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Pete Wentz and the guys from Fall Out Boy have joined Brad Pitt and Stephen Spielberg in making a big-time donation to opposing Proposition 8. The initiative, which will appear on the California state ballot during the November election, seeks to overturn an earlier ruling legalizing gay marriage. The rockers donated $50,000 to the organization “Vote No For Prop 8“.

Earlier last week, Pete Wentz blogged on the topic saying,

“There are a lot of causes out there — a lot of ‘good’ fights to be fought. I think proposition 8 is pretty lame — as many others do too. It’s fucking lame.”

Well said, Pete. Well said.

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  • Mali

    Vote yes on Prop 8. Don’t let the Lavender Mafia silence you!

  • Autumn

    Vote NO on Prop8! Love Is Love and NOBODY has the right to say who I can or can not love

  • Robert

    Can I vote on heterosexual marriage?? Only seems fair.

  • Parker

    vote yes on prop 8. restore marriage between a man and a woman. its not right. Gods plan was to have marriage between a man and a woman.

  • karen

    was it also “gods plan” to have war, homicide, genecide, and closed minded people like you?

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  • lola

    “Gods plan was to have marriage between a man and a woman.”
    WTF…separation of church and state much? This isnt the vatican!

  • http://none doug

    pete wentz is soooo freaking awesome so you guys should listen to him. WAIT, no fuck anybody who is a sell out money hungry piece of shit!! Fall Out Boy used to be amazing….except for the last cd.

  • http://none doug 2

    A message to FOB: You guys…please don’t change from From under the cork tree. You need to lean towards the punk rock and not pop shit!

  • http://none doug 2

    But yeah gay marriage is cool. Do what you want in life.

  • lindsay08

    No body has the right to tell you who you should love. Vote no on prop 8…we all deserve equal rights! Thank you FOB for supporting such an important cause!

  • tyra torres

    i think that gays should have the rights to get married .theres nothing wrong with thats.i doesnt matter if a man and man or a woman and woman love each other they should have the same rights that a man and a woman loving each other have .sure god said that only a man a woman should get married but i dont matter gays are people too!!=]no on prop 8 support gay marriage

  • Me

    Funny these white boys can put thier ass on the line for gay marriage, but we still can’t get a black frontman in a white rock group.