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Jessica Alba is pictured here taking one for the team in yet another Declare Yourself promotion. Last month Alba was photographed topless and bound (giggidy, giggidy) to remind people that only by not voting are we truly silenced. After your done drooling over Jessica, make sure to check out the greatest “Go Vote” video ever and help change the world this November.

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[Editor’s note: WTF? Is she channeling Hannibal Lecter now?]

  • Run-DMS

    I love the video, but I don’t think I want to encourage just anyone to vote. If I knew someone would vote for McCain in the U.S. or the Conservatives up here in Canada, I’d probably not offer a word of encouragement. (But not a word of discouragement either.) I prefer the Michael Moore approach — don’t just vote, vote to put an end to the right-wing bullshit.

  • michael

    “don’t just vote, vote to put an end to the right-wing bullshit.”

    Ha — hat tip to that.

  • Jeanne Reslan

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