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Stuntman Andrew Stehlin has been shot, blown up and minced in movies such as the Lord of the Rings trilogy, King Kong and Pirates of the Carribean. So it makes perfect sense that he would know a thing or two about death.

In the past year, Stehlin has used that advantage — and his skills as a carpenter — to design and manufacture eco-friendly kitset coffins that slot together without the use of nails, screws or tools. They’re available in either in untreated pine or Italian poplar, and can be lined with recycled woollen mattresses. “The kitset nature of Back To Earth coffins means I can pre-make the pieces when I have some down time from film work,” he said.

You might remember Stehlin from The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers, when he became the first in an army of marching Uruk-hai warriors to die when he was shot in the throat with an arrow.

Has this guy got a cool job, or what? Great to see him involved on the green burial scene as well. So far, about 10 of his coffins have been purchased for green cemeteries around New Zealand.

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  • VeggieTart

    Jews have been doing the plain pine coffin thing (without the screws or nails) since time immemorial. Glad people are catching on.

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  • Morke Bjerg