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flowersThe legendary “Soup Nazi” made famous on the show Seinfeld is looking to expand his menu to include more organic options. The famous “No soup for you!” line was based on a restaurant started in 1984 in New York city called Soup Kitchen International. [Read more…]

flowersMSNBC recently sat down with Brandon Boyd, the lead singer of the band Incubus, to chat about his group’s charity organization, the Make Yourself Foundation. It’s all part of the news organization’s efforts to highlight a celebrity’s work on behalf of a specific cause each month. The thing that’s been the most wonderful for me is a sense that there a lot of truly good people in the world,” Boyd says in the interview. “Just when you think that … people only care about themselves and their property and their own lives, you get these little glimmers of hope here and there that there actually are quite a few people who are willing to lend you their hand, to lend you their shoulder and to lift each other up.” [Read more…]

flowersActress Angelica Huston opened up on her fears in a recent interview — and no surprise, Global Warming was one of them. “I worry a lot about my jobs, my lines. I have sleepless nights always before I go to work,” she said. “I worry about the welfare of my loved ones. I worry that this country is going to go to the Republicans again. I worry about global warming and the grim things that befall the planet. I worry that this country isn’t going to wake up and see what is happening before it’s too late and before it’s too late to influence the rest of the world.” [Read more…]

flowersMischa Barton has just completed a trip to Soweto, India as part of her role as ambassador for Save the Children. The former OC star is working hard to use her celebrity to make a difference. “I see so many celebrities who don’t take the time to do anything, which is pretty terrible in its own way. What’s the point of celebrity and all this stupid press we get? I think young people should be more active, vote, be more involved in charities,” she said. [Read more…]

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  • Andy

    The item on Mischa Barton: Isn’t Soweto in South Africa and not India?