You might have already learned from Ecorazzi that Armani has double-crossed PETA in its past pledge to go fur-free. In a huge “Oh no you didn’t!” measure, PETA immediately started asking Armani wearers to boycott the company. Last week we learned that Glenn Close and Cate Blanchett were sent anti-Armani letters, following past letters to Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Matthew McConaughey. Gillian Anderson was also recruited to help end the cruelty.

This week, PETA’s keeping up the momentum with pleas to Heidi Klum to use her star power and refuse to wear Armani after she, like Close, sported a design from the company at the Emmy’s. A letter has also been sent to Kristin Chenoweth of Pushing Daisies fame, another Emmy Armani-Wearer.

Do you think that these stars will pledge to go Armani-free until the company itself goes fur-free? Your guess is as good as mine. But one thing’s for sure: if you’re famous and you’re wearing Armani, you’re gonna get a letter from PETA. When PETA’s not happy, nobody’s happy!

  • Mister Jingles

    except gillian anderson and maybe christin chenoweth all the mentioned people here are not first range animal protectors or even environmentalists and i fear that the result of peta’s endeavour could be poor – anyhow i hope the best because it’s never too late to try to change an indifferent heart into a compassionate heart!

  • Stephanie Williams

    I agree, that “most” of these stars are really more into themselves and their images rather then compassion….but I hope so too. This is one of the things PETA is doing that ISN’T a stupid stunt.

    I also believe it is never too late to change *Crosses fingers but is not all that hopeful*

  • erin

    While Heidi Klum is gorgeous I don’t know that she’ll oblige. Here she is in a big fur wrap. at an event (not modeling for a store or anything which is just as bad.

    beautiful but UGLy in fur.

    (see all the other famous actress models wearing them too)

  • Scarlett

    erin, that picture of Heidi Klum is old. That is from when Project Runway was in either its first or second year as Banana Republic is clearly listed as a sponsor. Ms. Klum may have had an epiphany since that photo was taken; personally, I don’t like it when my past mistakes (which I hopefully have learned from) are trotted out as predictors of my future actions.

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