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As a former kid (don’t judge me), I can attest to moments of chapped lips and face that went untreated due to my baby sister having eaten most of the strawberry chapstick in the downstairs drawer. Truly, with winter coming, you do not want to put your kids in the same position. It’s time to stock up.

For today’s giveaway, the fine folks at Stuff For Sprouts have donated a gift pack of their “Lip Stuff For Crispy Critters”. Sure, they still come in three irresistible flavors (Chocolate, Frosting and PB&J), but this time, should your son or daughter decide to “eat” rather than “apply”, you’ll be glad to know that they’re made from natural ingredients. Here’s a bit more of a description from their website:

Our Lip Stuff has just the right amount of super moisturizing and healing natural oils, blended with olive butter and beeswax. Feels light and smooth, not waxy. Big wide tube for lips that are chapped down to the chin – one quick swipe and your Sprout is good to go. Also great for chapped cheeks! Turn sideways for a regular, just-on-the-lips application. De-crisps almost any kisser! A huge .35 ounces (a regular lip balm is only .15) lasts a long time!

Got a critter that could benefit from some Lip Stuff? Leave us a comment below telling us the oddest thing he or she has ever eaten. One comment will be chosen at random to win the gift pack. Complete rules and giveaway details for this contest are available here. Good luck!

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  • Kam A

    When my son was three he put hand soap on his toothbrush and brushed with it. That was the last time he ever did that!

  • Jessica C

    We were growing strawberry’s this year and my son was picking off the tops and eating them. The green tops.

  • theresa Southern

    my 9 month old son recently dined on kitty litter encrusted cat poop and cat food with a frosting of fur and lint. yuum!

  • Michelle Rosborough

    Flower petals

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  • Stephanie Williams

    My niece is just 2 weeks old, so she hasn’t eaten anything odd….YET!!!!

  • tree

    When my son was about 2, he ate a button battery from a solar calculator. That was our first trip to the ER, but the battery came out on it own without any problems. :) My daughter hasn’t eaten anything too strange yet. i often save up stale bread to feed to the chickens, and rather than throwing the bread to them…she usually eats it. YUm.

  • Michele Pineda

    We usually have chile peppers in the house, and hubby usually eats them because he is used to them. Well, one day our daughter decided to be like daddy. She took a tiny serrano pepper, put it in her mouth and started chewing….mmmm, until that hot fiery feeling started to settle in… and that was the first and last time she ate chile peppers…

  • Hil’Lesha

    Crayons :(

  • Thea Rose

    bittersweet chocolate and vanillla extract

  • Ruby

    My little girl was three she ate a cricket and my two year old ate some cat food.

  • Kelli Robinson

    Mushrooms from the front yard – thanks for the giveaway!

  • Meg

    hmmmm . . . cat poo from the litter box (well, you can’t watch them ALLLLL the time) . . . raw silverbeet direct from the garden . . . coal . . . toilet paper . . .banana skin . . . and believe it or not she made it through to her first birthday on Saturday!!

  • Fran

    My DD first solid food was napkins! : )

  • erin

    my little niece ate (drank?) some organic hand lotion she got her little hands on. she was fine in the end.. at least it was organic?!

  • hazel

    He ate toothpaste, the kind with a yucky flavor too. >_>

  • knwill

    My son loves to eat tissue. We have to watch him constantly, only tissues in a tissue box though, not toilet tissue. At least he’s getting some fiber. LOL!

  • Becky

    My baby niece drools so much (leading to chapped face syndrome), that when I babysit, I encourage her to go ahead and chew on her burp cloth…at least it’s absorbent! :)

  • Jessica

    I caught my 10 month old son about to eat a dead spider the other day! Luckily, I stopped him. Then I introduced him to the song, “I know an old lady who swallowed a spider”. I don’t think I ever realized how frightening that song really is!

  • Kristen

    when my son was 2 he enjoyed sucking on lemon wedges ~ more then the taste he love the comical relief it gave everyone at the table ;)

  • Anneliese

    My oldest when she was a toddler insisted on eating the “peeler” of the banana. I gave in, but that was the last banana “peeler” she ever ate.

    One of my littlest ones enjoys finding hair on the floor and then wrapping it around her fingers and sucking on it. She eventually eats the hair.

  • Timothy Selig

    my son loves gum drops

  • Elizabeth M.

    My son seemed to like to eat nerf balls. Nice, huh?

  • Jeff Wheeler

    I’m a stay at home dad and over the course of the last several months I have witnessed my 10 month old son eating everything he can get his little fingers on. He seems to be particularly interested in dead bugs and spiders. Just the other day I pulled the remnants of a dead beetle from his mouth. He was just happily gnawing away. I have no idea where he finds these things! I scour the floor daily looking for things that he can put in his mouth yet he somehow manages to find new items.