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Former Blink-182 rocker Travis Barker has dropped his vegetarian lifestyle of 25 years in order to heal faster following a devastating plane crash last month. The accident, in which Barker and his pal Adam ‘DJ AM’ Goldstein were the only survivors, occurred after the private plane they were traveling in failed to clear the runway on take-off and burst into flames. Four other people perished in the crash.

The star, who is receiving treatment at a Los Angeles hospital, told Us Weekly magazine, “I need protein from food rather than just protein supplements. I changed my diet. I would do anything I possibly could if they said like, ‘There’s a possibility you might heal faster if you do eat meat or just change your eating habits’. So I did. I don’t regret it at all, I feel so much better.”

I’m not going to judge the guy’s decision to want to heal faster — but veg community, what do you think? Moreover, is it fairly easy to go back to eating meat after being a vegetarian for 25 years? I always thought that was a rough transition for those that hopped off the diet after so many years. Chime in — and our best to Barker as he recovers.

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  • erin

    i feel very sorry for travis barker – not only because he was in a terrible wreck (which he was one of only TWO to survive -probably in part because he DID eat so healthy for 25 long years!) but i also feel sorry for him because now that he’s been around doctors constantly due to his accident they have brain washed him. what a load of crap.

    if he were to do daily juicing and eat healing foods (which do not include MEAT! lol) he could heal so quickly. what a joke the medical industry is. They truly are… If anything it’s going to slow him down and be a huge shock to his system.

    can you imagine not eating meat most of his LIFE and now suddenly he’s drastically changing his eating habits right after a near fatal accident? The doctors are all brain washed too. i think there will be a little space in hell reserved for all those sick jerks who call themselves physicians. Hippocrates would be disgusted…


  • Abe Rudda

    For every animal you hippies dont eat, I am going to eat three. The plain blew a tire, get your story straight…and yeah – meat heals. Remember the black eyes and a steak on the Flinstones. Climb back up in your trees or take a shower.

  • michael

    Abe — I won’t go into why you’re a belligerent individual, but I will reveal to you that your information on the “plain” crash is incorrect. From the Associated Press:

    “Officials with the National Transportation Safety Board have said a cockpit voice recorder revealed that crew members thought a tire blew out and tried to abort the takeoff.”

    Hence, they overshot the runway.

  • erin

    Michael thank you for the much needed laugh in your post (laughing with you of course ;) the “plain” crash.. sorry.. that was classic. you guys rock.

    Abe, you share your name with a great man Abe Lincoln. And guess what? He was a vegetarian! Go read up on the man .. It’ll do ya some good in sooo many ways.


  • fbr

    Erin, this man has the money to hire the best doctors in world to treat him. These doctors tell him that eating meat can help him recover, and you have the nerve to claim they’re all wrong? You better have some damn good research to back those claims up.

    Oh yes, I forgot about the about the world wide conspiracy of the medical industry to brain wash doctors into tricking their patients into eating meat.

  • Deb

    seems to me there have been plenty of studies on mental outlook as it relates to healing. whether eating meat will truly help him heal faster is maybe not the point; perhaps how it impacts his attitude is more important. if eating meat helps him maintain the positive, taking-an-active-part-in-my-recovery frame of mind that he needs, then i say we let him be about it. he was a vegetarian for so long that he will probably go back to it after his convalescence. we are none of us perfect. :)

  • Karmalily

    I’ve never been in such a situation, but I think even if told by my doctors that without eating meat my recovery would be a grueling process, I would still hold on to my vegan diet. Ethics are more important to me than anything else. But it’s a personal choice for everyone.

  • erin

    Oh FBR, I guess you’re not going away are you? ;-)

    I’m not sure why you read this board so often (well I know it’s an awesome site but it doesn’t seem to really jive with your beliefs does it?)

    There are many different schools of beliefs on nutrition. Not JUST the rather new Western Medicine philosophy.

    For instance I have friends who are doctors too. One is an ayurvedic doctor (yes in India that’s a doctor! go figure!) and another who is an acupuncturist AND a medical doctor. Both of them are vegans and believe that meat is not good to eat (especially when healing from an accident when you haven’t eaten meat your whole life)

    So don’t attack me telling me I have the “nerve” to say that a life long vegetarian should not suddenly switch to eating meat after a near fatal accident. Because there are many doctors around the world who would agree. They might not all be doctors of the new “western medicine” but ayurvedic and chinese medicine have been around a HELL of a lot longer.

    I’m not sure what your purpose is here on this board since you don’t appear to agree with most posts or most regular Ecorazzi readers. I will give you the benefit of the doubt and say it’s NOT just to pick fights and to write rude responses to people’s posts (and mine was a pretty darn good one thank you) and tell them they have some “nerve”


    Erin (and could you please at least stop hiding behind initials and give us a first name even if you make it up?)

  • Crissy

    Erin, you need to check yourself. Your statements are wreckless and cold-hearted. It is beyond disrespectful and completely disgusting to even hint that the others who died in this crash parished because they weren’t vegetarians. They died in a fire. Their diet had nothing to do with their death. Statements like that are why omnivores shun vegetarians and their ilk. Stay classy.

    The doctors aren’t the ones who are brainwashed. To suggest that meat is not an ideal source of the amino acids needed for your body to generate new protein is ludicrous. One of the biggest hurdles people who adopt a vegetarian lifestyle have to overcome is making sure they get enough protein in their diet. While there are hundreds of delicious vegetarian ways to get protein, it is not the complete protein that is found in meat (which I also think is delicious). Your body needs amino acids to generate new protein. The fastest way to get that is with meat. Most vegetable base proteins do NOT contain complete proteins. As far as it goes, he can go right back to being a vegetarian when he’s completely healed.

    • future_Doc

      meat is just a much faster and wholesome way to get protein. this is because

      a) meat has more protein per gram
      b) meat contains all the amino acids required by our body, vegetarian food only contains a few of them..meaning you need to eat lots of different types of veges to get them all in ur diet. the problem with this is that not all vegetables are high in protein

      a much simpler solution is to eat meat for the recovery. to think that barker survived as he was a vegetarian is stupid and disrespectful to his dead friends. Who knows, maybe barker was not in close proximity to the fire, in comparison to his friends. Seating arrangements would be the likely explanation to why he survived. God your dumb erin to think vegetables help you survive in a fire..let me guess…high fiber in your gut somehow helps you survive. Bahahaha.

      i respect barker immensely, i only came across this as i was googling him..i dont wanna get into the meat vs vege arguement. But i have been taught this by people with phd’s. Also a problem with eating only veges is that your iron is essentialy non-haem while iron from meat contains haem (basically the stuff that transports oxygen in blood). thats why vegeterians often have iron defeciency – another reason why he probably decideed to eat meat during this sure hes probably bak to his vege diet so i guess you guys can rest easy…

  • Stephanie Williams

    I agree with Erin on all counts.

    But I’m sure it wasn’t an easy choice after 25 years, but such a horrible traumatic experiance…who knows. I wish him the best no matter what.

    But the one thing that got me is “I Need protein from food rather than just protein supplements”

    There is PLENTY of protein to be had in plant FOODS. Beans, nuts, tofu and such. That is the one statement i don’t really get, but it’s his choice after a horrible accident so *shrug*

    I’m not faulting HIM…i’m faulting that logic.

  • Rose

    There’s no shortage of protein in plant food—after all, it’s where many of the biggest and strongest animals get their nourishment. But even if he needs to get super amounts of protein for his recovery, what about soy foods, nuts and seeds, avocadoes, and beans and legumes? Meat is not a necessity, but it’s what Western doctors believe is good for us. After all, they get about half an hour of nutrition study in their many years of medical training.

    I wish Travis a speedy and full recovery and hope he returns to his vegetarian ways soon. Personally, I think it’s easier for people to fall back to meat when they’re vegetarian and not as much when you’ve gone vegan. Once dairy and eggs–particularly cheese-are out of your diet, your palate changes an enormous amount, and the desire just isn’t there anymore.

  • Pilya

    Abe – Learn how to articulate your point with substance and value. Otherwise you sound like an ignorant arse.

    For everyone else: Look, there is evidence on both sides of the debate. Any sensible and intelligent person not only should understand this, but should also keep the drive to allow for the research process to continue. Calling the doctors “brain washers” is as ignorant as Abe seems to be.

    I once was called to the aid of woman who passed out while driving on the motor way. Her husband… a naturopathic “doctor” attributed the episode to having too many bananas in the power shake he gave her in the morning.

    It is easy to point out the severe issues and beliefs on both sides. But it is only through intelligent investigation and unbiased resolve that valid answers can be found.

    A diet is very important for the well being of a person. But there is no doubt about the benefit that some ‘animals’ have in a diet. Does anyone want to even try to counter the value that some fish have?

    I don’t subscribe to Ecorazzi because I am a tree-hugging meatless hippie. I subscribe because I am an aware individual doing all that I can to not negatively impact the world.. and in the hopes of helping bring about the right thing.

    I have still yet to find anyone who can intelligently debate the impact of fur products (for those who live in environments where they really can be used) and the production of synthetic products that are made to replace them. Let me just bring up that there are a lot of destructive attributes found in any synthetic designed to be worn in the -35c winters where I live.

    As a firm believer in the ideals of the supposed “Native American” belief of using resources to their full extent… that is… if you kill an animal for its meat for food, use it fur for clothing and protection, and bring the waste of the animal to a near zero state… then how can this be viewed as abuse? Respect the animal and be grateful for its sacrifice. (this is not to say that I believe in the factory farm by any means!!!)

    We live in a world of many cultures and many beliefs. We need to have tolerance for difference and only stand against those who abuse what we have.

    Any vegan/vegetarian who thinks that the whole world needs to go meatless is not reasonable nor rational! Likewise, any meat-eater who thinks that vegetarians are all tree-huggers needs to educate themselves on the reasons for people choices which go well beyond the sake of the animal itself.

    Sorry for the ramble.. but I get tired sometimes of reading responses were people are just too damn blinded in their viewpoints. It does not help our cause nor does it help bring about productive change.


  • erin

    also not sure where this link went before but i worked with this doctor – the only one to reverse heart disease (by a veg diet no less!)

    check this out FBR…


  • Brandi

    I am not going to claim to be an expert or anything.. And nor am I going to judge him because he’s gone through a terrible experience, but I will say I don’t know how much faith I put in the whole “you need to eat meat to heal faster” thing. I mean.. what about all the diets that suggest raw/vegan lifestyles to help heal people from serious and deadly diseases? I have had “medical professionals” try and tell me that being a vegetarian was dangerous and a bunch of BS. Thou I am sure the doctors caring for Mr Barker are a lot better than that particular “professional”..

    It’s a sad situation all around.. and I wish him all the best.. either way.. And hopefully after he’s all better he will go back to his old lifestyle. I know that even thou I’ve been a vegetarian only half as long (around 12 years) that I can’t EVER imagine going back. The idea makes me sick. So I imagine it would have had to been very difficult.

  • parrish

    Everyone- OK, so here’s the thing: Travis Barker use to be a vegetarian and then he got in a terrible accident, and then the doctors said, “You should eat meat,” and then he did and then he told US weekly that he felt great about it. Those are the facts and it’s not even worth arguing about the legitimacy of them.

    It’s always a sad day in the vegetarian world when we lose another member based on information we find to be grossly inaccurate. As far as putting forth “some damn good research to back those claims up”, I could compare and contrast the Standard American Diet and the Vegetarian/Vegan diet until the cows come home. I could tell you that it’s been scientifically proven that vegetarians have lower rates of high blood pressure, type-two diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol, heart diseases, obesity and almost every other major disease in the world. I could name specific books and studies that site the direct correlation between high protein diets and poor health. I could share with you the surprisingly low number of “health” class hours most medical students are required to log. But that would take forever and I don’t even think it’s relevant in this case.

    Travis Barker has the right to make his own choices even if we animal-rightsers disagree with them. I’m not happy that he’s going to be contributing to an industry I work daily to expose, but he’s going to and I wish him well. Still, while I respect his human right to make his own choices, that’s doesn’t mean I respect his method of executing those choices.

    Ecorazzi exists because celebrities do in fact have a MAJOR voice in our society. You’d think that because I work for a celebrity-based website I would naturally be a celebrity-curious person. The truth is I never really cared much about them before this job. However, it’s through writing for the Razz that I developed a deep respect and enormous appreciation for the very challenging role that the good-hearted celebrity plays in our world.

    With all of that said, the coin is double-sided and the power goes both ways. I’m not angry that Barker made a choice I disagree with, I’m angry at Barker’s total lack of sensitivity — and I’d even argue decency — in how he publicly handled the subject. If he really was a vegetarian for 25 years then he most certainly understands the challenges we as a community face on a daily basis. I’m reading a fantastically dense book right now called The Bloodless Revolution by Tristram Stuart that details the plight and struggle of vegetarians throughout history. Read it.

    By Barker telling US Weekly that he started eating meat and now “feel(s) so much better,” he is not only denouncing his own vegetarianism, but all of ours as well. He’s confirming the naysayers and doubt-seekers belief that being a vegetarian is a poor choice. Honestly, I’m confused about how, after living a lifestyle for so long, one can turn their back so publicly on a movement they know already suffers such great challenges. It reminds me of an episode of Conan O’Brian where Julia Stiles compared her ruined veganism with sexual gratification. I can’t quote directly, but when Conan asked about how it felt to eat that first hamburger after years as a vegan, she replied, “One word comes to mind: orgasm.”

    Now, it’s okay if eating a hamburger gives Julia Stiles an orgasm, and its okay if Travis Barker feels better eating meat. What’s not okay, in my opinion, is the pro-meat stump speech he gave to US Weekly. Celebrities most certainly realize by now that their words affect society on a massive level. People look up to them and emulate their lives in ways that are at times almost subconscious. And so, by him essentially poo-pooing away his 25 years of vegetarianism, he single-handedly contributed to the already abundant amount of ignorance we face, and halted a movement he once supported.

    If I ever decided to quit my veganism and eat a Standard American Diet (which I can pretty much promise won’t ever happen) I would NEVER publicly insult the lifestyle. And if I was a celebrity, I would be even more cautious with how I handled it.

    We are at a crucial point in vegetarian history right now. We are stronger than ever, more populated than ever and capable of making real, longstanding change — but we’re not there yet. We need more support, more progress and more people who believe in a world that is less cruel than it was yesterday. It’s sad for me to see somebody leave, but this is life and people go — to me it’s more about how they say goodbye.

  • ashley

    first of all, “plain”?? i’m pretty sure first graders even know how to spell that word. so your spelling abilities combined with your ignorant comment can only mean one thing….you have the IQ of a french fry. second, anyone who cares enough about the veg cause to be veg for 25 years, who then so easily begins to eat meat means one thing…travis probably hasnt been a vegetarian for 25 years but didnt want to go public with it out of fear of being criticized, and this tragedy gave him a “good” excuse to finally spill the beans about his appetite for flesh.

  • The Science Commenter

    I’m pretty sure he’ll stop eating meat when he recovers. Chill.

    Let’s say you are a Muslim and you pray dozens of times a day at the temple. You get struck with horrible drunken-like vertigo and can’t leave your home for a couple of weeks and can’t go to the temple.

    You’re still a Muslim. You just can’t fulfil those types of Muslim duties at the time.

    Ditto if you’re stranded on an island and don’t know when you’ll be rescued. The goal is just survival. In his case, he’s doing what he thinks he needs for the survival of his health.

    He’s probably very down and out both physically and mentally. You could almost call it a desperation. He was extremely terrified of planes and flying and now his worst fears have come true. If you are that wacked out, you may make some decisions in the face of people who seem like professionals because you just want to get well. It is human instinct. And he has 2 children he really wants to interact with again, which I’m sure isn’t helping the situation.

    In short, his 25 years of not eating meat outdoes this several week stint he’ll have to endure until he gets better.

    He did resist doctors telling him to eat meat 2 years ago with another injury. And he was public about this so he’s not a flip floppy as you say.

  • erin

    Hey Chrissy,

    What’s disgusting actually is YOU turning my comments around and putting words in my mouth (that’s worse than the docs stuffing meat in Barker’s mouth!)

    I said the following (and I quote)

    “he was one of only TWO to survive -probably in part because he DID eat so healthy for 25 long years”

    That is a copy and paste quote (see above for yourself) I didn’t even say vegetarian. I said healthy. As I’ve read other articles that he was health conscious (organic etc) -not just “no meat” because we all know you can not eat meat and still not be healthy (twinkies processed food lots of non organic pesticide laden food etc)

    So for you to even be as sick to suggest that I am suggesting the other people did not live because they were not vegetarians!? WTF?

    Many people get out of the plane and don’t end up surviving. They die in the hospital or what have you. I maintain that he is (and has) probably recovered faster because he was in good health and “ate healthy” for so many years.

    So don’t try to pigeon hole me, turn my words around and then pigeon hole ALL vegetarians in the process. That is total bs.

    Also I see in your comments about the bike you so want to win from Ecorazzi that you say you don’t live in an area close enough to walk to anything. I highly recommend you read the book about soul-less neighborhoods (perhaps you live in one?) that I’ve been kind enough to print below for your reading pleasure. I bought an old restored house 6 blocks from main street so that i might walk or ride my bike most of the time instead of drive my hybrid there (even I know my hybrid is far from perfect)

    Screw urban sprawl and people who turn people’s words around who live in soulles housing developments.


    Why vegetables help you recover faster than meat filled diet…

    watch… maybe someone should send it to him.

  • Cid

    F***!!! I am sick and tired of arrogant, ignorant people ‘talking’ as if they own the truth and know it all!!!

    I am not even going to comment on the article. It’s his life and if he chooses to believe the doctors, it’s his problem. And by the way, I am glad he survived the accident and is getting better.

    Put that aside, first of all, a vegetarian diet is one of the healthiest you can possibly have!! I have been a vegetarian for 11 years and I am never ill! Actually I can’t even remember the last time I went to a doctor due to a disease! When I get a cold I don’t take drugs and never go to the doctor (not for any particular reason, I just don’t need to)! Not once, after becoming a vegetarian, did I stay in bed because of a cold!
    If you ask doctors, in general they will tell you that a vegetarian diet is not the most complete one! Well, I prove them wrong and I don’t take any kind of supplements!

    I respect most people of science – however they are becoming extremely arrogant! What they say is the absolute truth and everyone else knows nothing or is wrong compared to their knowledge! I have met a few like that! It’s as if before, we had the religion, and currently we have science – which is now the 21st dogmatic religion and scientists are the new prophets! I never liked dogmas. I can think for myself, thank you, and want to be able to chose what’s best for me!

    Abe Rudda:
    I am no hippie and I hope you have an indigestion of those ‘3 animals’ you eat!
    Meat heals? Well, in your case it made you a very unintelligent person!

    You’re the one who need to chek yourself, not Erin – she never mentioned that the others who died in this crash parished because they weren’t vegetarians – can you actually read!?
    Regarding proteins – do you know which is the food that has the highest protein content? A type of bean – I don’t know its name though. This I heard from a respected and highly regarded botanist in my country! And soya has a higher level of protein content than meat as well! And those are facts. So take your ‘complete’ proteins somewhere else, okay?

    Native Americans didn’t have the technology we do nowadays, even though they were wiser than us!
    We put a man on the moon and we can’t produce a substitute for fur? I guess that would mean we are not that intelligent! Native Americans used resources to their full extent, we exploit resources to their complete depletion, that’s the difference! Besides, do you know how animals are killed for their fur? They are skinned alive, suffocated and electrocuted! Synthetic clothes are less harmful and that is a fact! They are lighter and cheaper than fur. Not even indigenous populations kill animals for their fur any more. In fact the ones who are authorised to kill protected species like whales, only do it because of tradition! I mean, if they have money to buy the equipment to kill such an animal and transport it back to their village, they certainly do have money to buy their food and clothes!! So don’t even go into that subject with me, okay?
    And the thing is, and I am really getting pissed off, we get a lot of fruit cakes who come here to insult our way of life, when we are the ones who harm no one (including animals), and then they have the nerve to point their finger at us saying we are the intolerant ones!

    So please just go away back to your 20th century cave, will you? Please… Pretty please…!

    And I urge everyone else, again, to just ignore them!!!

  • hil

    I’m not sure what type of injuries he sustained, but if he was burned in the fire then eating meat may help his recovery and the tissue rebuilding process. Here’s why, there are 9 essential amino acids and with the right combination of plant based foods one can get all nine, however with eating meat especially pork (of the animals that are commonly eaten, pigs are closest to us protein wise) one can receive all 9 amino acids at once. Also meat is almost all protein, where as plant based food sources are more complex nutritionally. This makes the protein in meat more readily available to the body than plants because there is less digestion needed to release the amino acids into the blood stream. So if he lost a lot of protein then eating meat short term would be a way for him to regain that lost protein faster than through plant sources. Once he regains that lost protein, he should be able to go back to his vegetarian diet without any ill effects.

    I was a food chemist before I decided to return to school for my masters if anyone is curious as to how I know this. I am not trying to say that eating meat is better, it is just easier for the body to get protein from it. Most people who eat meat eat more than they need to sustain their bodies proteins which leads to colon problems later on down the road as the excess protein tends to get trapped there. (That’s gross isn’t it:))

  • Laura

    For the record, I was a MILITANT vegan and sometimes a raw foodist for 8 years and prior to that I was a vegetarian as soon as I left my parents house. I was raised on deer meat that my dad hunted (and he used every part of the animal like native americans, he was not one of those dumb orange wearing yee haws) so I never really ate factory farmed meat….anyways to make a long story short one day I woke up and felt like I absolutely had to eat meat. I went to whole foods and got non factory farmed red meat and my body did not go into any shock nor I was not sick at all in any way. Not all Vegan/Veg people that go back to eating meat get sick. I eat vegan food almost 99% of the time now but every once in a while I do eat meat. I think that some of us are meant to eat meat, minimally and responsibly. For those people that get sick from eating meat, maybe they aren’t meant to eat it at all.

  • michael

    @ Laura:

    Thanks for that. I was always curious as to the body’s reaction after many years away from eating meat. A friend of mine that’s a vegetarian once ate meat after being veggie for a couple decades and couldn’t keep it down. No matter how hard he tried, meat just didn’t agree with him anymore.

    Anyways, interesting…

  • Elaine Vigneault

    I wouldn’t do it, but I won’t fault the guy.

    There’s a big difference when someone chooses to eat animals because they think they have no choice to save their own life (whether that’s actually true or not is debatable, but not the point) and when someone chooses to eat animals merely because they taste good.

  • Nena

    I have read the opposite about meat, it is in fact supposed to be a strain on the system because it is hard to digest and has a lot of toxins and stuff. That sounds logic to me. But maybe he is on a white-meat diet with chicken, turkey and fish?? That would make some more sense. I hope that he goes back to his old ways when he is back in shape. He probably will, since he has been a vegetarian for so many years before.

  • JC

    As a retired firefighter/paramedic I know that what Travis Barker faced was fear of the unknown. Medical “experts” were spewing the standard rhetoric around protein (which is the recommended course of action in a burn victim) and he likely bought into the fear in a weakened physical and mental state.

    Here is an article that reflects new research and advanced thinking:

    Fruity Relief for Weekend Warriors

    … New research suggests that there may be a delicious way to limit that pain and speed repair of those muscle tears: Down copious amounts of cherries or other red- and burgundy-colored fruit treats… exercise physiologists showed that drinking cherry juice significantly reduced muscle pain and sped up recovery from muscle injury in men…

  • Barbara

    I don’t know, I guess I can see the case for switching back to meat if you wanted to take in large amounts of protein in a big hurry. But personally, I don’t think I could do it myself.

  • Stephanie Williams

    Cid says it best as always

  • Sally

    I hate having to fight with doctors and defend my diet every time I see one. But I do it, and I leave their office without having convinced them that I am healthy. However, if I were in serious condition in a hospital, I am not sure how much effort I would be able to put forth into standing up for myself. I hope that I, and my family, would find the energy to do so but I can certainly understand Travis being run down, feeling defeated, and wanting nothing more than to get better.

  • Chris Ellis

    Eating meat it not necessary to expedite recovery. What disappoints me is that, from my understanding of another article that I have read, the doctors insisted on either a modified (i.e. improved) vegetarian diet *or* adding meat to his diet. So eating meat strikes me as a lazy and selfish decision. However, I do not know all of the details and am hesitant to point any fingers.

    Eating a well balanced vegetarian diet can often be a challenge. All too often I am forced to eat poorly because of the limited variety of vegetarian options available at restaurants and the houses of friends and family. I am an athlete and really struggle to eat as well as I should. So I can fully understand how a doctor might recommend eating meat as an *easier* means getting the necessary nutrients for his recovery.

    But that makes it no less disappointing.

  • Amanda

    Seriously, i don’t know why some of you go to this website? Clearly you have nothing better to do and like to stir it up.

    I am very disappointed in Barker’s decision to eat meat. I think if i were in that situation i would stick to my beliefs. I think it would make me physically ill to eat meat. But hey whatever the guy thinks is best for him is really the issue. And by looking at him it is obvious he has not always made the right decisions, but whatever.

  • ash

    Wow. Anyone know Travis that could get him to comment here? I’d like to know from him what it was like to eat meat again, how it made him feel, what animal(s) he did eat, will he stop once he heals and did it make a difference?

  • erin

    Great to see the vegetarians make a come back here. I think the few anti veg folks (or one just posting under multiple names ;) must have grown bored and gone way (or they heeded Cid Martin’s words and went back to their cave ;)


  • Rob Victor

    There are so many sound healing therapies, energy healing therapies, and raw food therapies. I completely disagree with the eating meat to get better or heal faster.

    I am a vegan and I love my life so much more not only because of the way the food makes me feel, but the sound mind that that i feel when I am not contributing to the death or torture of animals. It’s so hard to see dead animals minced up in stores. It floors me; I get so panicked because I feel like I’m living in a society of #@$%ing crazy people who support and eat dead animals. I have to take a deep breath put it out of mind and realize there is probably some statistic as to the percentage of people becoming vegans or vegetarians per-day, and that makes me feel just a bit better.

    Seeing travis after 25 years start eating meat or somehow claim he is eating meat makes me feel like there is something that is either not being said correctly or there was a miss communication. On top of all of that he is probably still in shock from such a traumatic experience, and he thinks what the doctors say goes. He is scared and just rekindling the flame of love with his ex-wife that came to his bedside to be with him out of love. Think of all that emotion combined with doctors orders has him in a state of euphoria that may be making him make decisions that he would normally not. think of it he is suffering from post traumatic stress right now; he is in not right mind to be making any kind of decision on ethics and health. So I say he might, after this whole healing process is over, sue the doctors for there recommendations to eat meat sighting a decline in overall health attributed from the eating of dead animal muscle and all the ethical and sound judgment reasons to go with it. This can go very far and very deep. Just goes to show you can’t even trust western medicine doctors anymore.
    Auyervedic Bio-specialists are the genuine practitioners of the art of healing. Let the earth heal you!


  • Isaac

    This is my first and probably last post to this site. I stumbled onto this site and have become sick to my stomach in the 20 minutes I have been on here. Some of you mention how Travis Barker has insulted the vegan community. That is the biggest load of crap. First of all he is a vegetarian, not a vegan and if I recall, there is a difference.

    Then there is absolutly no reason why anyone should be critisizing the man. Rather just wish him well, as some of you have.(thank you) Any one who would kick a man while he down for doing as his doctor, who i am sure he trusts, tells him to should be ashamed.

    Those of you who have showed respect to the person and choice in question, I wish you the best and please stay open the world.
    For the rest of you. Take a look in the mirror and you will see what is wrong with this world.

  • VeggieTart

    I am truly disappointed when a vegetarian or vegan backslides, and Mr. Barker is no exception. I can’t imagine ever eating meat again–especially because I know my digestive system would freak the hell out. I also don’t ever take protein supplements, but I am a fan of tofu, seitan, and analogues. Nor have I had one doctor bat an eye when I tell him/her I’m vegan. I guess some doctors are better informed than others on the whole nutrition thing and know the whole protein myth is just that.

    That said, I hope he and DJ AM do make a full speedy recovery, and that Barker reverts to his vegetarian lifestyle.

    By the way, Crissy, it’s “reckless,” not “wreckless.” I swear, people need to learn to freaking SPELL.

  • Aelys

    I think it’s up to him. So far as I’m concerned, I don’t see the big deal. I mean, it’s not like he said he’d quit being a vegetarian altogether. Maybe there’s a chance he’ll go back to being a vegetarian once he’s feeling better.

  • erin Finn


    It’s not that we don’t wish him well. Of course we do. But for you to suggest it’s wrong for us to question him for ” doing as his doctor… tells him to do” (your words) surprises me.

    I question anyone who does what people “tell them to do” I was raised by a father with a “Question Authority” sticker on his car.

    I actually have a brain and DON’T just do what my doctor tells me to do (especially if the doc said “eat meat after you haven’t for TWENTY FIVE YEARS!” I question what my president tells me to do, what the FDA tells me to do.

    I’m glad you always do what your doctor TELLS you to. But some of us question these people as doctors kill plenty of people every year…. Even if it’s by accident.


  • Eric

    While I don’t think that meat will in any way help him heal faster, the mind is a powerful thing, and if he *thinks* its helping him heal faster, then his body probably will heal faster. The body does what the mind commands.

    I come from a family of doctors, and I’ve read a heck of a lot on the topic, and nutrition is not part of a doctor’s education. Doctors are trained to heal injuries, not provide dietary advice. So a doctor is, most of the time, just as clueless and/or brainwashed as the rest of society is when it comes to food.

    I wonder what type of meat he’s eating? Maybe its selective? Like, only fish. Not that fish is in any way good for you, with all the swimming they do in the chemical soup we call our oceans.

  • Ty

    I’m not personally a vegetarian. I respect those who choose to be, but for the most part I really don’t care… at all. It frustrates me when vegetarians sound like they’re preaching their diets like they’re on some pedestal above the rest of us. (It also frustrates me when idiots yell back at them like our friend Abe way up there did, so don’t get me wrong.)

    I have no medical training so I have absolutely no idea whether eating meat will indeed help Travis recover – I’m guessing most of you don’t, either, so denouncing it just because it’s not vegetarian doesn’t make sense. Anything to help him recover, man.

    Vegetarians shouldn’t feel “betrayed” because Barker started eating meat so that he could heal faster. Besides, I’d be willing to wager that once he has healed he’ll stop eating meat again.

  • deb

    ditto- MD’s don’t know anymore about nutrition than mechanics, teachers or economists- the danger is they ACT, and are able to make you believe that they do. Travis wanted to eat meat- the ignorant MD- if he did suggest that- could not have influened him- knowing as he did that MD’s know nothing about nutrition- he should have just been been honest.

  • Dalena

    I don’t think that eating meat will make you recover.

  • Wayne

    Ref to this link which was posted earlier:

    “The trials ended in May 2005. The Vermont scientists were so impressed by the cherry juice’s effects that earlier this year they each bought a 2.5 percent share in the company that made the drink—CherryPharm of Geneva, N.Y.”

    I find it disturbing that they can be called scientists and hope they are not allowed to participate in any further studys.

  • Claire

    How can cannibalistic ways help someone recover? For the most part, it will send him over the edge, because believe it or not, eating the flesh of an animal which is a relative of oneself, will apparently turn you rather … crazy.

    So thus, the entire world is crazy while us vegetarians are perfectly sane. :)

    And belive ir or not, how can one call oneself a carnviore when we don’t even kill the animal ourselves, nor do we skin it ourselves, nor eat it raw. Carnivorous? I THINK NOT.

    Look at all the carnivores out there, dogs, cats, tigers, lions, panthers, polar bears … birds. They eat they’re prey raw. To this day I have never seen a dog grab a gun and shoot it’s prey and then cook it, and then try to dsguise what it is under a mountain of sauce or marinade.
    Nor will it happen.
    Why, because It’s not natural.
    Humans had devised a way to trick it’s closest relatives into doing what it wishes, letting it trust it and then shipping it off to be horrendously murdered.
    This is not carnivorous at all, it’s utterly un-civilized to not let the animal to even have a chance to run and fight for it’s life (a fight it would no doubt win), and even if we tried to kill a cow with our bare hands, we wouldn’t be able to. Because we don’t have the suitable ‘equipment’. Our teeth, nails and mental skills just don’t cut it.

    The facts are stacked up against those brainwashed ‘meat-oes’ out there.

    Lastly, I’ve had many nasty breaks from motorbike riding, including a very nasty broken shoulder and collarbone, and without an alter in my vegan diet, I was perfectly fine and healthy after only a month in all occasions.


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  • Wayne

    I guess Claire hasn’t considered evolution.

    Out of interest, how many vegans here grow all their own food?

  • Great Respect

    I am sure it was difficult for Travis to begin eating meat. This whole ordeal is hell for him! How can anybody critcize him for eating meat to be healthy and heal faster? Do the people who condemn his choice have any clue what is like to be so badly burnt? How can they judge! I have huge respect for Travis for being strong enough to fight this! I expect that dying would have been the easy road for him! Give the man a break an honor him for his courage instead of making judgements against him for trying to heal!

  • Kate

    I’ll weigh in here. Not sure what his exact situation is but I’ve been vegan for years and vegetarian most of my life and I’ve never had to take a protein supplement to get my protein. Something seems amiss here. He may not have been a health vegetarian (the I don’t eat, legumes, beans, tofu, etc) kind and therefore needed to change his diet and was guided by those unfamiliar with a healthy vegetarian diet. I’ve had a few vegan/vegetarian friends who have gone through major surgery (for various reasons) and not once was their diet questioned. In the case of one of my friends, the doctors actually attributed her quick recovery to her healthy diet (she’s vegan). Everyone’s different I guess.

    However he heals, I hope that he has a complete recovery. What an ordeal.

  • Big Mac

    F-ck you you f-cking self righteous f-cks. People eat meat because it tastes f-cking good. Who the f-ck cares? We’re f-cking tired of hearing your stupid @ss rants on why you’re right or better than the non-veges. Just shut the f-ck up and eat your sprouts.

    And for all you non-vegan vegetarians, you’re going to hell for not fully committing to the cause.

  • Fruits

    it bums me out that he bailed out of being a vegetarian, but if he feels better, than kudos to him

    personally im not going to stop and thats all that matters

  • gooniebird


    • The Truth

      He was not.

  • Lili

    Hitler was not a vegetarian, it’s an urban myth.