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peta olsens

It’s a well known fact that PETA and Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are not the best of pals. The twins have been a regular target for the organization’s anti-fur campaigns — and continue to ignore them by wearing increasingly hideous animal skins and outfits.

Not one to back down, PETA has an online game called “Dress Up The Trollsens” where users can add bloody carcasses and other animal parts to the twin of their choice. Just in time to Halloween, you can also order a “Hairy-Kate and a Trashley” mask because “only someone as heartless as a troll would wear the skins of dead animals.”

Check out the amusingly hideous Trollsen Twins here.

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  • Gulnara

    People has always killed animals for their flesh and skin from the ancient times when everything in the world ran natuarlly. On the one hand it is normal for wild world. But as we don’t live in the wild world any more it is considered bad. I also find it cruel to kill the animal for its fur. The idea s disgusting. I didn’t kbow that they do it. I thougth they just use the skin of the naturally dead animals. And I can’t keep thinking this – if killing an animal is so bad for the civilized wirld why we still eat their flesh? Sheep, cows, deer are also live creatures. Of course you would enumarate number of differences, but I don’t care, for me they are the same. As for the activity of PETA I don’t accept them serious. Their activity is just a show. They are likely forgetting the rights of the humans and respect for the humans while they are protecting the animals’. Because every person has the right to go to the store and buy and wear what is on sale. They had better stop offending people. It is no way. Why not fight the fur companies instead of attacking and insulting the people? Is they were serious they would perform more seriously. It is ridiculous way insulting the twins for the sake of protecting animals and not serious. I hope one day people will stop killing animals and also I hope PETA will stop treating people so bad.

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