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According to, the first half-dozen houses built by Brad Pitt’s Make It Right NOLA foundation are now complete — giving some thankful residents their first true homes in almost three years. 68-year-old grandmother Gloria Guy was one of those moving in and had nothing but praise for Pitt and the organization. “I thank God for Brad Pitt,” Guy said Thursday when reporters toured the first six homes Pitt and family visited on Monday and Tuesday. “I gave him a big hug, and I told him how much I appreciate all that he’s done for me and my family.”

Some of you may be tired of my fascination with this project, but to me, it’s a true representation of the power of celebrity to help those in need. These first six homes are but a fraction of the 150 planned for the Lower 9th Ward — all green, sustainable, and built to withstand winds in excess of 130mph. In other words, it’s housing as it should be for this part of the country. I find it incredible that three years later — it’s Pitt and company leading the charge on something like this and not the U.S. government. How is that possible?

To learn more about Make It Right — visit their site here.

Photo info: Brad Pitt tours completed homes while visiting the Lower 9th Ward on October 7th. Credit:

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  • girladvenger

    My hope is that the US government will go in partnership with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie to help more people on the Gulf Coast.

    They have a wonderful plan that with a little help from the government will help so many more people.

  • Key

    Yes on one hand I’m tired of hearing about Brad and Angie.

    On the other I’m NEVER tired of hearing about affordable, reasonable, green housing in the U.S. Or about philanthropic efforts that make a real impact on the people in this country.

    With the down trend the news has been taking lately, I definitely needed to hear something like that this morning. It put a smile on my face that will let me get into the weekend properly. That and Ryan Reynold’s post on Huffington Post ^_^

  • Stephanie Williams

    I am never tired of hearing about Brad and Angelina when it’s news like this. Brad Pitt has been really amazing me with this news lately. Good for him! And how wonderful for the people <33

  • Carole

    I never get tired of hearing about good people doing good things! I wish I was able to help more, I donate what I can but I wish I had the resources the change someones life like the Brad and Angelina do. If we waited for the government to do the right thing no-one would have a home!!! Look how the bail out is going! And if all the wealthy and able people did the same thing as the Jolie-Pitts the world would be a much better place.

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  • Brandi

    I think this is awesome. I think it’s been cool to see Brad and Angelina go from regular celebrity gossip fodder celebs to celebrities who are trying to do something good for the world. They seem to really try and keep a low profile with their personal crap and use their power for good and not evil!

  • ash

    What’s been done about the area being so prone to flooding?

  • Nikki

    I have nothing but respect for both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. I love that they use their success and fame to help people who need it. It’s always amazing to me that they’re doing more for the people on the Gulf Coast than the government. They are an inspiration to me. I hope to be a humanitarian and help people less fortunate. I just wish I had the resouces to help change and affect someone’s life in a positive way. As a Louisiana native, it means a lot to see that there are some people who do care and wanna help. Much love to Brad and Angie. They have a fan and supporter for life in me.