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Georgio Armani is one bad boy! In case you haven’t heard the news, Armani got the honor of being added to PETA’s list of fur-free designers after he publicly declared he’d no longer use fur. Then, in the cruelest move of the season, Armani released a new line that included fur coats for babies, floral-printed fur coats, fur-hemmed skirts and fur-trimmed jackets. Well as you can imagine, PETA (and all of us animal-rightsers) felt totally betrayed. I mean WTF, Armani?

And so — because nobody puts baby in the corner — PETA is asking celebrity Armani wearers like Glenn Close and Heidi Klum to boycott the designer until he makes good on his promise. While it hasn’t been released if Klum and Close will indeed help PETA with their mission, there IS one star who’s getting involved.

As Ecorazzi previously reported, Gillian Anderson is super pissed with Armani’s choice and recently rolled up her fur-free sleeves to narrate a video of undercover footage from rabbit fur farms in China and France—countries designer Giorgio Armani is known to purchase from. So watch the video and join PETA, Gillian, Ecorazzi and many others who have all pledged to go fur-free!

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  • Kristy

    The video made me wretch and cry.

  • Stephanie Williams

    I wish i can watch it just to see how she did…but i can’t watch this stuff….i know what they do and protest it every weekend.

    People that can watch it and still wear fur are heartless and soulless.

  • Kelsey

    I couldn’t make it all the way through either. If I owned fur, I’d hate myself after watching that.

  • Min Min

    I broke down halfway through during the skinning and could not keep my eyes open. I hope more people will see this video.

  • erin

    I can’t watch it all either but promise i’ve never bought fur – don’t even have leather in my hybrid (which is being repaired as a tree fell on it yesterday in freak storm) but anyhoo i digress.

    It’s actually Giorgio (with an I :) though I don’t care how we spell his name. You can spell it loser for all *I* care ;-)


  • claudia marrapodi

    this horrific animal abuse is a big crime and i thank gillian anderson for her loving heart and PETA-support! we need millions of people like her!

  • jozelle

    I mean look at that video the most sickening thing a person can watch the animal is suffering a cruel and very painful death where they stun and shock them yet there stil alive and can feel and cant do anything about it hanging upside down with there throats slit and being tortured !!!!!!!!!!!!! Beyond reason why anyone would want to wear fur especially after watching a video like that let alone EAT a animal after watching how much torture they got through poeple need to take a hint from STELLA McCARTNEY !!!!! You can be succesful without using any animal products what so ever !!!! My god this is the 21st century its time people stopped being so barbaric!!!!!

  • stephanie

    Actually, (RE: Stella McCartney) i have heard latley that she uses WOOL and SILK in her lines….and also, is partners with the Gucci group….which is a fur usesing company.

    Personally, if all this is true, i feel her line is NOT VEGAN, though many many of her products are definatly a step in the right direction….but i wish she would be Vegan and NOT parnered with a company that profits off of fur.

    If anyone can clear this up…it would be great.

  • VeggieTart

    This was horrifying–I nearly threw up after watchingthis video. I hope this convinces people not only to give up fur, but to give up animal foods as well, as animals kept for food are treated just as cruelly as animals kept for fur.

  • yvonne

    this is the saddest thing i’ve seen in awhile. thank you gillian for helping spread the word!!

  • fbr

    No sane person watches this type thing for fun. However, there are far, far worse things going on in this world. The animals were killed quickly and efficiently. The people doing this work are not sadists enjoying watching animals suffer. They are simply people trying to make a living.

    Seriously, if you find this video so unbearable that you throw up, you have either lived an incredibly sheltered life or need to open your eyes to what is happening around you.

    I understand people who object to the use of animals for food, clothing and other purposes from ethical grounds. I also understand people who find it acceptable. What I don’t understand are people who’s depth of reasoning is: “Cute bunnies are getting killed, I can’t watch!!”

  • parrish

    FBR- I don’t care if people stop wearing fur for ethical reasons, financial reasons or simply because they don’t like seeing “cute bunnies getting killed.” As long as they stop…and stop right this very second!!

    In response to, “There are far, far worse things going on in this world.” Of course there are terrible things happening everywhere, but we must look at what lies at the root of the problem. Pythagoras once said: “For as long as men massacre animals, they will kill each other. Indeed, he who sows the seed of murder and pain cannot reap joy and love.”

    Words to think on.

  • erin

    I just got back from seeing David Wolfe speak tonight in Orlando (great by the way ;) and I believe someone there pointed out how people who want someone (or everyone) to turn a blind eye to something horrendous is to say “aww there’s worse things going on”

    And I believe FBR (and a few others) have said that before on here in defense of killing animals.

    FBR: There’s always something worse in the world no matter what. Always. But certainly you would not turn a blind eye to something terrible that were happening that you were outraged about and say ‘well there’s worse things’

    Should we not care about the health care crisis? The environment? Because it’s worse somewhere else?

    that is the lamest excuse I have ever heard.

    I still am curious what eco friendly tendencies you have (if any) that draw you to this board.


  • fbr

    Parrish, that random quote from Pythagoras is hardly an argument. It provides no basis or justification, and ripped out of context like that could just as easily be interpreted to be against your position. Not to mention that it’s demonstrably false.

    Erin, “there are far, far worse things in the world” was not an argument to turn a blind eye to the issue. It was an argument for questioning the hyperbolic responses to the video. However, feel free to beat your straw man if it makes your feel better.

    The point was that videos like this are counterproductive to the argument at hand. This is because it encourages shallow responses along the lines of “I don’t like to watch cute bunnies getting killed, therefore killing bunnies is wrong.”

    One can have a perfectly justified position for or against fur from ethical grounds. Therefore the choice to use or not use fur should be a personal one.

    As for my “eco tendencies”, I believe our planet’s ecosystem is far too complex for us to understand causal relationships within it with any great accuracy. This leads to a conservative stance where we should minimize our disturbance since we cannot possibly know the impact of our actions – this from a purely self-preservation point of view. It also leads to great distaste for the current climate and eco-prophets that claim to know how we should act in order to “save our planet” – they cannot possibly know it. However, all of this has to be balanced with our natural right and tendency to make life better for ourselves through the use of whatever resources are available to us.

  • parrish

    Oh, fbr! I could give you a hundred quotes and you still wouldn’t see. Agree to disagree, I suppose.

  • fbr

    Parrish, so how about instead of throwing around useless quotes you try to form a logical argument instead?

  • parrish

    fbr- I make logical arguments for my views every single day. If you’d like to see a few, simply browse through our archives.

    Honestly, as much as I enjoying having thoughtful, meaningful conversations on the subject of animal rights, you’ve proved time and time again that you’re absolutely steadfast in your views. And that’s okay dude — they’re your views. But I’ve got seven stories sitting in front of me this morning and it seems silly to tread water here. While our ideologies might be fundamentally different, I do appreciate your participation on the blog and look forward to your future instigation.

  • erin


    All I’ve got to say is this. You being on this board is like me continually posting every day in day out on a luxury fur board where women (men whatever) discuss where to buy the latest in fur fashions. I could tell them all day that fur is bad but they probably (like you) won’t listen. So, despite the cynic in me, I like that some tiny hidden part of you wants us to change your mind. Part of you way deep down inside just might be against fur.

    Because the only reason I’d be on that luxury fur board (I believe) is if deep down I wanted a big fur coat.. And there is no part of me that wants that – ever. Hence the reason I’ve never even been on such a site and refused to wear model fur my entire life.. But I think somewhere in you- you might have an eco friendly animal loving fur despising side and I hope somehow this board can bring it out in you.



  • Loli

    To those few who are still uninformed about the whole fur industry (and I’m going to keep on posting this until they get it):

    What many people don’t realise is that most of the fur that gets exported to the West comes from China. Now this is where the problem lies:

    1.) China has no animal welfare laws whatsoever.
    2.) Among animals such as foxes, raccoons and mink, they also skin dogs and cats alive. Yes, you heard me right. They skin them alive! You may think it’s an urban legend, but it is completely true. Just Google ‘chinese fur trade’ and you’ll see for yourself.
    3.) The dog and cat fur is marketed to the West as faux fur/rabbit fur/other fur.
    They are actually duping us into buying coats and other products that contain dog/cat fur.
    4.) The barbaric Chinese fur industry is going strong as we speak and it won’t stop until people stop buying fur.

    And if you still don’t believe me, just watch this disgusting footage:

    (Please copy and paste into your browser.)

    And another thing, the above video is not an isolated case. This sickening stuff is happening on a daily basis, where China skins up to 2 million dogs and cats a year.

    Oh, and on the meat and leather argument: At least we have animal welfare laws in place that regulates the meat industry. China does not. And that’s the difference.

  • Laura

    OMG!!! I have never wear fur! Not ever!!! Not even before I watched this video!!! And I also couldn’t watched till the end! I just watch the first 8 seconds I think!!! I hate those people! They should go to HELL!!!!! :(