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At a climate change meeting in June, Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “America is so addicted to oil it will take us years to wean ourselves from it, and to look for new ways to feed our addiction is not the answer.”

Well, looks like he’s found some new ways to revel in that addiction with the gas-guzzling Dodge Challenger. ‘Tis is the second time he’s been spotted cruising town in the 13mpg vehicle.  This from a guy who told ABC’s George Stephanopoulous that he would consider accepting a position as Barack Obama’s Energy Czar.


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  • erin

    Living in Los Angeles for over 8 years (throughout my 20’s) I learned quickly what already there already knew.

    He’s a TOTAL loser.

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  • theresa Southern

    i’m not trying to defend him, just point out that he may only drive the car a few miles for fun now and then. or do we know that he drives it more than that? i don’t know. i guess i want to believe there is a politician out there i can trust. ha ha! seriously, when obama is president (right?!) will we then see the truth of who he is, hearing about all of his excesses too? so disappointing to think of…

  • erin

    i do not think that obama could come close to ahhhnold (or mclame for that matter) i have more hope in him. look at him- he doesn’t even *eat* in excess and he eats at least some organic food, has one house, and is adopting a homeless pet.

    he makes sarah palin look as bad as osama (yeah that terrorist bush never caught)

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