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flowerAl Gore is in the Netherlands all this week delivering his Inconvenient Truth slide show at a bunch of gigs. According to ABG, he’s also been shuttled around in in the latest in green luxury travel from Audi — the Audi A6 TDIe. The car (which for this occassion is using diesel fuel produced from natural gas) get an average of 44mpg. [Read more...]

flowerPenelope Cruz has come under a steady stream of attacks from animal-rights activists after agreeing to star in the movie Manolete — a Spanish film about a legendary matador who was gored to death in a bullring at the peak of his fame. Cruz insists, however, that she was simply attracted to the powerful story and does not support the cruel sport in any way. “This is a film about a love story,” said Producer Andres Vicente Gomez. “There is no blood shown. There is one scene involving a bullfight but it does not show the animal suffering. In no way did bulls suffer for this film.” [Read more...]

flowerRachel McAdams has been busy making some eco-improvements to her new home in Toronto. She recently told People, “I live in an old house and I’m trying to do green remodeling. It’s been keeping me busy.” And you won’t see her making trips to Home Depot in a gas guzzling SUV. “I don’t own a car,” she told USA Today. “In Toronto, my bike is my car.” [Read more...]

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  • kyleSF

    Is Senor Gore actually putting in any effort to change the environment? Of course, if we all had money, we could all drive expensive Audi hybrids or electric, we could all buy “carbon offsets” while still leaving on all the lights at home. But the fact is, many people cannot afford these “green” luxuries and we actually change, modify, or sacrifice things in life to make the world a better place. I don’t see him sacrificing at all. And, he still eats animals!! Argh!

  • Joe T. Plumber

    Of course, like so many rich, celebrity, posers…. the once honorable Al Gore appears to have been swept up in the bright GREEN lights of Hollywood…. he has become a faker too. Didnt we see and hear all that already before ?
    Just look at his Live Earth concert, a scheme hatched by Kevin Wall for his rock star friends… what did they ACTUALLY do ? Jetting around on private planes, picked up gas guzzlin limos and FORD Excursions, and “off setting” their carbon with programs that do virtually nothing to decrease consumption or solve the problems. sure, sure they spend millions to remind people that “wecansolveit”… it is the mantra of Live Earth’s We Campaign, but of course, they dont need to give up their expensive luxuries, addiction to over consumption and love of a very rich Hollywood lifestyle.
    How long are we going to fall for Kevin Wall’s silly apparent “bait and switch?”
    Lets hope the press in India, where Live Earth claims to be broadcasting its next show to help the very “poor” … (which Live Earth’s super rich founders (see Kevin Wall’s “sustainable holdings” web site…. they obviously “care deeply” about the world’s poor.) causes the truth to be known and understood by all of us… Live BARF Live BARF Live BARF!

  • Jm

    I think the green (money) has changed Al Gore to a degree. I now wonder if he would be doing this if he weren’t making millions otherwise. Disappointing.