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Here at Ecorazzi we are proud to support Propositon 2 — an initiative to add a chapter to Division 20 of California’s Health and Safety Code to prohibit the confinement of certain farm animals in a manner that does not allow them to turn around freely, lie down, stand up, and fully extend their limbs. I mean of course we support it…we’re Ecorazzi.  And sure, we’ve got some huge Hollywood A-listers on our side, but if you think this law is just for tree-huggin’, herbivore eatin’ hippie types, you’re dead wrong.

The New York Times – who quite honestly rarely supports anything vegetarian or animal-friendly — published an editorial this week offering their full support for Prop 2. In it, they write:

The goal of the California Prevention of Farm Animal Cruelty Act — Proposition 2 on the state’s November ballot — sounds extremely modest. It would ban the confinement of animals in a way that keeps them from being able to stand, sit, lie down, turn around and extend their limbs. The fact that such fundamental decencies have to be forced upon factory farming says a lot about its horrors. We urge California voters to pass Proposition 2. We urge every state to enact similar laws…

To a California voter still undecided on Proposition 2, we say simply, imagine being confined in the voting booth for life. Would you vote for the right to be able to sit down and turn around and raise your arms?

If you live in California and are of voting age, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE make sure to learn more about Proposition 2 and vote yes on November 4th!


  • erin

    I am so glad they are supporting it. That shoud help open more people’s eyes and hopefully encourage them to vote yes.

    Also not sure how to send this to you Parish but talk about an insult to animals everywhere. look at what mcdonalds just did.



  • parrish

    Hey Erin- Think you might have attached the wrong story. You’re link directs me to: “Never to part: Devoted couples share life, death.”

  • erin

    Oh Parrish! So sorry about that! My friend just sent me that one (glad it was at least an innocent link lol ;) And my apologies for misspelling your name in the last post too. Here is the correct article. Not sure if it’s newsworthy on here but involves celebs, mcdonalds, the animals etc..

    my apologies on the other accidental link! :)


  • parrish

    Erin- NICE ONE! As always, thanks for the tip. Look for the story soon!

  • erin

    my pleasure ;) if you want to join in on the Travis Barker thread up above I know we’d love to hear your input – but I understand you’re busy! :)


  • Bryan

    Well I agree that Prop 2 is great in theory. In practice it appears that it wont work out so well.

    From agricultural economist Daniel Sumner:

    Our study investigated the economic impacts of regulations that would ban the California production of eggs by chickens kept in conventional cage housing. The bottom-line impact would be elimination of the California industry with eggs produced here replaced in the market by eggs produced in cages in Iowa, Minnesota, and other states that already ship in about half of California’s consumption. Consumers in California probably would not notice any difference. The initiative would not affect how chickens would be housed, only where they would be housed — in Iowa rather than in California.

  • Stephanie Williams

    I’m glad they support it too. I wish more states were adopting these kinds of laws.

    That piggy is so cute! How can people eat them <3333

  • erin

    oh yes and we all know those agricultural economists are so pro animal ;) NOT!

  • Carie

    ohhh ecorazzi, have i told you lately that i love you?

    YES on Prop 2!!!!!

  • parrish

    We love you back! And hell yes to PROP 2!!! In fact, I just ordered myself a “Yes On Prop 2″ button here:

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    animals were put on this earth for people to eat