Is it that time of year already?! Last holiday season, after Josh Lucas purchased a fake Christmas tree, Ecorazzi posed the question: Is an “organic” fake Christmas tree better for the environment than a real Christmas tree? Overall, most people had never heard of said “organic fake tree” and argued that a real tree is not only biodegradable but grown to be chopped down, thus making the latter option far more environmentally friendly. Well, as the holidays approach, the Christmas tree is once again being foisted into the spotlight, but this time for charity.

Actors Julianne Moore, Brooke Shields, Angie Harmon, Eva Longoria Parker and Tony Parker have personally designed Christmas trees — with the help of Robert Verdi and Smith & Hawken — for an online auction to benefit Keep America Beautiful.

Keep America Beautiful “combines education with hands-on stewardship to make America’s communities cleaner, greener, safer, and more livable.” Matthew M. McKenna, President and CEO of Keep America Beautiful said, “This is such a great concept for a fundraiser, and with the A-list stars supporting it, Keep America Beautiful couldn’t be more thrilled to be the chosen beneficiary. The funds generated by this auction will help us in fulfilling our grassroots mission to build cleaner, greener, stronger communities nationwide.”

To participate in the auction, simply visit between October 15 and December 5th and click on the “BID NOW” button. The auction winners will receive their special trees just in time for the holidays. Happy bidding!

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    The link will be live on Friday and bidding starts on Oct. 15

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  • Light Harmony Gratitude

    Great article . . it reminds me of a saying that my mum would say to me every year while we’d put up our (far less than organic) artificial tree

    “Kill a tree for Christ”

    ha ha ha . . my mum . . . is just a maverick!

    I’m definitely going to look into ORGANIC artifical trees, and send her that info. I’m sure she’d be interested!

    Thanks for the interesting post!
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  • Dillon

    This is a great article!! But even if we used real trees, we could still make them greener by using recycled plastics in our Christmas lights and ornaments!

  • Dillon

    By The way I work for a company that has all this stuff!!!! Check it out for an holiday stuff you think could be ‘greened!’
    -Dillon (

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    Oh nice, thanks for share!