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At first you would be forgiven for thinking that this was yet another hilarious impersonation by Tina Fey of Republican vice-presidential pick Sarah Palin.


This is the real deal.

I repeat — this woman actually has a reusable cloth bag that says “Real Women Hunt Moose”.

That she carries in public.

But hey — at least it’s green, right? I can’t believe a majority of Republicans seriously believe this woman is qualified enough to be Vice-President of the United States; let alone President should something happen.

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  • Jeni

    So then… most of us are NOT real women?! HAHA. Get real!

  • michael

    Scary thought — there must be millions upon million of fake women out there. I need to ask my wife if she’s ever hunted moose.

  • Annie

    No Sarah, real women have compassion and empathy for sentient beings, you are a monster………….

  • ColoradoRed

    I just love all those elitist, sexist, metrosexual, ‘rouge et noir brie’ types who wouldn’t be able to differentiate a moose from a bull elk in rut.

    Oh…sorta like you!

    I guess that qualifies you to be VP, eh?

    Nah, I’ll take the real woman anytime, thanks.

  • Dawg

    Well, I always knew the left was humor impaired. What I’ve learned in this election cycle is that it is also fabulously elitist.

    It’s a joke, kiddies. Unwad the undershorts.

    And as for unqualified, I’d rather hobble in the correct direction than sprint the wrong way. Obummer is the wrong way.

  • Sibi

    ^^Well said Annie. I hate Sarah Palin so much, I can’t believe she might become vice President of the USA. She’s an idiot

  • Bill

    People hate what they don’t know. I would consider most of your comments hate speech.
    Isn’t hate speech laws for both liberals and conservatives.

  • Sibi

    People hate ridiculousness, too.

  • JDog

    In that photo, minus the moose bag, she reminds me of Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality where she walks out from her makeover…

    It sickens me that she was chosen as a candidate.

  • Russattz

    Well we are really left out down under here, we can’t even shake the monarchy and the ridiculous political anatomy they call parliment that goes with it.
    Now we are told that the lack of moose in our country denies us the presence of real women. Hardly fair.
    Cheers, you beauty, see ya mate. R.A

  • Larrio

    You can put moose in quiche. You gotta see the connection.

  • jessica

    STUPID REDNECK BITCH, why doesnt someone throw her ass in the wold and shoot at her from planes.

    dumb ass bimbo

  • Elaine Vigneault

    She’s a real woman. She doesn’t need to kill animals to prove that.

    What she’s not is a real leader. She is a puppet.

  • Leanne, Vaute Couture

    Her secret serviceman’s angry because he has to hide his “Real Men Eat Tofu” button underneath his coat… “Governor P’s orders.”

  • Gary

    Wow, she is a sick fool isn’t she? Her bodyguards look like major goons!

  • buffalofish

    …and real men hunt beaver, but I don’t think I could get away with that one on my man bag if I were a VP candidate, eh?

  • Kristin

    If she’s a real woman, I think I’d better have a sex change.

    ps. jessica, you’re comment reminds me of my father, he gets so angry at the republicans, when a neighbor brought up why he opposes gay rights, you could see the smoke coming out of my dad’s ears!

  • erin

    she is sick. really sick. and obviously stupid. i cannot believe all the mccain palin signs i see here in florida. i am sickened by the ignorance..


    people please please go vote. this is the most important election ever.

  • Claire

    I hate that she has to advertise her love for hunting every chance she gets.
    Someone should go and chase her with a gun and see how she likes it!

  • wasted votes in 08

    Hate Palin?Hate Obama? Hate guns,hunting, lying, cheating,overweight women, gay men, taxes,etc….. WHAT????Most of you would not engage me in a face to face argument on these subjests.But online you are titans.
    A quarter of this country could not survive if they had to hunt and forage for food. Most would be pushed toward suicide if they lost their home.Many would not DIE for their country. Why do we think WE are so important? Sorry folks. Doctor spock was WRONG. You are not special.You are part of the greatest country on earth.We have worked so hard and moved foward so little.My opinion is this: What becomes of me or my family does not matter. What becomes of this country does.My family and I WILL survive and prosper, after I have done my best to ensure that same situation for my country. The sum of the parts equal the whole. Forget thse people . you want to make a differance? Get ready to pay dearly.If not sit back with the masses and cry. now it’s time for my own selfish comment: BABIES!

  • happyapple

    Judge and you shall be judged, come on, to each her own. You can’t force your beliefs on everyone. I don’t hunt, I don’t smoke, I don’t eat meat, I don’t drink does that make me any better than you…. Or Sarah! what if she was your sister, would you make the same comments?

  • Cid
  • Cid
  • erin

    i’m not even sure how to interpret wasted’s comments but actually i took a course on how to gather food in nature. even in my own neighborhood I know which mushrooms I can eat, greens i can pick even dandelion roots ;) yep, amazing isn’t it?

    trust me if you think this country is going to hell (and it very well might be) there aren’t going to be enough animals for hundreds of MILLIOn of people to go hunt in the wild. they’re going to have to eat lots of vegetables and maybe even bugs….. speaking of bugs sarah palin bugs the sh&t out of me!


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  • buzzcowboy

    I couldn’t resist and had to piece together instructions for a Palin Halloween costume:

    I did wonder about the Band-Aid on her hand. I suppose I should add that to the costume. (Actual stigmata would be a nice touch, though.)

    As for PETA: they can’t comment on her bag because she’s a political figure running for office, and they’re a 501c3. NPO’s with that designation have to steer well clear of politics.,,id=96099,00.html

  • VeggieTart

    In my world, real women don’t need to kill to prove anything. I’m getting more than a little sick of this “real Americans” business where if you live on one of the coasts, you pronounce your g’s in gerunds, you speak proper English, and you don’t think killing animals is a fine way to spend a weekend afternoon, then you aren’t a “real American.” Take your anti-elitism and SHOVE IT.

    When it comes to a president, I want an elitist. I want the best. I want someone smarter than I am. I want someone who has a degree or two from prestigious universities. I want someone who buckled down and studied and didn’t screw around and coast on daddy’s name. I want someone I can look up to, not someone I can see getting drunk with. Haven’t the past eight years taught us that you don’t pick a president based on who you’d rather share a beer with because you aren’t voting for best friend but leader of the freaking free world?

  • Billy Bob Joe

    I HATE THAT SHE HUNTS MOOSES! she should NOT be qualifed for VP because she kills helpless animals! Obama should win because i dont think that ANYONE should kill anything of ANYSORT! so …

  • A Real Woman Who Doesn’t Hunt

    Apparently not only am I not a real woman, but because I don’t agree with her, I’m not a real American. My husband is in the military, I pay my taxes, I love big cities, and I don’t agree with anything that comes out of her mouth. Therefore, I’m not a real American? Come on. How much more offensive does she have to be before people start opening their eyes and seeing that she’s dangerous?

  • Ezekiel33

    Sarah Palin could take Vladimir Putin and othe pro-hunting world leaders (more than you think) hunting and fishing in Alaska, thus creating better world relations. McCain and his wife can take them to beautiful Sedona Arizona for sun, hiking, and fishing. They could be entertained by Anchorage’s and Phoenix’s Opera, Ballet, and Orchestras, as well as indigenous Arizona and Alaskan Eskimo folk music and dance, while Sarah Palin and Cindy McCain are beautifully dressed, impressing the various world leaders.

    On the Democratic side, Obama and could show world dignitaries south central Chicago. He could point out Ayers and Farrakhan’s homes and how close they are to where he used to live. He could then show them the ‘hood’ where young men hunt young men. Biden can take them on an Amtrack train ride (not realizing many countries have advanced bullet trains) and show them the New Jersey factories with their heavy CO2 emissions as well as the heavy sreet traffic from the train windows. They could finish their New Jersey and Chicago dreary winter tours with Stevie Wonder and Ludicrous rap music at the White House, with Michelle shaking her ‘big caboose’–as the elderly Jewsish people noted on the Daily Show, in which case Putin would return home and start sending the ICBMs our way without any guilt.

  • vote4life

    Unfortunately, the election is over now and the wrong candidate won.
    For those of you commenting above against Sarah’s canvas bag which says on it ‘Real Women Hunt Moose’, lighten up and take a joke, will ya? She’s basically directing it at herself anyway. All tongue-in-cheek. And stop being so sexist! If a guy can wear ‘Real Men…’ shirts, then women can too! It’s all in good fun.
    And for those of you above who DO EAT MEAT, the only difference between you and Sarah Palin is that she is capable of hunting her own food whereas you have to stop in at the grocery store and buy your meats already killed, cleaned up for you, and ready to cook. She sounds pretty impressive to me. But I guess for all of you robotic cult followers, walking around like zombies while chanting “We want change. Give us change.”, and giving your support to a man who thinks that the killing of 4000 unborn babies a day, (in the good ole U.S. of A. alone), is okay, not to mention his ties with terrorists and racists, makes Sarah Palin sound pretty boring. Let’s be honest here, McCain in office would also have been a change-for the better, I might add.
    You know, I don’t agree with McCain on every issue, but before I vote for any candidate on issues concerning my own selfish wants and needs, or for the color of his/her skin, I vote morally. I will stand up and pray for those babies and vote for their rights because people like you are so inhumane and hypocritical, that they don’t have a chance against the likes of you. You fight so hard against violence towards animals, and our own soldiers being killed over in Iraq, and against murderers and thieves, etc., but then you seem to lose oxygen to the brain or something when it comes to allowing these babies their right to be born.
    Look, if Sarah Palin wanted to be really serious about preaching on a bag she carries around, then her bag would’ve said on it, ‘REAL WOMEN DON’T ABORT THEIR UNBORN BABIES’, and I’d be walking right along side of her carrying my own saying the same thing.
    Men and women in this country have the right to do many things, but when they want to play God and want to be able to pick and choose who to give life to or who to take it away from, then that’s when our country has gone too far.
    So answer me this please, who among us are the real monsters?????

  • Austin

    To many of you this is a great time to state your idea on hunting. I just wanted to stop by and say for all that think its a redneck idea or it should stop. I would love to see you go to Alaska and stick it out for a week to end up killing a animal taller then any basketball player. Bottom line…most of you couldnt and that is the whole idea behind “real women hunt moose”. Stop being so immature.

  • Tony Bains

    This cold hearted woman should be completely out of politics!!
    How can she be a leader, someone who is supposed to show a good example for younger generations, when she viciously opposed Bush Administration to impose an endangered species act on beluga whales in Alaska? She believe that people should keep killing these super intelligent beings even thou their numbers keep growing smaller as we speak…

    Yeah, real women should be real bitches and kill the moose without any remorse…how pathetic and sickening to a stomach she is…

  • oincrivelfugu

    I am amazed at her capability for being at ANY job… actually, with her level of inteligence, I don’t imagine her cleaning houses even, or washing streets…

  • AbnerBha

    If former Alaska Governess Sarah Louise Palin hunts moose and eats this for supper, then no problem as long as the animal is quickly killed. I support animal welfare. I support laws against dog fighting and I believe in harshly punishing those who abuse their pets. I am against poaching. But most of world eats meat and I do not pass judgment on them. If it’s hunting for food and the animal is quickly killed, then I have no problem.

    If people want to hunt deer, pheasant, ducks or rabbits for food, then as long as they are swiftly killed, then I have no problem. While I’m a vegetarian, I have no problem with hunting for food as long as the animal is quickly killed and I support requiring marksmanship for hunters. I know hunters who agree with me and they oppose poaching & believe in the idea of eating their kills. Nature as known can be cruel. Though PETA would differ, I would rather see a hunter quickly shoot and kill a quail, duck, deer or rabbit and eat their kill vs. a python killing a rabbit. Yes, the python is doing what is nature, but nature can be cruel.

  • AbnerBha

    I’ve found that hunters (huntress for women) can love their pets such as dogs, cats & horses, but not feel the same way with the quail, duck or rabbit they hunt because they see the quail, deer, duck or rabbit as food. They see the killed animal as food and their view is that because they eat the animal, the animal must be quickly killed. They just don’t think about the hunted food the same way as a vegetarian does.

    A friend of mine who in the past hunted did funerals for her dogs after they died including a cross. She mourned her dogs deaths so I know that hunters or in this case huntress can love their pets.