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lohan boxingBack in August, Lindsay Lohan’s father, Michael Lohan, let it be known that he wanted to fight Kevin Federline in a boxing match to help raise money for charity. Somehow, that event with K-Fed fell through — with no funding for the match secured to make it happen. Shocking!

Undeterred, Lohan is now opening up the opportunity auction-style — putting the entire event under an umbrella of a weakening economy and the chance to give charities badly needed cash. We wish it sounded genuine, but this just has an aire of a celebrity parent craving the spotlight. Here’s a bit of the marketing that ended up in my inbox this morning:

The Fight For Charity is being held on November 24,2008 at the Hilton Long Island in Melville. The event consists of 10 boxing matches of amateur fighters. Charities such as the Long Island Community Chest and Family Residence & Essential Enterprises benefit from the money raised from the event. Thousands of spectators and fans from across the tri-state region attend this annual sporting gala.

Any one wishing to fight Michael Lohan in three rounds of boxing, can submit an offer to Bids to get in the ring with one of America’s well known fathers are starting at $5,000. Certain rules and regulations apply based on height, age & weight and the guidelines of USA Boxing as well as the Long Island Fight for Charity. An interview process will take place after the bid is made.

There you have it. Lindsay must be so proud.

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  • Key

    As much as I would dearly love the opportunity to p0wn Michael Lohan’s pasty behind – I think I’ll pass.

    The man seeks attention at every possible opportunity to the point that his children want nothing to do with him anymore. He even tried to use the recent death of his father for some press time!