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bayes waterless car wash

We’ve all no doubt at some time or another taken the car to the carwash or grabbed a bucket and hose and done the job ourself. Of course, either one of these actions results in an incredible amount of water wasted — not too mention the less than environmentally friendly chemicals and soaps used to make things shine.

For today’s giveaway, the folks at Bayes Premium Cleaners are hooking us up with 5 sets of their Waterless Car Wash and Stainless Steel Cleaners. The car wash is non-toxic and biodegradable (and endorsed by green dude, Ed Begley Jr.), while the stainless cleaner is non-hazardous, oil-based, and carries EPA approval. We can see these products being particularly helpful in reducing toxins in the home — as well as conserving water in places prone to droughts, or just a way to save $$ from going to the car wash. Check out Baye’s website for more details!

Want to win? Tell us how you’re conserving at home — whether with water, electricity, or gas! Five comments will be chosen at random to win! Complete rules and giveaway details for this contest are available here. Good luck!

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  • Rachelle

    We conserve gas by walking or riding our bikes. We use the car sparingly.

  • Kam A

    We unplug small appliances in the kitchen when not in use like the toaster, can opener, etc.

  • raychelle

    I have a bucket in my shower tub, and whenever I shower, it fills with water and becomes my plant water and unexpectedly, my cats’ favorite water bowl :)

  • Missy

    I work from home, and lately have been cutting back on my water use, by not having it run, when i do the dishes.

    Nope, we do NOT have a dishwasher.

  • Bridget

    hmmm…not to be gross, but, if it’s yellow, let it mellow ;)

  • shannon

    we carpool to work, and have replaced all lightbulbs with the energy-efficient CF kind. :)

  • Jennifer Parrucci

    I take the subway to work (my husband has to drive to his job and law school) and barely use the car on weekends. I also compulsively turn off lights (fitted with compact florescent bulbs) when they are not in use.

  • Cheryl W

    We conserve by not using paper plates or paper towels, by recycling, by turning off the lights when we aren’t using them, and by using freecycle to give away items free to people that can use them instead of filling the landfills. Thanks!

  • Liz

    We have two hybrids here at our house. Need somethin to clean em with ;) Also we have recycle have a compost and are going solar. is that good? :)

  • Mary Jenkins

    We use fans instead of the a/c when possible and blankets instead of heat.

  • Liv

    My husband and I love our Brita filter and reusable sport water bottles. We’ve stopped using paper towels and even sponges, and now use washable cloths for all cleaning (don’t buy throw-away swiffer cloths, just wrap a washcloth around the swiffer head and use that!) and instead of napkins. I also keep spray bottles, vinegar, lemon juice and baking soda on hand for cleaning; I never have to worry about my cats getting high on the fumes of commercial cleaners now!

  • Lisa

    We quit buying bottled water and made the switch to tap. We bought energy efficient washers. We turn off the water while brushing and shaving. It is amazing how little we waste when we are just concious of our actions. We try our best to use what we have and recycle everything possible. :)

  • Elizabeth M.

    People laugh at me all the time because I move in the dark. I use minimal light at night and just have always been that way. I don’t really like the brightness of the lights so I don’t miss it. That’s my crazy side, I guess, lol.
    We also use our programmable thermostat all the time and it lowers the temp in the house by about 8 degrees at night in the winter which doesn’t sound like much but has made a HUGE difference in our energy bills. Fortunately we sleep through it just fine.

  • Michelle Rosborough

    Turn water off while on vacation

  • Phoebe

    This week, I visited each of my parents’ homes (they don’t live together), and was elated to discover that my years of extolling eco-living had yielded tangible changes in their behavior!! My mom was re-painting her home office in ***Zero-VOC paint*** I had mentioned it to her, but never expected she’d actually buy it. The availability of zero-VOC at Home Depot definitely had something to do with it, no doubt, and the fact that she loved the soft blue paint I’d recently used in my own room that was zero VOC.

    And my Dad’s house had organic milk & coffee! Wow! (Now if I can just get him to go solar…)

    Their homes have CFLs in them because I swapped the lightbulbs on visits over the years.

    My home has CFLs, recylced paper, biodegradable cleansers.

    I’ve actually used waterless car wash before, & really enjoy it! I was thinking it would be a great gift for family members at the holidays this year. I haven’t tried Bayes brand, but would like to.

  • Julia

    we don’t use our air conditioning at all. if it’s miserably warm (like now) we just turn on a fan!

  • happyapple

    My family is down to one car now and waiting for our smart car. I use newspaper for windows instead of papertowels. All homemade cleaning products. All organic cleasning items and food. CFL lights. Too many to list I am soooooooo green, be green with envy and live long and healthy.

  • Michele Pineda

    I work for energy services in a nonprofit agency. One of the biggest things older homes like mine have is heat loss. First, we replaced some windows and also put plastic on the ones we didn’t do this year. I set back the thermostat on my oil fired hot water heater as well, I still have hot water, but it is not using more oil to heat it with. I am going to be buying some other weatherization materials, such as caulking, weatherstripping and insulation and making it a fall project to weatherize my home. Eventually new windows and doors will come, as I can afford them. But in the meantime, this will help out and be more affordable.

  • Thea Rose

    my car sits and collects lots of grime. Changed all my lightbulbs to twirly ones ;)