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Heather Mills is completely redefining: “my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard” by teaming up with PETA to urge Ben and Jerry’s to replace cows’ milk with human breast milk.

Tracy Reiman, PETA executive vice president, explains the campaign this way: “PETA’s request comes after reports that a Swiss restaurant owner will begin purchasing breast milk from nursing mothers and substituting it for 75 per cent of the cows’ milk in the food that he serves.The fact that human adults consume huge quantities of dairy products made from milk that was meant for a baby cow just doesn’t make sense. So Ben and Jerry’s could do consumers and cows a big favour by making the switch to breast milk.”

I totally think Tracy’s on to something with the dairy thing, but I’d much rather down a huge glass of delicious rice milk than some random woman’s tepid boob milk. For real!

This isn’t the first time that Heather has outwardly supported other dairy alternatives, she recently was quoted saying: “Why don’t we drink rats’ milk, cats’ milk or dogs’ milk? The startling truth is that animals farmed for meat and dairy are now one of the greatest threats to the planet.The United Nations issued a shocking report on the environmental damage being done by livestock. I became a vegetarian for health reasons. Then I found out about the awful animal abuse in factory farms and dairy herds and became a vegan. The easiest and most effective way of cutting our contribution is to change our diet and go vegan.”

Heather’s right about one thing: vegans are super kickass! But what do you think about this human breast milk thing? Does it skeeze you out as much as it does me? Chime in and share your thoughts!


  • Rachelle

    Gross. I’m vegan and I take Heather’s point, but this is too extreme. We women do enough already. We don’t need to become milk machines for dairy companies. Save the breast milk for babies and replace cow or goat’s milk in products with rice, soy, almond or other nut milk instead.

  • The Science Commenter

    If they start paying women for it, it could be good.

    Men can earn more money for their fluids as of now.

    Equal opportunity for the sexes!

  • Anita

    OK, I’m no fan of Heather Mills–in fact, I think she’s got a lot of emotional issues and should seriously get some professional help–however, the media is twisting this purposely in order to make a not-so-great person look even worse.

    I believe that if you do some research, you’ll find that Mills has not actually been exhorting anyone to use or consume either rat or human milk; in effect, what she’s actually been trying to get across is that consuming cow’s milk (meant in nature to be consumed by infant cattle only) is as ridiculous a concept as consuming rat milk or (beyond infancy) human milk.

  • Stephanie Williams

    i agree, save the milk for baby animals (including humans) and promote plant based alternative milks!!!! WTF!@!@ I’m sure Ben and Jerry would half listen if they suggested a vegan/soy/rice milk line….but EVERYONE is LAUGHING at this.

    Crap like this makes me hate PETA. They no longer speak out about HLS, the aren’t taking part in the GLOBAL fur campaign against Fendi….they just do all these silly little stunts now….it’s sad.

  • The Science Commenter

    Stephanie and Anita:

    Yes, it may be gross and Heather may be nuts, but let’s get down to the real issue:

    This is an economic opportunity for women, if done correctly.

    You are so anti-feminist, shame on you girlies. I bet you want girls to quit school and clean the house and not vote this November either.

    Such Sarah Palin equivalents. Tsk, tsk…

  • hil

    “I totally think Tracy’s on to something with the dairy thing, but I’d much rather down a huge glass of delicious rice milk than some random woman’s tepid boob milk. For real!”

    I couldn’t have said it better myself:). The money making idea that Science Commenter brings up is aninteresting thought, your body your choice right;).

  • parrish

    Good convo guys!

    Anita- Please note that, if anything, I have been primarily pro-Heather. I get what she’s doing and while sometimes I have a problem with PETA’s tactics, this doesn’t bother me in the slightest. I still wouldn’t eat Ben and Jerry’s if it was made from breast milk though. Yuck!

  • erin

    my friend saw me reading this and said over my shoulder. “You could drink heather’s breast milk”

    I am now sick and skipping lunch :(


  • Rachelle

    Whatever the issue at hand (fairness to ALL animals, choice, business venture, etc.)…it’s just fecking GROSS. LOL! And like cow’s milk, it may also contain blood. I do get that Heather is trying to make the point of “Why not? You drink the milk of cows…Why not drink the milk of other creatures? You disgusting hypocrites.” LOL! But Ben and Jerry’s would go out of business day one, minute one after unveiling their “new product” to the public…no matter how good the ice cream tasted. LOL! I can see them conducting a taste test with various people enjoying ice cream churned with this “new discovery”…this extremely creamy new additive…Mmmmm…til it’s revealed to be made with human breast milk. Simultaneous projectile spitting followed by vomiting ensues. LOL! But how is that Swiss restaurant that uses breast milk doing? I could be wrong. Maybe people WOULD enjoy it. LOL!

    And sure…men can earn money by selling their sperm to banks…but no one is buying it for drinking or for making ice cream with it (at least I hope not, LOL!)…and that’s the diff. here. If women wanted to sell their breast milk to other women who couldn’t use their own breast milk to feed their babies…I could gee for that. My niece, who is HIV-positive, can’t breastfeed her newborn. So that would be a nice, natural option…But using it otherwise is just gross…to me. LOL!

  • Lindsey

    Breast Milk can transmit HIV…this is gross and stupid.

  • Rob

    Come on guys, don’t you know better than this? Everything Heather says is twisted – have a think about what she is really saying…..

    If drinking human milk is so bad (i.e. the very same species) then why is drinking cow milk ok? Do you think they really expect B&Js to start making human tit-cream? NO! They are making a point, don’t let the tabloids twist this story!

    ecorazzi and Parrish, stand up for honesty in reporting! Don’t just reprint the gibberish you find elsewhere.

  • VeggieTart

    I don’t think for a second either Heather Mills or PETA is being serious. I think they’re trying to point out the silliness of using cows’ milk for human consumption. They wouldn’t get half the attention if they asked B&J to use soy milk or rice milk.

    Science Commenter: Are you nuts? This would not be an “economic opportunity” for women! In case you forget, women have to be pregnant to produce milk. What would happen to the babies? I mean the planet is overcrowded enough with humans. And your antifeminist accusation is so off-base it’s not even within five miles of the ballpark.

  • The Science Commenter

    Ah, my little Veggie Tart,

    We would instill the value of competiton in children early on. You can only have so much breastmilk because mommy must sell some as well. When people are taught early in life the value of time, money, and breastmilk, they don’t grow up to do crazy stuff like buy houses they have to default on.

    Perhaps we can one day inject hormones into women to make them lactate, and as Emeril would say, BAM! A delicious boob frappucino we would have.

    It should be taken even further and variety of boob milk should be marketed-I’m sure a gourmet can tell the discernible differences between full figured breast milk and size 2 breast milk. Of course, “exotic” breast milk from women of the East, would be sold in specialty stores such as Trader Joes.

  • simone

    um, gross.

  • Phoenix225

    I don’t know who started this story but PETA will not have anything to do w. Heather Mills. Mills may be attempting to get back into their good graces, but this tactic won’t work. PETA has made it very clear they will not affiliate themselves with her. Good try, Heather – won’t work. Another lie.

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  • Joe Dolce

    Folks, I represent Heather and I just want to say for the record that this story about Breast Milk ice cream is 100% rubbish.

    I’ve tried to reach out to the two lovely people who run this lovely website to discuss the matter but haven’t heard back from them, so if any of you know them please ask them to contact me.


    Joe Dolce

  • michael

    Hi Joe — I’ve checked our mail servers and there do not appear to be any messages from you on this matter. However, apparently the Daily Star quoted a source as saying Mills backed the campaign.

    And another source here:

    Almost all of our readers understand that what we report is for the most part gossip — though we do our best to make sure it’s legit.

    If you have anything else to add, please email me at michael “at”