!!!!

  • Sibi

    I’m glad to hear that! I’ve always liked Gillian :)

  • Stephanie Williams

    YAY! I <3 her :D

  • VeggieTart

    Good for her. And someone should tell Armani there’s no such thing as humane fur.

  • Stephanie Williams

    also….humane fur farms?!?!??! Is he joking?

  • erin

    I’m all for Gillian and PETA…… BUT I would like to know what Armani agreed to with them back some time ago. Does anyone know for certain? Did he say “I’ll agree to no fur except rabbit (which seems ludicrous) And do I think they need to go after the competitors more and not focus *too* much on Armani? Yes I would hate for them to lose focus on designers like that heinous looking woman Donatella Versace…. So many other companies like Ralph Lauren have stopped using fur… Versace is the worst of the worst.

    Please NEVER BUY VERSACE (or Armani at this point)


  • erin

    Uh just read the post below about Tom and Kate (and Armani) with a link to the Time Mag article interview with Armani (which might be nice to link in this thread) because in it he said :

    . At a press conference this morning, Giorgio Armani explained that although he has used fur in his collections in the past, the Prive show he will present tonight at the Theatre de Chaillot will not have any fur. “I spoke with the people from PETA,” he explained, “and they showed me some materials that convinced me not to use fur.”

    HE IS A LIAR. I would shove that quote right back in Armani co’s face. I tend to trust people (silly me) so I thought maybe he’d said he’d only go to a range free bunny farm or some crap but he said he would not use fur. NO ARMANI. Oh and another guy Time mag raved about (Time sucks) is Christian LaCroix and his huge fur collection.

    Here is a fur free list from the Humane Society. Stick to these designers. I know *I* am.


  • Stephanie Williams

    And another thing (heh…sorry!) just because PETA isn’t putting pressure on other designers DOES NOT MEAN no other group is. The group I protest with goes out every single weekend to 5th ave and protest the other big designers.

    Peta usually throws their focus on one big person at a time until they give. Had he not BROKE HIS WORD, maybe he one of those other competitors would be targeted right now.

  • Cid Martins

    Hurray for Gillian Anderson…love her :)

    Now this is an intelligent, beautiful lady! I just hope she won’t turn out like so many others and do exactly the opposite in a few months…

    My faith in humans is already extremely low… :(

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  • Paul Statman

    I loved her before. My esteem for her has just gone up by ten rungs. Bless you, Gillian!

  • Steven Carter

    Its good that Gillian has taken up the gauntlet against Armani. Only when the light of truth is shown on those whose lack of transparency is used to deceive the public will their shame of still using living creatures for their fashion design stop. Thanks to another star whose stand will help bring to light those few who still hold that fashion design using the pelts of once beautiful living creatures is wanted. Armani should be leading the crusade against their use and be the solution rather that the problem. Shame on you Armani.

  • terry

    Wow, what a waste of …… everything. I can’t even believe I just spent 5 minutes reading this drudge! You people need to find something productive to worry about.

    My faith in humanity just plummeted 10 rungs reading this.