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scarlett johanssonAfter Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds quietly tied the knot last weekend on Canada’s Vancouver Island, the world was abuzz over the details of the nuptials — and the eco-friendly setting in which they took place.

The new couple chose the ecologically-conscious and exclusive Clayoquat Wilderness Resort which, according to Cele|bitchy, “specializes in weddings and honeymoons, to offer their guests plenty of outdoor activities along with a luxurious nature-themed setting.” Want a spend three nights there? Prepare to dish out $4,458.00 USD per person!

Anyways, while the location may have been environmentally-friendly — the transportation in getting there certainly was not. Unfortunately, Johansson and Reynolds chose an island that was not accessible by ferry — instead opting to fly their guests over in seven chartered sea planes. From The Inquirer,

Approximately 35 close friends and family members were instructed to gather at a specific time at Vancouver International Airport on the wedding day, the insider revealed to the Enquirer. They were not told ahead of time where they were going.They boarded chartered seaplanes – five to six guests in each of seven planes – and were whisked to a secluded resort owned by a friend of the couple on a remote island, outside of Vancouver off the coast of British Columbia. “She and Ryan picked an island that was inaccessible by ferry. The only way to get there was by seaplane.” But despite the big hush-hush, the couple succeeded in pulling off the wedding of their dreams. “It was an absolute gorgeous event,” concluded the insider.

So it looks like the choice for the wedding was less because of its eco-cred and more because, well, the owner was a friend. Either way, this small blip does little to overshadow the good works that Johansson has lent her time to over the years — the latest of which was a trip to Rwanda to draw attention to the continuing fight against AIDS in Africa.

Did Stella McCartney at least get a chance to design the dress?

Photo: Scarlett Johansson attending a photocall for her new film, The Other Boleyn Girl, as part of the 58th annual Berlin International Film Festival. Credit: Dirk Laessige/

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  • Serge

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  • The Science Commenter

    Serge’s comment is proof that alcohol and commenting on blogs don’t mix.

  • Island Girl

    To clarify a few points…

    The “remote” island is called Vancouver Island and 730,000+ people live on it. It IS accessible by no less than 6 different ferry routes. And the resort is NOT remote either…it’s located near very popular resort towns (Tofino and Ucluelet).

    BUT if their guests opted to travel by ferry and car combo they would have experienced a very beautiful 4-hour journey rather than a 40 minute flight.

  • Leonardo

    Who cares if someone has an eco-friendly wedding. this kind of criticism is what gives being green a bad reputation: people demanding things from celebrities. mind your own business.

  • The Science Commenter

    That’s the whole point of their business…To highlight celebrities and green actions-whether they’re being good or not.

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