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Brad Pitt has announced that his Make It Right NOLA Foundation has received additional funding for six more homes — bringing the current total to 90 properties fully financially backed for construction. Back in August, the first half-dozen homes currently under construction performed well in coming through unscathed in the face of Hurricane Gustav. Over the next couple years, it is expected that 150 green, sustainable homes will be built in the hurricane-devastated Lower 9th Ward.

As expected from photos earlier in the week, Pitt also expressed his desire to see Barack Obama elected to office. “The Obama plan can get around this terrible time,” he tells the Daily Star. “And I’m going to make sure he gets in and fixes the economic crisis.”

Yesterday, Angelina Jolie, Pitt, and their children visited a 9th Ward Housing project in New Orleans. Great to see Brad checking up on how everything is coming together — and lending a personal touch to making sure residents are kept in the loop.

Photo: Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt snuggle up while taking children Pax and Maddox to visit a 9th Ward Housing project in New Orleans, Louisiana. Credit:

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