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“It’s not like you wake up the next morning and feel ten times better. The changes are more gradual and you can see them better once you continue down the path for a while and then look back. In regards to competing and training I noticed my recovery times had shortened, that I was less injury prone, and had a higher level of energy. Above all, the major changes were in my relationship to food preparation and intake. I became very concerned not just about veganism, but about proper nutrition. I’ve come across many vegans who are still drinking soda pop. The point is you can be vegan and still have an unhealthy diet.”

- Ultra marathoner Scott Jurek discussing the health benefits of the vegetarian lifestyle. While I’m a proud vegan who considers himself a solid 8 on the health scale, Scott does touch on my one pretty horrific vice. I LOVE DIET COKE. I know, I know, it’s awful and I’m trying to quit.  Don’t judge!


  • Andrea

    Another really cool successful vegan triathlete is Brendan Brazier. Check him out at

  • Maynard S. Clark

    More of us vegans should become athletes, and if we become competitive athletes, we ought to win the contests.

  • Kenny

    Scott Jurek is definitely a hero of mine. If we ever say we’re vegan for health reasons, at all , we should get active too! It’s fun to tell people I’m vegan after they find out how much I run and bike and think it’s impossible but I’ve actually found that I’ve become a better runner after going vegan and eating healthy.