Ya’ll, I come bearing such news for you this morning! So last night, in celebration of World Vegetarian Day, I spent the evening drinking Drunken Monkey’s and hanging out with some of the coolest kids around at Karen Dawn’s birthday/ book-signing party (stay tuned for a full post about that later today, including great pictures and an exclusive interview with world renowned author Peter Singer).

Anyway, Chloe Jo (Ecorazzi’s new bff) and I were chatting, and she told me that last week at the Proposition 2 benefit in LA, Ellen DeGeneres officially came out as a full-fledged vegan. You guys, I FREAKED OUT! First, because veganism is like the most amazing thing ever and having heavy hitters on our team is so important. And second, because HOW IN THE WOLRD DID I NOT KNOW THAT???!!!!!

Some of you might remember that even before Ellen’s vegan wedding, Ecorazzi predicted that Ellen was mere moments away from taking the veg pledge, and now it looks like she’s finally gone and done it. So what inspired this balls to the wall move? None other than a super awesome book called Skinny Bitch by another one of Ecorazzi’s bff’s, Rory Freedman. If you ask me, Skinny Bitch has totally revolutionized the vegan movement and we all owe Rory a great big standing ovation! Go buy this book right now!

Now I know there’s some drama because Ellen is the new face of Procter & Gamble’ CoverGirl– a horrific company that still tests heavily on animals — but this may not actually be such a bad thing. Just think, if Ellen has the selling power to make the company big bucks, perhaps she might also have the clout to finally convince P&G to ditch their medieval methods of animal abuse and join the ranks of progressive companies who test their products in a more responsible manor. She’s definitely contributed to major political reform before!

So Dear Ellen, on behalf of all the vegans and vegetarians out there, WELCOME TO THE CLUB! I look forward to covering all of the many wonderful things I know you’ll do for the movement. You rock my frigin socks, lady!

  • http://vegansoapbox.com Eccentric

    Hurray! Glad to know it’s official.
    I wonder if she’ll start incorporating more vegan humor in her stuff.

  • VeggieTart

    Yay! Yeah, the Cover Girl thing is troubling, but I’m so glad she’s otherwise vegan. Is Portia di Rossi going vegan as well?

    Hey, maybe she can donate some of the bucks she gets from Cover Girl to anti-vivisection organizations–sort of the way Chumbawumba allowed one of their songs to be used for a car commercial and then donated all the money to an anti-car group.

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  • parrish

    Hey VeggieTart- Good idea about the vivisection thing! Oh and yes, Portia is also officially vegan. Gotta love those two!

  • http://celebrities.com/ Key

    Maybe she didn’t make a big deal about her new fully vegan view BECAUSE of her CoverGirl ties. Ellen looks like she’s taking the whole thing a little bit at a time and perhaps made the CoverGirl deal before realizing they test on animals and that pushed her over… Or any number of other plausible and forgivable reasons.

  • herb_ivor

    I could tell by watching her show. She recently had Wayne Pacelle, President of HSUS on her show talking about the Yes on Prop 2 campaign and then she also had Dr. Neal Barnard of PCRM talking about healthy eating.

    Yay for vegan queers!

  • Leslie

    Ellen Goes Vegan: I’m not so sure that Ellen was vegetarian before going vegan recently. If she was, it couldn’t have been for very long. For a while now she has been posting photos of her lunches on her website, and until very recently there were animal products such as chicken and fish pictured there. Then recently the photographs changed to pictures of vegan meals. (Almost every meal contained tofu, which is a subject I’m very confused about. It has never been settled, as far as I know, whether it’s OK or not OK for women to eat a lot of tofu.) I know that a long time ago Ellen tried being vegetarian and stopped because she dislikes vegetables. Also,she claimed to need red meat because she’s anemic. Now that she’s gone vegan, I assume that she’s taking iron supplements. I’m also wondering how she’s getting along without her favorite food: pizza (or as she calls it “cheese pizza”).

  • Leslie

    P.S. It’s interesting that Ellen’s character on the sitcom “Ellen” was vegetarian long before the real Ellen was. There was a funny scene in one of the Season 5 shows where she invites someone to dinner and says she’s having beets. The delivery of the line was hilarious…not to mention the fact that her entire dinner consisted of beets.

  • shannon

    Yay Ellen! I’m not vegan, and I’m not even technically vegetarian (I still eat fish), but it was also Skinny Bitch that inspired me to start the transition. I plan to phase out fish as well, and to incorporate any number of vegan dishes into my repertoire (who knows? maybe I’ll be vegan someday).

    I just wanted to concur with a HOORAY for Ellen (and Rory, too!). I hope she does manage to get Cover Girl to nix the animal testing, and maybe even green up their products, too (i.e., get rid of the parabens, petrochems, etc…). They certainly would have a worthy campaign to promote then!

  • http://www.myspace.com/annajagger Sibi

    That’s great news, maybe people will stop thinking of vegans as freaks now!

  • Brandi

    Yay Ellen.. you rock!!

  • Cid

    Or maybe her being the new face of CoverGirl is just a strategy of hers to make P&G stop testing on animals! :)

    Is there a way we can put some healthy pressure on Ellen in order for her to actually convince P&G to abandon animal testing?

    Anyway, one more victory for the vegan world and most of all, for animals…


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  • http://www.insuchaworld.com Valerie

    YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing the good news. I think things are changing. I am starting to have a grain of hope for the future – for the animals, and for ourselves.

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  • Max

    Ellen is still an idiot. She still drives her SUVs and I can’t imagine how many toxins and carcinogens she released into the hills below when she knocked down her houses.
    I am glad she is a vegan at the moment – I doubt she will stick with it.
    Really, if she cared about animals she would have demanded Cover Girl stops testing on animals BEFORE she collected a dime from them. It is like lobbying for child safety during the day and prostituting your child at night.while you work as your child’s pimp. It is hypocritical and quite frankly disturbing.

    Ellen is just wrong and shame on everyone singing her praises.

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  • kathleen w.

    It’s good to hear Ellen is now vegan, but I do find her ties with P & G horrible. Hopefully, she will cut ties with them, or they will stop killing & torturing animals. Veganism & animal testing do not mix!

  • http://veganguineapig.blogspot.com/ Alicia

    I watched her show last week with Neal Barnard and I was so happy to hear that she had gone vegan. She presents it in such a non-threatening and relatable way that I think people really listen to. I applaud her for making the change!

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  • Irene Casserley

    From UK but love the Vegan movement in USA, love the USA. Donald Watson would be proud. One step at a time, one person at a time.

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  • Star

    Yes its good news she is Vegan and I think Portia De Rossi had a lot to do with it too. I guess its easier to have two vegans in the house than one. Im still upset though she has gone forward this CoverGirl deal. If she is against curuelty than testing on animals must be way high on her list of cruelty or is she just concerned about “Farm Animals” which is what Prop 2 is all about. If I were her I would drop the CoverGirl deal as soon as and promote a product that does not test on animals…I hope greed has not got in the way of all this !

  • http://petermorawski.com Peter

    what’s your source? Chloe Jo? because she said so? lol i’m gonna need more than that. not saying you’re lying, I just need a little more info on where people confirmed she went vegan.

  • parrish

    Hey Peter. Chloe was at the event and said that Ellen publicly announced that she was vegan. We also have several other witnesses that heard it. I think it’s safe to believe.

  • John Mooter

    May all beings be happy and free from suffering. Veganism is the greatest step we can take, for the animals, the earth, and our health.

  • Ryan

    This is wonderful. Always loved Ellen :) Bless her compassionate heart!

  • http://TymeForChange.org Tyme

    Glad to hear that Ellen (and Portia?) has gone vegan! I too find the Cover Girl (/P&G) endorsement troubling. (Perhaps a contractual agreement made before the switch, which hopefully will not be renewed.)

    It is not only the testing on animals; most beauty products are NOT vegan — they are made with animal products (body parts). It is very difficult to find cosmetics without animal ingredients.

    Sadly, this is a very dead-animal-centric world.

    Do your best, and try every day to do better.

    Vegan (20-year veg*n)

  • Natasha

    It’s disgusting she’s pimping out CG . So many idiotic people are going to buy those cosmetics since she’s in the ads. If she was against animal testing she would not be in the ads in the first place. PG will always torture animals. Ellen also supports St.Judes charity which also tests on animals.Good god.

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  • http://www.earthcafetogo.com Earth Cafe Living Foods

    It’s great having Ellen vegan (and Portia too). We will probably find these two ladies at the forefront of many an important cause.. Bravo!

  • http://www.myspace.com/jaymentheskywithdiamonds Jayme

    Ironic that I stumbled onto this just as Ellen was coming on….lol. I gathered that she was, she’s hinted at it a few times in the last 2 seasons of her show. I just adore her!

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  • Julie

    I find it quite ironic that this article and these posts are on a site littered with Covergirl ads.