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Even though M. Night Shyamalan’s recent eco-themed film The Happening did not go over too well with critics or audiences, he still believes it was the right movie for today’s times; even going so far to say that it’s the “fictional” equivalent of Al Gore’s An Inconvenient Truth. “I do feel this is the fictional, science-fiction version of that documentary,” he says on the newly released DVD.

In my opinion, that’s a bit of a reach — we all know that Gore said ManBearPig would kill us, not plants — but the timing was important and made the director push forward to release the film. On the DVD commentary , he talks about a particular scene in which the main characters pass a billboard for a surburban development. It reads: “You Deserve This!” On sprawl, Shyamalan says “they take farmland and they take all these forests and they drop 90 identical homes on a hillside. It seems that we’re going into a soulless place. I have heavy thoughts about development in general.”

“How can we continue to think we are not a threat to the planet?” Shyamalan adds. “Any rational person can see that there will be nothing left if we continue to do what we are doing. We have to change and then admit, perhaps, that we don’t have carte blanche on this planet.”

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  • erin

    This is the best quote I’ve read all day (and I’ve read several ;) I cannot stand when people go bulldoze down a forest to build their crappy house that looks just like the next guy’s! I know people have given me sh%t for buying an old restored house that is “green” and “looks like they just walked back in the 50′s when they go inside” I’ve also been given sh^t for living in the city (so I can walk to stuff ;) instead of some gorgeous new subdivision that is gated with no crime whatsoever… Well frankly I’d rather live in my old restored “green” house then live in a soul-less subdivision any day!

  • Emily

    There is the city, there are small, dense towns, and there is the country. Everything else is a wasteland.

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