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You know what I love in my Happy Meal? A snack-size portion of animal abuse!

Obviously I’m joking about the animal abuse thing, but McDonalds most definitely isn’t! TMZ is reporting that after purchasing a Happy Meal at a Hollywood McDonalds, they noticed something rather odd about the box (besides of course the nasty fast-food smells billowing out).

TMZ’s Happy Meal turned out to be covered in an advertisement for six different electronic sports games all named after famous athletes, including one bearing the image of Michael Vick. As everyone surely knows by now, Michael Vick is currently serving 23 months in federal prison on animal abuse charges after he was found guilty for his involvement with an underground dogfighting ring.

Now listen, Michael Vick did something very, very stupid and now he is paying for that mistake. While I may not ever be a Vick fan myself, surely I don’t think he should be excommunicated from society for the rest of his life. However, using a convicted felon who participated in an extreme act of cruelty to market products to children seems a little inappropriate, if you ask me. Then again we’re talking about the same company who just recently stole Paul McCartney’s image.

What do you think about all of this, Ecorazzi readers? Chime in and share your thoughts!

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[UPDATE: Looks like McDonalds is apologizing. Apparently, the Happy Meal box is from a partnership from 2004 and it was inadvertently distributed. Whoops. Full story here.]

  • Stephanie Williams

    That is really sick. I agree.

    At least it’s not “Micheal Vick: Dog Fighting” though i wouldn’t put it past good ol’ mickey d’s

  • erin

    Thanks Parrish. Just another reason I won’t be eating there. Ever. Bad food, bad service, employees often complaining (and suing AND winning) for unfair treatment.. the list goes on and on.

    I’ll continue to pack my lunches for the few road trips I take ;)


  • VeggieTart

    Considering McDeathburger makes its money off animal cruelty, is it really shocking that they’d use an athlete who made a little money off animal cruelty himself as an advertising icon? All kidding aside, how did it take four years to go from “partnership” to getting the damn boxes in the stores?

  • dan

    It’s sick (figuratively and literally) that people still eat at McDonald’s. TMZ shouldn’t be casting any stones at McDonald’s or Michael Vick when they support an industry that causes so much suffering and death.
    There are too many people out there who criticize others without looking at their own lifestyle or actions.
    Fix yourself first!