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We’ve already heard that Al Gore is hard at work on a sequel to his documentary An Inconvenient Truth, but might Leonardo DiCaprio also be planning a follow up to his 11th Hour?

Chalk this one up to rumor folks, but the Chicago Sun-Times is throwing it out there that the 33-year-old actor is working on a new environmental doc — with energy mogul T. Boone Pickens possibly set to finance it.

This would be an interesting pairing. Pickens has recently been in the news due to his “Pickens Plan” — which promotes “alternatives” to oil, including natural gas, wind, and solar. A major part of the plan is “replacing the 22% of its electricity that the United States gets from natural gas with wind energy, which would then allow that natural gas to provide 38% of the nation’s fuel for transportation and reduce its dependence on foreign oil.” He’s also currently deep in plans to build the world’s largest windfarm down in Texas.

Might DiCaprio’s sequel be a true focus on the solutions available and less the doom and gloom of the first film? Would be a really uplifiting and inspiring way to carry forward the message and paint a green future actually under development.

Stay tuned on this one…

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