Paul Newman and Mario Andretti

We said goodbye to Paul Newman, who passed away at the age of 83 on Saturday. (The above photo is of Newman and Mario Andretti in 2004.)

If forced to go on an all-liquid blood diet, a revealing 38% of you would choose to drain humans over forest critters or artificial sources. Of course, we suspect our wording of “Republican humans” probably had more to do with it.

The Leo Rumor Mill went into overdrive. Not only is DiCaprio potentially hooking up with Matthew Modine and Ed Begley Jr. on a green conference for Hollywood, but he may also follow up to his documentary The 11th Hour with a new eco-film. His rumored partner? None other business mogul T. Boone Pickens.

Britney Spears encouraged folks to buy a semi-nude painting of herself for charity, while Philip Seymour Hoffman decided that the best way to bike is while smoking.

The battle against Armani’s broken promise to PETA and decision to include fur in his fall collection heated up. The animal rights org added Gillian Anderson to the team and sent a letter to Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes urging them not to dress Suri in Armani’s dead animal skins.

Stephen Spielberg joined Brad Pitt in donating $100K to fight Proposition 8; which seeks to ban gay marriage in California and overturn the earlier Supreme Court ruling.

87% of you agreed that there is no place for fur in sustainable fashion — or anywhere for that matter. The vote came in response to a Japanese designer who dubbed her fall collection of fur-trimmed capes and boleros as “Eco Harmony”. Eek!

Robert De Niro’s popular sushi restaurant Nobu decided to give people the option of ordering endangered fish — rather than just remove it from the menu.

Heather Mills quieted critics (for now) by spending time cooking up a vegan BBQ for kids and donating $1 million in veggie food products to the children of Hunts Point in the South Bronx.

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