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Here on Ecorazzi we’re ALL ABOUT new and exciting features that accentuate the green and bring out the celebrity in everyone! October is Vegetarian Awareness Month and since we firmly believe in partying like rock stars for awesome causes, we are super excited to announce the very first edition of our Veg Blog Round-Up: News From Around Web!

Here’s how it works: each week our team of experts will scour the internet in search of the hottest vegetarian news from our favorite meat-free blogs and bring it back to you nice and warm! To kick off the feature, we’ve compiled a list of a dozen veggie/vegan blogs that we LOVE to read! Check out the list and make sure to stop by the sites and say hello.

(Like a parent’s love for their children, we embrace all of these blogs equally. Therefore, this list is in no particular order.)

super vegan

1. Super Vegan has by far the most extensive guide to New York City vegan living I’ve ever seen. With regularly updated news, a vegan web directory and a calendar of events, SuperVegan has got you covered!

go girl army

2. As we mentioned before, Chloe Jo is Ecorazzi’s new bff and we think her blog is simply dreamy. is essentially the bible of sexy green glamour and as a passionate vegan, you can trust that Chloe’s recommendations are good for your health, your planet and your fellow animals.

vegan yum yum

3. This vegan cooking blog literally makes me drool. No I mean like seriously. With stunning photography, incredible recipes and a really helpful how-to section, Vegan Yum Yum could make even Sarah Palin go veg!

vegetarian star

4. A blog after our own heart! Vegetarian Star popped up on our radar only a few weeks ago and since then we’ve already checked their site about a bazillion times. If you love celebrities as much as we do, make sure to stop on by to and say hello.

living without meat

5. On Living Without Meat, Sally Anderson shares her passion for all things veg. As a Philadelphia native, Anderson’s blog is a great way for those visiting or living in the city of brotherly love to find a little vegan love!


6. An oldie but a goodie! Erik Markus has been promoting veganism since before I knew what tofu was. Each week we look forward to reading his thoughts on the latest news affecting the vegan community and we’re positive that you will too!

discerning brute

7. Ecorazzi chilled with Joshua Katcher, owner of The Discerning Brute, on World Vegetarian Day and we totally approve. Josh uses his blog to showcase the vegan lifestyle in a fun, informative and, of course, classy way. Plus, he totally turned us on to Dr. Cow cheese – a product we’re now hopelessly addicted to!


8. Blog.Peta.Org- Love em or hate em, PETA remains at the forefront of all things animal rights. While their ideas are sometimes severe, their blog is fun, sassy and quick to break great vegan news. We read it everyday!

post punk kitchen

9. What’s the PPK you ask? The Post Punk Kitchen…duh! Besides releasing one of the most delicious vegan cookbooks ever, the folks at Post Punk Kitchen pen a regularly updated blog that we think is just plain fun.

vegan freak

10. I know you are, but what am I? As founders of the Vegan Freak podcast, Bob and Jenna Torres use their blog to provide vegan support, community, and entertainment. I mean could you ask for anything more?

dawn watch

11. Conceived by Thanking The Monkey author Karen Dawn, is an interactive community jam-packed with the latest animal rights news. Also, make sure to subscribe to her email list and get action alerts sent to your computer!

vegan soap box

12. The folks at Vegan Soapbox know what’s up! With recipes, news alerts and an online store, is the mother teat of all things veg! We’re sure you will approve!

Do you have a veg blog that we don’t know about? Leave a comment below and tell us where the sugar’s at!

  • Allie

    That’s awesome! Sally from LivingWithoutMeat rocks.

  • Patty ,GH

    great post and list, thanks for sharing. some are new to me!


  • Mary Finelli

    The best way to stay up to date on issues concerning farmed animals is to read Farmed Animal Watch, a weekly e-news digest which is sponsored by numerous animal protection organizations. I sincerely hope ecorazzi will include it in its news round-up. Anyone can sign up for a free subscription at:

    All previous issues since the publication’s inception in 2001 are archived on the website. They are a great source of background information on every topic regarding farmed animals. Check it out!!

  • laura

    Hey, hey, Ecorazzi – great list; we’d love to be added to that!
    Our site focuses solely on vegan, ecoist, and ethical products, services, sites, and ideas. Anyone (registered) can contribute posts, save stuff on their faves list, put up a profile, link to their own site, and connect with other Mobius Manitou-ers.
    Come on over and check us out!

  • The Discerning Brute

    Thanks for the shout-out! You rock out with your flock out.

  • Eccentric Vegan

    What a great list of blogs!
    (I am in no way biased.)

  • Laura

    Thanks for the shout-out to SuperVegan!

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  • Kelley B.

    Thanks for the list! Please visit my blog at

  • Foodeater

    A very well put together list… thanks! There’s so many awesome vegetarian and vegan blogs out there, it’s getting hard to keep up with them all :) Stop on by my site sometime the next time you’re looking for some tasty vegan inspiration, I cover vegan food in Los Angeles, Portland, the San Francisco bay area and beyond!

  • beatriz

    This site is beautifully put together, and the list is great! I have a vegetarian discussion site, hope you stop by sometime…

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