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izip ecorazzi

After a brief hiatus, we’re getting back into the groove of celebrating two years of green gossip! And what better way to jump up on the giveaway train than to offer a hybrid-electric bike from iZip!

Now, I don’t hate hills. After all, for those looking to get back into shape, bike+hill is a excellent combo for kicking your ass. Unfortunately, when I’m riding to work, the last thing I need to be doing is arriving sweaty and out of breath. That’s why I’m currently in love with the latest incarnation of hybrid-electric bikes that can move your butt up those nasty inclines without the need to go all “Lance Armstrong” on your commute.

This bike from iZip called the Via Mezza is esentially a ‘Twist N Go’ model with a top speed of 15mph. When fully charged — coupled with normal pedaling — it has a range of about 18-24 miles. It comes with a battery and charger and lots of other details that you can read more about here. I would also encourage you to check out iZip’s full line of hybrid-electric bikes — the Via Mezza is just the beginning of a wide range of bikes to suit your needs!

Want to win? Simply leave a comment below telling us how you’ve managed to or want to green your commute. Perhaps you work from home, maybe you take the bus, walk, or ride a bike. Either way, impart some of your expereiences! One person will be chosen at random to win! Complete rules and giveaway details for this contest are available here. Good luck!

[Update: For those not familiar with our contests, this one will run for three days until Saturday, October 11th at 12pm PST)

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  • David

    I work from home, we live near the center of town on purpose, and we only own one car. My wife takes the car for her 11 mile commute, and I can walk or bike into town. After a while, we have gotten used to having only one car, which has been fantastic.

  • Danny Marx

    Electric Bikes are the future for the lazy hippy. I walk to work everyday, but a zippy electric bike would be sweet.

  • Copeland

    I’m so green I don’t commute! ; )

    So I gave my sleek vintage early-1960s bike to an employee, and she looks SO stylin’ I’m jealous and now want to mosey about town with a bike o’ my own!

    The hybrid aspect will allow me to chug up tha’ foothills where we’re building our off grid house to fetch cookies from the Amish children’s stand for my chilluns. I will elegantly return, victorious on my stylin’ techno bike, armed with cookies and breads and jams to feed the eager masses.

    If I win this bike I would pedal wearin’ a kerchief, and cat-eye glasses. Please let me live the dream! : )

  • Chef’s Widow

    Moving from NYC to Cleveland was a public transportation shock. No subways, no bus routes near my house. We bought a hybrid for the driving and I’ve taken to walking everywhere. Grocery store, 1/2 mile no problem. Blockbuster 2 miles, better get the stroller!

  • vegoftheweek

    I bike around all the time. I want to look cooler doing it.

  • Key

    I walk about half a mile with a short trip on the El in between.

    I’d love to ride a bike into work but there’s two problems with that – I don’t have one and two of my coworkers who do ride theirs in recently had car accidents (one of them very serious.)

    Still with the added security of a little extra umph, besides my beliagured muscle power, I’d love to get started.

  • Thomas B

    I currently live in Miami, FL in a brand new mixed-use development (called Midtown Miami). Not only are there a few shops in the development (Target, PetSmart), but I also work in the building just next door to my condo. My daily commute is about 4 min long. The longest part is waiting for the elevator! The only time I drive my car is when I need to get further than a few miles. Honestly, other than going to Target or PetSmart…I am forced to drive EVERYWHERE due to the distance. Typically I try and wait to do everything on the weekends, but Miami is just one of those towns where you are forced to drive to get anywhere! I thought I made a more eco-sensitive decision by living in a mixed-use community, but I think I’m driving more than I had been before moving here.

    I’m planning to move to Southern Vermont next summer, but oddly…Vermont is a driving state as well! Having an electric bike in Miami and in Southern Vermont would allow me to get to almost all of my destinations in STYLE and not in a CAR!!

  • Michelle63094

    I live in Los Angeles and previously drove from the Valley to Santa Monica which not only guzzled gas but took so much time (101 to 405 to 10 freeways – the worst in the country) that I couldn’t justify it any longer on a moral and economic level. I went back to my days of freelancing for social and environmental causes. The only downside is riding my bike to meetings… it’s old and beat up and great to have but it’s taking my style down a notch and the bent rims on both front and back tires makes for an embarrassingly wobbly ride.
    Oh please I’d love to zip to the grocery store instead of wobble!
    Crossing fingers and toes.

  • Tara Burner

    I work from home and walk to places within walking distance so I only use my car a few miles a week :)

  • Scott

    I commute from the ‘burbs to the city every day. I’ve long been a user of mass transit… taking the commuter rail into the city, and then the subway up to the office. Long before “green” was a thing, I knew that taking mass transit was good for the environment. But, one place I always knew I could improve was the first 5 miles of my commute every day. You see, in order for me to get from the house to the train station, I take a car. The local train station is just a little to far to walk, but it’s definitely close enough to bike. I’ve been a little resistant to biking though, because if you know the north-east in the middle of August – when it’s 98 degrees and 95% humidity – you would understand. I’ve thought about the need to cut out the car from my daily commute, but haven’t found the right solution. I would love to finally rid my commute of a car, and reduce my carbon footprint by tackling the first 5 miles with some peddle power (helped in this case by a sweet electric motor from iZip). Plus, I would look like a total eco-celeb!

  • Nattie B

    I currently live in VT and ride my bike to and from work everyday. There is a hill on my communte that would be so much sweeter to go up if my bike had a electric motor. My current bicycle is 10 years old and is in some serious need for a tune up. Having a hybrid would make it so much more fun! Also town is about 10 miles away and with a motobike i would never have to use my car to get groceries again!!!

  • Thea Rose

    I bike to work, or take the bus….or take my bike on the bus when I don’t want to arrive sweaty…I was already looking at the IZIPs–a little too expensive for me though, I would love this!!!

  • Brian K

    I’m selling my SUV tomorrow! Seriously… going car/SUV free in Chicago and hoping to commute to work with this fab bike.

  • Rachelle

    I currently get around on an adult trike that I have to pedal myself. LOL! An electric one would be a nice change.

  • Mere

    I JUST got my sustainable consulting business underway (start working from home next week!). By doing so I’ve drastically reduced my carbon footprint… a commute from Woodland Hills to NoHo is now from the bedroom to the office. Woo-hoo!

    I will however need some assistance getting to and from client’s locations over the hefty hills of WH. An electric bike would of course be a much better reflection of the sustainable lifestyle I’m coaching to others.

    Best of luck to all entries! Happy trails…

  • Cira

    I helped develop a program at work to allow my coworkers (and myself, of course!) to work from home once a week! Hopefully, the program will become successful enough to allow us to work from home more often.

    Also, I’m currently looking for a bike, but my boyfriend just lost his job (thanks, economy!) so I can’t afford one. Winning one would certainly save me so much money that I can’t really afford to spend right now!! I hope I win! :S

  • *mindi*

    i work from home, so i don’t commute.
    but if i had this bike i wouldn’t have to drive my “grocery getter” to the supermarket! well, this bike and a basket, of course.

    plus, it would be great to ride to school with my daughter, although she may be almost to the age where that would be embarrassing.

  • Brandi Stewart

    AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHH so awesome! I got a job in the city, and I was living in the suburbs with my family at the time. So, instead of taking the hour commute (and emissions that go with it) every morning and afternoon, I moved into the city in an apartment walking distance from my work! I save on gas and get a bit of exercise! A hybrid electric bike would be amazing for the hill I have to climb back up in the afternoons!

  • Kristen

    Sweet! I have a heart condition that keeps me from being able to pedal very far (and hills? Completely out of the question). Fingers crossed!

  • Lyndsay Orwig

    I live right above where I work in San Francisco, so all I have to do is climb down some stairs. I also don’t own a car, so I walk and bus everywhere in the city.

  • Nature Deva

    I would love this to give to my husband as a gift since he rides to work everyday on his very old bike. We live near a bike path and he rides into work in all kinds of weather even though no one else in his office does.

    I could use this bike when I ride my son around town in the Burley. It sure would make pulling the Burley with groceries and a child in it a lot easier!

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  • MIchael

    I am in the process of leaving my current job and going out on my own. One of the big reasons is so that I can set my own schedule, work from home, and not do the 20 mile each way commute every day. I am looking for clients closer to home, remote, or who I can bunch up for single trips. Additionally, I am going to be working to make my business and the one I work with become green and good members of the community.

  • Chrissy

    I don’t live in an area where I can easily walk anywhere, but I do try to go green by making sure I don’t make any extra trips in my car. Combining errands and being careful not to backtrack help out a lot. Thanks!

  • Kenneth G

    It’s an eleven-mile drive to work
    But it can take me over an hour
    I’d rather be Green, than a jerk
    And commute with pedal power!

  • Joe

    I’ve greened my commute by working out of my home whenever I can. I save energy by commuting less.

  • Raymond Isadore


  • Kelly

    I don’t work very far from my job, but I don’t have enough time between class and work to ride my bike, so this would be perfect!

  • Marilyn Wons

    I ride my bike to all the stores in our area. I only take my car when I need to drive far.

  • Terra Heck

    This would be great to commute to work in. Taking the city bus is a great way. It’s cheap and saves energy.

  • Kim

    I hate driving my big SUV for fairly short trips. This bike would be fantastic as my legs aren’t in great shape and it’s difficult for me to ride a traditional bike. I can see myself zipping around to the stores in this baby! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!!

  • Lisa

    I would love to stop being dependent on my Van and start using a bike….

  • Carey

    I have had a green commute for as long as I can remember! I do not drive and ride my bicycle everywhere. An electric one would be awesome!!!

  • http://Romanceisintheair Tracie Armendariz

    My partner decided leave his car in the garage and ride to work …now he keeps asking me to ride together at the beach…a chance to reignite our relationship after many yeras…included in the package is money saved …helping the environment and a chance to shed some pounds…lol

  • Ken

    Wow, an electric bike is the perfect idea. I work only a couple miles from work, all “back roads”, and was just recently thinking about using a bike for my commute. Hope I win :)

  • Maja

    I walk everywhere, to the stores, downtown with my son in a stroller. My husband carpools.

  • Kelly

    The iZIP Via Mezza hybrid-electric bike is awesome!!!

    I ride my bike 1 mile to my sisters house where I leave the bike and catch a bus for the 10 mile trip to work.

    Thank you for the great giveaway!



  • sbg

    I work from home! But would love this bike to scoot down to the store on.

  • Dan

    I walk from home to the bus, then take the train to work. We have only one car, a Prius.

  • Margaret Fink

    I was considering buying a hybrid; this would be even greener!

  • Jaque

    My home is just 4 miles from work, so I use very little fossil fuel to travel to and from. I drive a Civic which is fairly easy on fuel consumption. I have been considering a scooter or electric bike to increase my “green” life style. The iZIP Via Mezza hybrid-electric bike would be a dream come true win! Thank you. :-)

  • Ron Regen

    The way the stock market is going, I’ll need this bike to go to work.

  • Jen

    I try to ride my bike to school every day (I’m a grad student), but it’s up a pretty steep hill, and if I have to take too many books with me, it practically kills me to ride. If I had this bike, I would ride every single day!

  • Kirby McCauley

    I’ve actually been riding my trusty 10 speed to work weather permitting :)

  • Erica C.

    some of us at work have started to carpool

  • jffryclough

    i got my old bike out and re-conditioned it

  • Dan Smith

    I’m looking into joining a carpool to save on my comute

  • RBullard

    We took all the bikes out of the back of the garage dusted them off and checked the tires and gears. Now every family member can easily grab their bike for quick rides to school, friend’s houses and short errands. This is a permanent change for us.



  • Lisa

    This past summer, we moved from a rural area where we had to commute 45 minutes each way to work and school into the city. We found great housing with a couple miles of everything we need and want, and are having a great time living in our neighborhood. This zippy little bike could get me to work in minutes flat!

  • Kathy Scott

    We live in a small town. We have parked the f-350. We either take the hybrid, walk, or ride bikes.

  • Rozie H.

    First of all, Happy 2nd! Thanks so much for having such a great giveaway to celebrate :) I would so like to win because I live close enough to shopping areas that I could ride to do my shopping and other errands, but just a little too far to walk. With gas prices as they are, we all need to find alternate and greener forms of transportation!

  • Steve

    I’ve been riding my old motorcycle to work a lot more. (Scary at night when the deer jump out, though!)

  • michael woods

    Since I live less than a mile away from work, I have been starting to walk. Saves on the high cost of gas and benefits the environment, so a win win situation.

  • Brian Ecker

    I walk to the store!

  • Susan Smith

    I’m doing more walking these days. Not only does it save on gas but it’s good exercise too.

  • Joanna Smith

    My commute to work is about 4 miles by car. It is far enough that I can’t walk, and it is not on a bus line. I would love to have an alternative mode of transportation to get there in lieu of my car since it does sometimes seem ridiculous to me to drive such a short distance if I can Green my commute! I would love to have this ultra cool, and very hip iZIP Via Mezza hybrid-electric bike to help me get back and forth to work. I would be so proud to “drive” this baby in everyday and also educate my co-workers on how they too can Green their commute! I know I am no more deserving than the next person posting, but this iZIP Via Mezza hybrid-electric bike is just perfect for my needs and my personal desire to Green my commute! Thank you for offering us this truly amazing giveaway!

  • John Gunter

    I’ve been biking to work on days I don’t have to meet with clients.

  • Jodi

    I work almost 30 miles from my home, however, I have been able to carpool a couple days a week with one of our sales reps.

    This bike would be great for the evenings and weekends, when you need to go somewhere that isn’t far from home, but not close enough to walk.

  • walter Sussman

    rode bike to school when weather was good and carpooled when it wasn’t


    I helped my commute by early retirement. Now I only use the car when I have heavy shopping.

  • Holly Blanco

    I live 1.3 miles from work and since the price has gone sky high I have started to walk to work. I have also been taking a small walk on each of my breaks and lunch, then walking home again. Not only is that helping the environment, it is good for my personal environment. I have lost 10 pounds. Since I am no longer driving to work, my daughter also has to take the bus to school. My husband has been driving his motorcycle more often. We are striving to do our part.
    Would love to win the bike, since the walk to work is all down hill, but coming home up the hill is a bit tough some days.

  • laura

    we would like to buy scooters

  • David Bertolo

    Stopped commuting to work and started to work from home

  • Jennifer B.

    My husband and I carpool to work several times a week.

  • Krista

    My boyfriend and I try to make our work schedules coincide so that we can carpool to work as much as possible. As long as one of us doesn’t have to wait more than an hour, we drive together. We are also selling his truck, and will share my car once it is gone. I would love to be able to ride to work on such a snazzy bike!

  • Cheryl W

    I’ve been riding my bike more and more, but some places I go have big hills, so I take the car. This would solve that problem! Thanks!

  • Nancy

    I have gone five years so far without a car! I walk and/or take the bus to most of my destinations. It would be fun to use this bike, and would help me from getting tempted to buy a car.

  • ky2here

    I’m a bit stumped with the work prospect since my work hours vary. I can’t really carpool because I never know when I”ll be needed to stay late and sometimes I’m called in early.

    I just need to drive a more energy conscious car.

  • karissa

    My work is about 6 miles but I have the problem of hills. and I can’t get there and be all sweaty either. who wants that! this would be so great! save me cash, and oil changes and heck, we have another car, might even be easy enough to sell my car. he works from home… hmm, if I win we might just have to toss that idea around some more! that would be awesome! it would be buy christmas and then some!

  • Lisa L.

    This would be great for a short trip to the store, instead of using the van.
    I hardly drive at all anymore because of the cost of gas,
    and I combine errands to do (when I do drive) and get it all done at one time to save gas and frustration from driving in this town I live in. More folks should use these kind of bikes. I’d be happy to be an example here :o)

  • Mindie W

    I am currently a bike commuter. I would love to have this electric bike to make my commute easier and more enjoyable. thanks for the great giveaway. i am sure you will have a great response!

  • Francis Welch

    Retired, I walk everywhere. The only exception is when we take my mother shopping.

  • Adrienne Gordon

    I ride my bike everywhere

  • Rebecca Davenport

    I walk or ride my bike to work. rain or shine.

  • Nora Scott-Platt

    We attempt to take turns riding together.

  • colleen

    I work from home, and I bike to any reasonable biking-distance errands. Baton Rouge is not a pedestrian-friendly or bike-friendly city–I moved here from New York and when people saw me walking, they thought I must have broken down and would offer me rides!

  • Jim Fetterley

    I want to be a Currie IZIP Sales Representative in Los Angeles.
    I will ride around town on that Via Mezza, and will evangelize the power of ebikes with sales literature in my back pack, selling one ebike at a time. For every ebike on the road 5 more sales can be counted per month- GUARANTEED!

  • Shilo Beedy

    I live in the town area so this would be great. The local grocery store and library are not to far away. This would save on so much gas and be very helpful.Plus I would get a lot of fresh air rather then be stuck in a enclosed car.

  • Debra B

    We recently purchased a 2007 Kia Rio car which is a very fuel efficient auto for my husband because he drives 45 miles each way to work, we were spending a small fortune each month on gas, we are so happy with the money we’ve saved on the gas that we went out and bought another Kia for me to drive I only drive 5 miles round trip, now I save alot on gas, also my husband has been working one day from home to save on driving, those two have helped us alot, thanks for the fantastic giveaway, would really love to win this super cool bike

  • Pamela Brint

    My commute would definitely save some gas with this.

  • Brenna

    Oh I would love to win this!! I greened my commute by working from home. I would love to have this for little errands around town though!

  • michelle robbins

    Like many others, I bought a Prius. I can’t bike because I work 30 min. by car from home – and I’d probably die :)

  • Mike A.

    Sweet piglet, far from a hog :)
    My studio is 5 miles from home.

  • Corinne

    We began carpooling. We should have been doing it for years and saving money, but when times got tough for all we were sorta forced into it. Now we enjoy burning less fuel to get 4 people to the same place. It works out most of the time unless someone gets sick or has a meeting after regular hours. Would love to have a hybrid car or better a gass-free vehicle!

  • Richard Hansen

    I hoof it. It’d be nice to not have to.

  • Sandy Anderson

    My commute is nil now – I retired!

  • lauren

    Wow, I love it! Hot! I bet it is super quiet too. My husband’s Stella is loud.

  • kathleen romans

    We try to walk as much as we can, other times we carpool!

  • Johnny G Sullivan

    I’ve hooked an electric generator up to my spinning bike, which recharges all the devices like my ipod I use on the way to work.

  • Michael Capp

    I work from home.

  • tree

    My husband and i both work from home. We have only one car, and only drive it about once a week. :)

  • Jodi Renshaw

    Here is what my family did to get ALOT “greener” while also saving some green :)

    We moved from the country to the city where my husband works. We traded in trucks for cars. And I now work from home so have no commute. I would love to use this bike to get my groceries at our local farmers market.


  • Stacy

    My commute is super short, but on very busy roads, so I would love to bike, but am scared.

  • carol myring

    I am on oxygen 24/7. My hubby rides a bike. This would allow me to join him. Our grocery store is about one mile away.
    The bike would allow us to save money on the short trips to the store for the few items that always seem to pop up.
    This would trully be a blessing for me.

  • Ruth Bousquet

    What a great way to zip around…I have 18 acres that I could travel on and many other nearby burbs to check out. I love living out in the country but we do have the Walmart just 2 miles away. I can zip and what fun it would be!

  • Ray

    I work from home so I have eliminated my daily commute but sure could use that for short errands

  • Yasmin

    I live in South Florida…there aren’t too many hills here, but I do have a 6 mile ride to my job. I take my bike as often as I can, but sometimes I am just too tired to do the pedaling thing, what with a fulltime job and two little kids. So I would love to get an electric bike and be able to take it to work or the grocery store and take my green living to another level. Peace.

  • Melinda Toungette

    I would love to walk or ride my bike but I live just alittle too far. I don’t go on any busy streets, but a bike such as this could help me get to work without taking my car.

  • Allen Bivins

    I would like to decrease my carbon footprint by decreasing my gas consumption. I already use my own cloth bags at the grocery store instead of the plastic bags

  • Amanda B

    I am green by choice and force – no license – so I always, walk/hike/bus/metro it to work and back!

  • Kelly Ann T.

    I started riding my Harley as much as I could. It gets 50 miles to the gallon. I would love to get and electric bike to go to my job and schoo.

  • Richard B

    Wow! What a fun bike. I took a job closer to home, the little bit of a pay cut that I took was offset by the savings in gas. I could bike to work now, with it only being a couple of miles.

  • Patricia Hamilton

    What a really nice bike. I would love to have this. I would ride it everywhere!

  • Sandy*

    Most work is from home and when I go out I consilidate and save it all for one or two days

  • cathy miller

    I have tried to implement at least one new green move a week, the canvas shopping bags, the energy saving appliances, energy efficient light bulbs and sealing windows in the winter. I’d love to win this bike, it would be a big help

  • brian

    I have started to walk/ride my bike places because it is healthier for me, and I don’t have to spend all that money on gas.

  • gerald estep, Jr.

    Ive been riding my daughters princess bike the 2 miles to work and back for the last month….Even though i’m sure I look pretty in pink, I could really use an upgrade.

  • marleen davis

    I no longer work, but I do do errands and such and this would be ideal—especially with the cost of gasoline. One can still pedal and get some exercise but if they tire, they can use the power. Wow this is fantastic!

  • Joyce Pogue

    Wow, I could use this to commute to work or to run errands. I could take it with me to Sacramento and use it around town.

  • Mia J.

    I am a stay at home mom but my husband takes public transit every day and I walk around town as much as I can to do my errands.

  • Karla K.

    I am so lucky to live in such a green community. I have had a prius since 02, but would love an electric bike for non rainy days.

  • Susan

    I have been wanting a little motorized bike for years! Not only eco friendly, they are cute too!
    I live just a few miles from the grocery store, bank, and library and since those are my most frequent trips, I could use this bike all the time.
    I am also proud of my kids for taking a real interest in recycling and taking care of our environment. I would love to take it to the next level.

  • allan

    I want to green your commute by winning this bike

  • Linda Lansford

    I am retired. I would use this instead of my bicycle to get around town.

  • Shari Bowen

    My husband and I sold our other car and now we will commute together. We walk much more than we ever have and send our teen to school on her bike. I am much more careful about errands – I group them together and try to plan more carefully than I have in the past.

  • Kim

    I either walk to work or carpool with some coworkers

  • Scott

    We car pool & we also walk to a lot of places as well. We love your contest. Thank you.

  • Courtney Christoph

    I have been looking at electric bikes now for over 6months but money is tight. I am forced to drive my car to work b/c I have to get on the freeway (“thank you Ford for making California a commuter state” –sarcasm) but I could substitute my car with the ebike in every other aspect of my life. Everything I need is only a few miles away, except my job, so i could use the bike to run those errands (ie: grocery shopping, dinning out, mall, pharmacy, bank, etc)

  • Brien

    I cycle to work, most everyday, ‘cept when it rains. Having this lil zippy would make me me forget about not having a raincoat.

  • Justin

    Well, I use to comute 25 miles to school and back every weekday. but now I live near campus and am able to just walk or ride my bike. I could really use an electric one!



  • Tom M

    It’s about 8 miles to work, WITH HILLS! This would work well for me.

  • geekbearinggifts

    We bought a bicycle for my husband, and he either rides it to the train station, or walks to the bus stop when going to work. I have to be at work at 5 a.m., before the buses run, so I’m still driving, but I’ve loved to win the bike for running errands and going to and from the gym. Thanks for the wonderful offer!

  • Vicki Andrew

    I live in a neighborhood with lots of small apartments and we are just now getting recycling bins

  • John Pauzauskie

    My large gas guzzler is comfy, but not economical. I would like to green my commute by winning this contest! :) As it’s warm in Texas year round, I’d be set!

  • Lenora Garrett

    I already ride a bike whenever possible. But with an electric one I would be able to get there faster.

  • erin

    wow. i am thinking of selling my hybrid and going carless. that’s right. i could sure use a bike like that. i already work from home but that would be great to have to go to the health food store and beach ;)

  • Joanna Connor

    This iZIP is so Cool! This would be so great for zipping around town, on. Please pick me. Thanks.

  • Christina

    I don’t own a car (one of my contributions to greening), and there are days when riding this electric bike everywhere would be preferable to walking, especially with the rack in back as a carry-all!

  • Connie G

    I am able to work from home, but an electric bike would be great for running errands around our small town.

  • Bonnie Day

    Unfortually we live in a rural community and it is 37 miles to get to work but this would be great to ride to the store which is 5 miles away

    Bonnie in FL

  • Steven Rupp

    I’m disabled, and would love this to get me back out in nature. Would love to go green to teach my kids about the future of the planet!

  • Gaye McGill

    I can’t to work via surface streets, so a car is the only way to go. I’ve been lobbying (for awhile) for our workgroup to revise their schedules and work 4 10-hour days a week. That would get a number of people off the highways one day a week. A lot of departments throughout the company have made similar adjustments, but our management is holding out. I do know that they’re at least talking about it.

  • Mark Kraus

    I encourage friends and neighbors to vote for “green” candidates at all levels of government. I also have a 5 mile commute to work, compost, recycle, and volunteer to work with kids. Teaching by example, not rhetoric.

  • david basile

    i have been recycling at work even though there is none there a kot more walkibg and bike riding it woukd he great to use the izip for work

  • Lincoln Mulkey

    I live in a very urban area and this bike would be a perfect vehicle for all my errands.

  • jennifer bowen

    wow this is so cool i love to try and win this so i can get to where i’m going faster

  • Kate Higgins

    Excellent Bike! Thanks for the prize! Gas is really expensive out here in the west…this bike could take me everywhere!

  • Kelly Jones

    i’d love to be able to win this electric bike and use it to go to work it. i’d save me alot of money that i put in our pickup truck. plus, i wouldn’t be getting all those nasty fumes that come from gas, in the air, that add to the pollution problem.

  • Leigh Melton Singleton

    My family lives in the “inner loop” of Nashville so we are able to walk to the grocery. My husband bicycles to work, and my 14-year-old son rides the city bus to school. I try to make myself walk whenever I can on errands. (I get off work at 11 p.m., so the bus is not an option for me, unfortunately).

  • vance sechelski

    Im retired now and this bike would be just the thing for me to go to the post office or to the store.

  • hetal g

    I would love to bike to commute but the distance is too much. So I have made sincere effort to car pool and now I car pool with two people from different workplaces..
    note: I have heard a lot about this bike and would be great to have it.

  • Laura

    Go GREEN

  • Roger Keeney

    What a great contest!! I live 1.5 miles from work and walk, weather permitting, walk to church, and most of shopping. In addition we hve converted our home to reuse grey water in the garden to conserve.

  • happyapple

    Oh man, this would be an answered prayer. My husband and I went down to 1 car in the last couple of months and it has been hard. I have to wait for weekends to grocery shop and do all my errands. I don’t even have a bike that I could ride anywhere on since with the market the way it is and I am an out of work Realtor and losing money in stocks we are strapped. Please consider me, this would be a real life savor.

  • Carol G

    My grandchildren are dealing with the ‘not enough vehicles’ for getting to various job locations. This would really help, since we are 2 miles out of town and it could be used for at least some replacement.

  • Kevin

    I have been wanting to get a electric bicycle to ride to work for awhile. This would cut down on my gas usage.

  • tawnda

    this would be so great! I don’t drive and gas prices have made me very reluctant to beg a ride from other people

  • Darin

    This bike has enough juice to get me to the subway line without driving my car. So, all I’m emitting is CO2 and mercury when the power plant burns coal to generate electricity to charge the battery! Yippee!

  • Sara

    I would love to attach my kids cart to this and bike away. What a great bike. I wish Columbus, OH would just have bike lanes on the roads.

  • Deborah R

    We’ve retired, so we’ve greened our commute by not commuting! Even better, we now have the time to walk into town to run errands, so we generally don’t use the car more than a few times each month (large shopping trips).

  • Andrew

    Since I purchased my Toyota Prius hybrid in late 2000 (the very first model year offered here in the US – the 2001), I have been greening my commute. I still own and drive that Prius. Oh, and by the way, it happens to be a forest green color to boot!

  • Vergie

    live in the country so can’t ride a bike to work, its 75 miles away, but i can use it around the house and neighbors.o yes my legs can use this.

  • Frank B.

    We don’t do anything different now than we did before. If we need to drive somewhere, we do; if we don’t, we don’t.

  • Wendy

    I teach yoga and walk to my classes when I can. I need to carry too much gear to manage on an ordinary bike; with a little electric help, I’d be able to leave the car at home for most of my jobs.

  • Milton Hicks

    I’ve now retired and I’m trying to do the same for my gas guzzler if I can get an alternate form of transportation.

  • Terri P

    I have started working from home two days a week to save gas.

  • Elizabeth M.

    I live a few tenths of a mile from pretty much everything I need: the bank, grocery store, drugstore and post office so I just enjoy walking back and forth for my errands. It’s an easy way to be green and get exercise.

  • Nat Stevens

    i retired so i dont have to commute anywhere

  • Jennifer M

    This would be great for getting around NYC, as mass transit here is getting less reliable by the day.

  • robert j

    I ride a scooter now and they are a great form of alternate transportation. Would like the Bike also!~

  • TiffanyO

    I telecommute and ride my bike to run my errands.

  • mike anderson

    Don’t be mean, go green.

  • Susan C

    I started walking to the local convenience store if I need just a few items. The convenience store costs a little more, but makes up for it in saved gas. Plus I get exercise!

  • Suzanna Pickering

    great idea at the moment i do not have a veichle and live off the beaten track no bus stop close and this sure would help ty GLA

  • Kate

    We live just outside of town so the commute isn’t too much for my husband and I now work from home.

  • Vicky Boackle

    i try to do all my errands at the same time.

  • Lee

    This would not only green up my commute but make it a whole lot more fun.

  • Becky

    I have recently opted to take the bus into work. My commute is a short 4 miles, but I realized that those 4 miles of driving are still hurting the earth. And it’s unfortunate the same type of people choose to sit next to me on almost every bus ride: the person who JUST put out there cigarette, so is still breathing out smoke as they sit down. This person also apparently just finished drinking vodka, as the booze is permeating their skin. Oh, and they haven’t showered in at least a week.


  • Elena

    Oh yes, this would be awesome! I’m a SAHM so I’m able to consolidate my errands into one, and I think my husband would really get a kick out of riding this to work! Thanks for the great contest!

  • veronica sandberg

    I combine all of my errands to one trip instead of alot of little trips

  • Michelle

    I work only 5 miles from home so this would be perfect for my commute. I’m so tired of putting gas in my car; I’d love to garage it and bike to work every day. I’ve stopped running errands except once a week and I try to walk to the corner store instead of drive.

  • Katherine D.

    In order to be more ‘green’ (and hopefully get in better shape as well!), we’ve plotted out the bike routes to work and went to a bike sale last week to buy some. Unfortunately, the bikes at that sale were out of our price range, so here’s hoping we win this bike – we’re ready to execute on a bike to work commute!

  • Jenn

    Not to be all poor-me, but I recently had hip surgery and the doc said cycling would be a great way to rehab the joint, only everywhere I need to cycle to cut down on car trips is a little out of my comfort range (for now!). It’s already bad enough being a 28-year-old grumping about my hip surgery, so this cycle would solve so many problems, not to mention my hip-induced confidence crisis!

  • M.A.

    I retired; no more commute. Am now so “green” that I stay home and grow my own organic produce instead!

  • Rick J Bryant

    I have almost always lived near my work and so walked to and back. And most often, being freelance, I work from home. And I group as many of my monthly errands to just two car trips. Saves time and money.

  • phyllis green

    Could use the bike for exercise Dr. orders. The one I have now is falling apart so am on the lookout for a new one

  • Jason

    I organized a small car pool with people I work with.



  • DogWorks

    I work from home so I don’t really have any commute except to Post Office or UPS store both within 2-3 miles from my house. Husband tele-commutes half the week but this would be a great option for him to get to the gym.

    We only have one vehicle which takes some planning. I would love to be able to load up packages on the back of this this bike to drop off at PO or UPS.


  • Gloria S

    I’d love to ride this bus to work!

  • Barbara

    I work from home so that takes care of a green commute. I also walk instead of drive whenever there’s a store close enough for a few groceries or to the drug store, or to buy ice and milk.

    oinkmoobaa (at) yahoo (.) com

  • joan rice

    I have cut down driving 60% or more, would really get green if I win this Bike.

  • Christina W.

    I’m a WAH-momma, and last year we deliberately moved closer to DH’s job, so between carpooling and the incredibly shortened commute we are greening it up! Um, have I mentioned just how badly I want this bike? Not yet? Bad, real bad. I’m just sayin’!

  • Zoly

    This would be great because many of the places I go to are just a little too far to walk to but not too far to bike.

  • Qi

    I live in 10 mile from my working place. I bike to work everyday and encourage my friends to do the same. I think e-bike is the best way of commuting for longer distance. Our government should take more efforts to provide more bike routes and better regulation.

  • clint

    Wow this would be great for running errands in town

  • Steve Scott

    I have been riding my bike because I couldn’t handle $5 diesel. I would love this bike.

  • Sherrie Maner

    I walked to work on days that the weather permitted until I injured my knee and wasn’t able to. This hybrid bike would make it possible for me to commute green again!

  • Julieh

    I ride my old fashioned bike that’s powered by my legs to work.

  • beth shepherd

    Thank you for having this! I am a homemaker and only drive when I have to – like the store and try to do all my errands at one time and not drive the rest of the week. We walk to the bus stop for the school bus and like to ride our bikes. Thank you!

  • Michelle Hurlbut

    This sweet bike would be so nice just to buzz into town for small errands instead of taking our old gas guzzling pickup. What a way to go green!

  • John McArthur

    My commute is a little over two miles, which is bikeable or even walkable, but I live in Florida and that means that I will need a shower at work which is not available and does not look to become available. Try walking or biking two plus miles in 90 degree weather with 90 percent humidity and you will see what I mean. With this bike, I would be able to do it and not need the shower. I then only have to worry about rain (and maybe a hurricane).

  • pat z

    I used to drive to work. Now I take a bus and a subway.

  • Stephanie

    I carpool with my husband even though that means I have to wake up an hour earlier…he goes to work earlier than I do, but his work place is only about 5 minutes from mine. It made sense to go together, not just to save $$, but also for the environment, and we get to spend more time together!

  • Daniel M

    we’ve been carpooling as much as we can

  • ralph mcgahagin

    i currently bike to work.

  • Oleg L.

    I have completely stop driving my car to work and now take the bus and the metro… (and i save a small fortune as well)

  • Solar John

    I have a 65 mile work commute. Public transportation and car pooling are not viable options at the present time. I currently drive a car that gets 38mpg, but I’m looking forward to owning a plug-in-electric car. I’m in the process of installing solar panels, as my budget allows, and hope someday to be able to drive on free power from the sun. You can’t get any greener than that! But it is a challenge. That many solar panels will cost a small fortune. But I would rather have an all-electric car that I can run off of solar part of the time than to drive even the most efficient gasoline-powered car.

  • Anna I. L.

    I got a job 5 minutes from home so I can walk there and back. And, I’m exercising at the same time.

  • Jennifer J

    I own a bike, which I take as much as I can, but I’d certainly be more inclined to ride farther distances with the via mezza!

    my boyfriend owns a motor scooter, but this bike would blow his out of the water in the coolness category.

  • Laura G

    we would love to bike around town doing our errands

  • Terri D

    I’ve been trying to run my errands only one day a week so that I don’t have to backtrack and waste gas.


    I consolodate trips,keep the heat down and wear sweaters around the house.

  • tom homrich


  • Brie Burd

    I ride a beach cruiser everywhere. I take a small trash bag with me and select an area to pick up trash from when I’m riding for pleasure. Makes me feel as if I am doing something for the environment each time.

  • Tom Svinarich

    I brought up a rusty Schwinn Suburban 5 speed after my car was stolen

  • lea

    I live in the only a short distance from work and try to walk when possible. This would be so much better.

  • Pamela Haddad

    My husband’s company just moved so he drives 37 miles each way. I live close by my job, so I try to carpool the 6 miles each way with him a few days a week. But I would definitely bike to work if I won and buy him a hybrid. Thanks for the cool contest!

  • Michael Katz

    I have a 22 mile commute. I drive a Prius but I’d plan on using my bike in good weather next summer.

  • John Stetson

    What a great way to make the quick run to to store for a few items.

  • susan varney

    making less trips driving my vechicle

  • Thomas Mc

    I don’t commute. In the Internet age most traditional office type jobs can be reconfigured to allow most workers to work from home most of the time. It just takes companies to invest in time, energy, and faith it takes for the transition. In the long run they will save money and have happier employees.

  • Trish

    Walking and carpooling has been a part of our routine for some time now. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  • Jill Miller

    I work across town, and there is nobody at work that lives near me to carpool with. Since my work is nearby lots of stores, I try to run all of my weekly errands during my lunches. If I have no errands, I’ll just sit in my car and read a book while eating my lunch. I’ve saved a lot on gas!

  • Michael Eggers

    I ride the bus to stay green. But an electric bicycle would really take it up an notch.


    i ride my bike

  • Deci Worland

    Many years ago, I chose to never get a driver’s license. Many see this as eccentric, inconvenient. It has never hindered me in any way, and I have lived in beautiful, isolated places in the West. I have always arranged my life around it, and have lived at a slower pace.

  • djp

    i need the excercise

  • Cathy W.

    We’ve started taking public transportation whenever we can. We have bus/train service in our city. We only drive our personal vehicles for travel outside the city. On the highway, we travel below the posted speed limit to save on fuel and also check the tire pressure often to ensure the best mileage possible. This bike would let us take short trips to the market. Thanks very much for the great giveaway!

  • Izzie

    I’m not sure I’m a lazy hippie, ala the reference above, but I am concerned about the environment (so the bike would great) and I like peace and love, too.

  • Rachel Sayre

    My town is building bike paths galore and requesting people to start riding bikes to work, this would be the ideal ride for me, I live several miles from work, really too far to walk but, just far enough using pedal and electic power to reach my destination.

  • James Pecoraro

    I car-pool to work with some work buddies.
    Its more fun and I always get to work o n time.

  • Colleen S.

    i work from home. Its has been such a relief not to have to worry about gas and what Im doing to the environment.

  • Kathryn Howell

    I live near to where I work, but riding a “regular” bike to the office just doesn’t work for me. I have gotten greener by pedaling to the store and to run errands near my home. Thanks for a great contest!

  • Phillip Fry

    I live near where I work and I walk when I can.

  • Sksweeps

    Oh how I’d love this! I’m about 4 miles from the nearest anything, with a BIG hill to go up no matter which way I go! I’m working on making my carbon footprint smaller and smaller, and this small machine would be awesome!

  • Julia Magrath

    I work from home

  • liz carlin

    Perfect for a senior citizen.

  • Tim Davenport

    I work a little less than a mile from home. I walk to work everyday, and I love it. My truck pretty much just sits in its spot. I even ride my bike to the store, and just about everywhere. Not only do I get to do my own little part by cutting those emissions, but I am also saving a good amount of money. I cant wait until I can afford a hybrid car, so I can go on road trips without worrying about adding to the sorry state of our climate and atmosphere.

  • sarah d

    I refuse to drive my car if I have to travel 5 miles or less. I bike to the gym, grocery store, etc. I found that a backpack can hold a lot of stuff.

  • Gianna

    Riding my bike :)

  • Sonya

    We walk a LOT, and we’re starting to ride bikes (my little ones are too small to ride far and too big for a trailer).

  • Christine Viscomi

    I just walk

  • Jeff P

    This would be cool to zip around town with and not have to use any gas

  • Jess

    I moved to be closer to where I work and live with two of my co-workers so we carpool together!

  • Patricia

    I can ride a bike and do not think I am too old to learn to ride this one! Surely would save money which my comfy, new V8 needs!

  • Robert Marandino, III

    want to use a scooter or something equivilent to go around town

  • Alline

    We’re building a strawbale, solar & wind powered Eco Inn/Organic Cafe/Green General Store 100 yards from our home at Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. It will open in December – a perfect commute!

  • Heather Sebastian

    I work from home so I guess that really green, but I live in a small town where I can ride my bike to almost anywhere I need to go, and I do!

  • Sol

    I ride my bike to work. Good for the environment and me!

  • Mary B

    The best that I can come up with is the fact that I carpool. I could improve on that with this bike!

  • John Mizell

    Would be great for me, I commute within six miles

  • Jon ODer

    Parked the truck now drive the car with 30MPG

  • Scott Gorman

    I parked the van and drive a car that gets 32+ mpg.

  • Larry West

    I take the bus to work. I am in the process of resurrecting an old Puch moped that’s been in storage for 25 years.

  • Fred Scholl

    I’m a Senior who is semi-retired. I drive my car are only to my medical appointments and once a week to a social service agency 10 miles away. All my other traveling around town is by public transportation. With the hybrid-electric bike I could use it for most of my medical appointments and local trips to the Post Office and shopping.

  • KenF

    I trya nd limit my speed to conserve fuel.

  • JayP

    My son attends a school that is only about 4 km away but takes 3 different buses and almost an hour to get to, with waits transfers etc. Soooooo I drive him. He would be ‘happening’ riding this iZip bike to school!!!

  • richard t.

    After my car was stolen, I started to use The Bus to get to work. After we found and got my car back, I continued to use The Bus (for 2 years now). I only use the car to go grocery shopping.

  • rebecca

    I am sad to say that I live in LA suburbs so commuting by public transport is really out of the question for me – but I drive a MPG freindly car (chevy aveo). However, I always walk to the grocery store with an old stroller to push the goods back in. I have heard so many “where’s the baby jokes, its unreal.” – Thanks for this giveaway. – its great.

  • William LuBien

    I would like to run local errands without gassing up my car!

  • Jacalyn Hahm

    My husbands birthday is less than a week away and this would be a great surprise to give. We recently tried segways on our vacation and loved them but they are beyond our means. He lives about 1 and 1/2 miles from work and this would be a perfect commute!
    Ecorazzi is being put on my “favs” for sure.

  • Debbie M

    I try to organize all of my trips out on the same day so I only have to run around one day. That helps to save gas!

  • Cam R

    I ride my bicycle everywhere, even in the rain. I looooove biking. I had a scooter until last year that I’d saved up to buy. Someone thought it would be fun to smash it in with a rock though and rip off the panels. I had to sell it for salvage. That was horrible :(

  • Christie

    I live so close to the store I shop at yet it is too far for a walk. This bike would do the job for me, especially that hill between me and the store.

  • http://419S18thQuincy,IL62301 Michael Stanbridge

    I havent had a ride in forever. I dont know what to say.

  • Cynthia McCoy

    i started taking the bus and walking to work!

  • Ret

    I waste more gas going to the convenience store 5 blocks away than I do going to work. This bike would save me so much!

  • Kat Pat

    Wow, I could give up my car with this bike!

  • Lawrence Lampron

    I’d rather bike than hike……

  • Angie P.

    Way cool! I am now working from home so zero commute. This would be great for quick hops to the market between conference calls.

  • Tracy W

    I walk to work… but this bike would be sweet.

  • bob

    Have a 12 speed now but work is kinda far… this one would be just right for the commute.

  • Connie H

    I live approx. 1 mile from work and although I need to make daily errand runs for work, this iZip bike would be perfect for me. I could park the car forever!

  • Erma Hurtt

    I went energy effient on everything.

  • Dan

    I work at home, so I have a very green commute.

  • Paula Harmon

    I’m a stay at home mom and I’ve started riding my daughter’s bike whenever I can instead of the car. Also, I teamed up with another mom and she drives the kids to school, I pick them up. We don’t drive far to begin with, but its something.

  • Shep

    I’ve biked almost 1000 miles to work and back this year. As long as it is not cold or raining, I’m wheelin’ it in to work.

  • donald north

    would love to ride to local gas station
    and ride your bike round and round the gas pumps and yelling no gas for me
    no more 10.00 day gas x7=70.00 a week
    70.00×4 for a month=280.00
    that 280.00 would stay in my pocket not
    the oil co. thank you

  • Allison Allen

    I live in Chicago which has a terrific transit system, however, I still use my car as a crutch. I have vowed to go 5 days per week without using my car and have found that my days are less hectic and much more peaceful. Thanks!

  • Sarah P

    I don’t claim to be “green”. Although I try in little ways which may seem effortless to some people. I started using cloth shopping bags instead of plastic. I replaced my weekly 36 plastic water bottles with a Brita pitcher and I just started recycling bins with my 4 and 2 year old. So, I know that I would be excited to use this bike because I would definetly use this INSTEAD of getting in our minivan to make the 2 mile trek to our shopping center.

  • Vicki Wurgler

    I try to walk to work but some days, I just don’t have the time. This would be so handy for errands, I’d love to win

  • Michelle Simons

    I walk everywhere and my legs are geting tired. lol. I try to be green all the time too.

  • Jill

    I greened my daily commute to college by starting a car-pooling program with four of my friends. We take turns driving and it really cuts down on the gas costs and also on the gas use we typically had when each of us drove everyday on our own. Now, as broke college students we have a little extra money in our pockets daily and we also feel better about how we are helping the environment.

  • Erin Godtfredsen

    I walk 2 days a week and ride my bike 3 days a week.

  • Lucy N

    I’m so for ecological modes of transportation! I hope to win this little guy!

  • Christine W

    I combine all my errands into one trip. Thanks for the chance!

  • Terri Leigh

    My Fiance and I walk to the store & mail box instead of taking our truck.

  • Emery Cox

    I would love to have this for my wife. She would have a ball on it while our dogs run along side her. They won’t let her leave the yard without them. We are both trying to go totally green.

  • Gene Garvin

    I use my bike whenever I can to save gas.

  • anna t.

    I walk almost everywhere. If it is too far I take the bus. I changed our light bulbs to high efficient flourescents. I recycle my cans and bottles and newspapers.

  • http://justtvnuts Pamela Gray

    What a cool way to go GREEN.

  • Martha

    I always try to combine trips and have been using cloth shopping bags.

  • steve

    try to make a route so i dont have to back track and then i can save time and gas, i also like to carpool with family and friends

  • Frank Downs

    I’m recently retired and this bike would be great for all my local errands.

  • Linda Pope

    I work from home when possible and combine my errands the way home from work. Members of the family also car pool whenever possible.

  • B Puttrich


  • jenni d.

    I combine my shopping trips as much as possible. We walk or bike everywhere. This bike would be great!

  • Angela Helmandollar

    We live in Arizona and electric bills are outrageous. Just turn the thermosat up a couple of degrees and save electicity and money.

  • diana hogle

    I live on a fixed income of disability and this would be so great for me. I wish I could be so lucky to win.

  • Judith Gardner

    I am the Rental Manager for the SC Botanical Garden. The Garden encompasses 295 acres. I find myself driving from one side of the garden to the other several times a day!! Our staff is trying to become leaders in the green movement and this would be a wonderful example to exhibit to our thousands of visitors.
    Thank you.

  • Clifton Wade

    I would love to win this prize. Gas is so high in my neighborhood that people are stealing gas out of others vehicles if left unattended for long.
    Thanks for this great contest and prize!

  • Irv Sutley

    An electic powered bike would eliminate over 60% of my gasoline usage.

  • Heidi Cusworth

    I’d love to iZip to work and the grocery store on a iZip bike! I had a moped that
    someone stole, so it would be great to have a cool replacement! For now I”m back to using my Jeep………

  • Cassandra

    I always take public transportation to and from work and walk or bike to take care of nearby errands. I don’t even have to think twice about it–it just comes naturally.

  • Stacey K

    My dear hub currently drives a propane powered truck. And me, I just stay home and don’t go anywhere unless it is necessary. This looks like a neat way to be more green. Thanks!!

  • Melissa

    Just recently at work we have started carpooling, as many of us live in the suburbs. They have also implemented discounts with the local bus system.

  • Karen

    I work from home. I have also taken the challenge of biking every time I have an errand that is 2 miles or shorter from home. It is working out pretty well so far, but an electric bike would make this challenge even easier.

  • William

    I work at a state of California automotive emission testing center. We strive hard in California to keep our air clean. I feel it would be good example to my customers to show up to work on an electric bike.

  • Marie

    I have started to take the Metro to work even though it only comes part of the way out to where I live — but I figure every little bit helps!

  • craig varney

    car pooling

  • Jennifer B.

    I addition to carpooling, my husband and I have cut down significantly on our driving in general. If we do go out, we plan a route that will be the most direct and short.

  • jack marteny

    we moved to smaller town i shaire a car instead owning my own.i drive to college but try to shair all other trips instead of driveing places by self.

  • hj mcnaron

    I’ve been researching those little 50-cc scooters, but I can’t quite afford one yet. Now that my workplace is charging for parking, it’s starting to seem more affordable–plus I could save some green and BE green at the same time. Anyway, I love biking–what a way to start the day! Thanks for the idea and the giveaway.

  • Barbara Fox

    I bought a bicycle at a yard sale & my husband took it apart to paint it. As soon as it’s done, I’ll be riding it to work! Yay me!

  • Jimmie Durrance

    We have cut down the use of our truck.
    I take the bus my wife was able to switch to a four day 10 hour work week.

  • Carole Graves

    Believe it or not at 66 I still have my ccyle license :-) This would be so great as a budget streacher for my Social Security :-) ME please

  • hazel hunt

    Electric Bikes are the future for the lazy hippy.

  • Margaret J.

    Lucky me, I don’t work any more. BUT I do live in a very rural area and would love to have this electric bike buddy to take me the mile and a half to the mailboxes. That would be sweet. Getting there isn’t too bad, downhill mostly. But coming back, it’s an uphill grade.

  • Sandra Brodeur

    I have cut down on my driving alot. I was looking at scooters but this electic bike would be much better. Keeping my fingers crossed that I win this.

  • Aimee M K

    I recently moved to a new state to start graduate school and (clueless me) chose a lovely apartment that is unfortunately far from campus. I take a city bus to class 2 days a week but the only route that runs to my complex stops service at 6:30pm, so another 2 days a week I have to drive to my night classes. It’s a 3 mile trip one-way so walking in the dark is NOT an option, but I would LOVE to have this beautiful hybrid bike so I don’t have to drive my car any more!

  • Catherine KingChuparkoff

    My mother lives alone and prefers walking to driving, and she is an avid recyler…I would love to win this for her as a way to get to the store or just to enjoy a ride around the block.

  • christopher h

    i started carpooling to work this year, helps the environment and saves me a good bit of cash

  • Ed Nemmers

    I am an avid cyclist and not only do it for the environment, but also enjoy it.

  • oliver howells

    form all trips into a circuit to cut down on total distance travelled

  • Jon M

    I work only 8 (non-major highway) miles home. I’d love to commute with an electric bike.

  • dwronski

    I recycle everything I possibly can.

  • Margaret Tokonitz

    My job is about 16 miles away.I did get a small car to replace the SUV.

  • Pamela Hansen

    i used to carpool on my commute but then they put me on a shift by myself so now I go green by walking to the store when I can and making a list of all things I need to save on having to go to store

  • Max

    I bike to the store and other places when I can, gotta do my part.

  • Chrysa

    I don’t commute, but have been trying to walk or take my bike to the bank, post office, etc.

  • Becky Mize

    I live in a small community and I would love to help the planet by riding this neat Via Meza bike around.

  • charles myring


  • Sharon Seneker

    I am a retired teacher. I volunteer at a clothes closet and food bank. This would help me to not have to spend as much of my fixed income on gas while still being able to help other! Thanks!

  • Linda Wilson

    I talk with my neighbors on being more energy efficient.

  • Tom Betz

    Retired from the North to the Deep South. No longer restricted from outdoor activities in Winter. The IZip hybrid will keep me out of my car, get me some fresh air & exercise, and allow me to better live off of my fixed income.

  • Erin Daly

    We have cut down to one car for the whole family. It means doing a lot of coordinating of schedules but so far we have saved on so many extra trips into town.

  • Lydia Wilson

    I got laid off from my job, so now I have no commute at all. It doesn’t get much greener than that.

  • Tamara Burks

    I would love to be able to use this to go get the mail at the post office and run errands.

  • Jeffrey W

    Our family walks to the mall and other nearby places. We take casual walks around too so our daughters get used to it rather than driving. For work I carpool.

  • Jerry Seymour

    Don’t currently have any vehicle except a mountain bike. As you say, sometimes sweaty is not so good. This would be great!

  • Brian Scott

    I changed offices within the company to shorten the commute and now I carpool more often. I also try to work from home one day a week if possible. thanks for the contest…

  • Jennifer Jozwiak

    I always walk to work.

  • Becky Grayson

    My husband and I carpool to work with each other and he picks up a coworker on his way. I would love to win this for my son who is currently in college and we live close enough to the school that this would be perfect for his commute.

    Thanks for the contest.

  • Douglas W

    This is the bike for me. I’ve been normal all my life (a long time) and I recently moved to Austin, the place where weird was invented. So to fit in I decided to go total dork and this would be my first step in making that happen. So, please, please grant my wish oh magic farrie. I clicked my heels three times and will patiently await the arrival of this magic bike.

  • christal e

    I’ve tried to walk more

  • adam vega

    I live in LA and my motorcycle recently blew up! I am riding my pedal bike evrywhere now which is great but I would love to have this hybrid bike for the longer trips. it would also be great for getting me to work sans sweat!

  • Pat G

    If I had an electric bike, I could permanently park my 20 year old gas guzzler and ‘zip’ to work.

  • Jean D.

    What a fabulous bike! I love this green way to buzz my way to the grocery and back. Thanks for introducing us to this nifty-keeno product.

  • Audrey

    I don’t have a job so I don’t need to commute anywhere right now. But this would be great to run my errands on.

  • Michele Smolin

    I am lucky that I work from home so I have no commute. However, when I do need to meet with clients and/or run errands,I try to condense everything so I drive as little as possible. I never learned how to ride a bike, but that is something on my shortlist of things to do, and this bike would be perfect for me!

    Happy Birthday ecorazzi! :)

  • Helen

    This would be great to do errands on as I live close to several stores.

  • Sherry Gibbs

    My husband has invented a device that can hook on to ANY car and turns it into a plug in hybrid. It has doubled his gas mileage on an old low MPG car.

  • Scott Keller

    I suppose you could say I work from home since I was ‘downsized’ a year ago. However, over the last 17 years, I’ve generally worked around 5 or so miles from home. The jobs were not always on bus lines, and bus service in this area is not the best. Rail service in this area is not the best, either. I do ride for exercise and enjoyment sometimes, but have never rode to work. I partially-powered bike would reduce the effort needed for the hills, and make riding to work without without arriving in a fountain of sweat a reality!

  • Sonya Carter

    I stopped driving my SUV 2 years ago. I take the train and walk.

  • Leigh Nichols

    I have been REALLY wanting to purchase a bike lately- I’m sick of relying on my car, and I need more exercise and fresh air!
    My husband also is looking for a bike- his workplace is only 2 miles away and he is seriously considering biking to work.

  • Suanne Giddings

    I don’t live in an area where I can easily walk anywhere and I am not near a bus line, but I do try to go green by making lists and planning my trips for best fuel and time economy. This bike would be perfect for my trips to Target, the bank, and Dollar Tree in one direction and the grocery store and milk/ice cream store in the other direction! I would need to attach a little basket on the back. Thank you for the opportunity to participate in this giveaway!

  • Samantha Pruitt

    whenever we have to go to a museum for school i always suggest to carpool. It always works out really well

  • Sarah Lehan

    I carpool with 2 other people. Thanks for the contest.

  • Leah J

    We’ve managed to green our commute by not only taking the city bus but the new buses which have a diesel electric hybrid engine’s that emit an extremely low level of emissions. So its saving us money and its saving the air too!!

  • Melissa Hong

    I carpool everyday to work and drive a hybrid. I would love to be able to bike to work, but the streets are very bike-unfriendly. An electric bike may give me the edge I need not to get squished by passing traffic!

  • Tabitha

    I take the bus to school and no longer drive.

  • Charlene Kuser

    I drive slower now to conserve gas
    and get my tune ups and oil changes
    more often.When I have to wait in
    a drive through I cut my car off
    until I have to move.I combine trips
    and spend more time at home.I order
    alot of my clothing online to save
    gasoline,rather then driving to the store

  • Kirsten

    We walk everywhere we can and try to limit our driving by combining all our shopping into one trip. This bike would be excellent for those trips that are just a tad bit more daunting…..the ones that make you feel bad for driving but seem too much for walking.

  • jen gersch

    I run errans while out in the field at work instead of making extra trips from my home

  • sandi isner

    boy would this work great on trips to the store. Great way to save gas.

  • Gina

    We cycle short and moderate distances. I have been drooling over these at the bike shop… Having one would certainly widen the area we’re able to cycle and keep us out of the car even more, and hallelujah for that.

  • Jeff Donahue

    This would be great to save on gas to and from work or to the store!

  • Lisa Brown

    I live within the city limits so I can easily walk to many destinations instead taking the vehicle. When I consistently walked or biked, it was amazing how much money I saved and how good I felt.

  • djgroz

    Use a Push mower to mow your lawn, its good exercise

  • Geoff Kaufman

    Luckily I live fairly close to school as well as to most of my favorite grocery stores, cafes, and restaurants, so I have begun walking a lot more than I ever used to. Also, I have made an effort to get my friends to carpool with me when we go out together instead of all driving separately (which also makes following the designated driver rule a lot easier!)

  • Sierra martin

    We started by making sure never to use plastic bags when we take the dogs out for walks. There are these bags called “bio-bags” that are compostable. I started taking the metro/bus-line around town.. saves me money since gas is so expensive and it’s just one person.. so it’s easier. I have cut up a bunch of my husbands old shirts so that we don’t have to use paper towels for cleaning as much… reusuable. we also use those collapisble bags for groceries.. and when I do get a plastic bag… I save it for the farmers market (fresher/cheaper veggies from local growers.) We got a paper shredder, so all that junk mail goes to the recycler instead of the trash. We are currently looking for a home where we can grow our own vegetables, and have our own compost as well. It’s been a great year for being green :)

  • Buddy Garrett

    I would love to commute by bus but our community doesn’t have a commuter system. Gwinnet County has a great commuter bus system. I would love to eliminate car driving.

  • Linda Russell

    I combine all my shopping trips into one, shop at public markets for fresh fruits/vegetables/locally grown or made stuff, recycle everything possible and encourage all around me to also think green.

  • Carol M, PA

    I am fortunate enough to be able to work from home, take the train into town, and close enough to the stores that I can walk to the post office, restaurants and to pick up a small stash of staple foods. Plus it’s good to smell the fresh air. Getting older and time to change to a bike.

  • Valerie Furr

    Our town has just become a golf cart. We can also do bikes and scooters. Also being built is a Super Walmart with other stores about half a mile from my home and it will acessible with a bike like this would be perfect to save gas.

  • Gail

    This looks like it would be a great way to get around our small town.

  • http://OLS PAT JASMIN


  • Angel Douglas

    I have to travel between my agency’s two sites several times a day–a 2-mile round trip each time. This iZip would save me gas and loads of time looking for a parking place!



  • Jennifer S.

    I actually was able to cut back on my commute by not working at all. My husband though is now the sole bread winner and his job job is being moved do he will have a lengthy commute. We are currrently in the market for a fuel-efficient, environmentally friendly vehicle for him. The bike would be great for me because the weather is alomst always nice in Southern Arizona, and with the aid of an electric motor, there isn’t anywhere that I currently go today in my car that I couldn’t go on this bike.

  • Laura Allison

    I want this bike for my son. He gave up his car and walks to his two jobs in NYC. I respect his committment to his health and the environment and would like to reward him with this GREAT bike.
    Thanks for making this wonderful product available.

  • paul haddock

    I bike to work


    I green my way to work each day by walking. I am about a quarter mile away from my job most days. Some days, however, I have meetings on the other side of town, and for those, I need to drive my car to get there. This giveaway would be an excellent alternative, so that I could be green even on those occasional days. Thanks for this chance.

  • BROM N.


  • Sherry

    Don’t go green yet but would like to start. Could use this to go to work and local stores!

  • John Moore, III

    I work w/in 3 miles of my job. I could save a lot on gas and help the environment..What could possibly be better.

  • Patricia Oates

    I “green my commute” by simply taking the bus nowadays. Since there are no bus schedules at bus stops, am now on a compaign to have them added!

  • Amanda

    My family has been doing many little things for ‘green’ living a lot this past year. We started by recycling soda cans, bags, etc. My husband & I carpool with friends to work, taking turns driving. Whenever possible we try to do whatever we can to save this beautiful earth.

  • Jodi

    This is an awesome bike! I want to win this. We bike everyday!

  • Dave Stephenson

    electric bikes can be used by anyone with a short commute–you’ll save lots of money

  • Gretchen Nicholson

    I ride my bike to where ever I go. I ride it everywhere because I get a work out and it is eco-friendly

  • Mary

    This looks like a fantastic way to buzz around our town and get the mail, pick up some eggs, etc. I would love to win this eco-friendly bike. Also, I love the graphics on your website, it is beautiful.

  • janet

    THis bike would be great for the hills.

  • tim brown

    Would like to win for a friend

  • Chas Childress

    I live in Los Angeles where there is really no rapid transit from Los
    Angeles to Orange county. With a bike I could commute as I do now in the early morning and early afternoon to return home. Just not sure of the smog. :))

  • Shannon

    I don’t have a commute but if I did I’d share a ride.

  • Angela Palmer

    I carpool. It’s about all we’ve got here. Public transportation is lousy.

  • Tim Shanahan

    With my condition, sure could use one!

  • kate Trevorrow

    I am another one who works from home and this bike is such a wonderful idea for me; I currently fill up my tank less than twice a month, but I still find myself using my car to go on small jaunts under 10 miles to my local craft store etc, if I replaced those with a bike like this, I would be GREEN BABY!

  • Alan Huestis

    On short trips,I won’t use the air-con.I’m not sure how much I save,but it sure takes me back to the 50’s,60’s when all you could do was roll down a window.

  • kathy pease

    walking is the key for shorter distances like mine :)

  • Corey

    My 2-mile trek to work would be way cooler if I was on this puppy.

  • Rob

    I walk my girls to school each day, one mile round trip. I tried cycling but it just got to be too much. The iZip may be the perfect answer to my 4 mile commute.

  • Heather C

    I don’t work outside the home, but I live in a community that is 15 miles from the nearest store (and it’s nothing but high-speed traffic between the two). I’d love to use this bike around the neighborhood, though. I visit friends, go to meetings and hit golf balls on the range on occasion. Thank you!

  • Denise Maciel

    I want to look pimpin as I’m motor bikin down the ave.

  • Jill Myrick

    What a truly wonderful contest.
    I live only about three miles from town and this would be so Perfect to run my errands with. Much better than having to drive my larger vehicle.
    We are currently doing all we can to go green in our home.
    Less trips, changing our bulbs, recycling everything possible, buying organic,using green cleaning products etc.
    Thank you so much for offering this wonderful contest.
    I would LOVE to win !!

  • Karen

    I drive a hybrid. At lunch time, I either pack my lunch in reusable plastic containers or walk to the closest eatery. My staff thought I was nuts at first but some have started picking up on some of my green habits and ideas.

  • Lily Kwan

    I would like to green my commute. This great bike would make it a lot easier to do that.

  • Viachaslau Charnihin

    Go green! – Electric bikes are the best for short commute around the town. I use public transportation a lot and this could be a great alternative transportation.

  • Stanley Crockett

    I now carpool for my long commute to work, but this would be great for local errands and shopping.

  • Sarah Z

    I would love to buy a hybrid car but for now, work is 15 miles awat and I can’t walk or bike that! I try to be green in other ways though…

  • martha porter

    sold our gas guzzler, and bought a Prius!
    Love it!

  • Paul

    I have been able to carpool two days of the work week sofar.

  • Elaine Erickson

    This would be perfect for my daughter going to college next fall!

  • paul m

    good contest to win

  • Robin Rider

    I combine all my errands into one trip. I also walk if at all possible.