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So many folks have been dropping their clothes for PETA’s “I’d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur” campaign, that it’s kind of getting hard to keep up. (That’s what she said.)

Breaking up the traditionally solo photo spread is the R&B group Danity Kane — formed in 2005 as a result of MTV’s Making the Band reality television series. It includes singers Aubrey O’Day, Aundrea Fimbres, D. Woods, Dawn Richard, and Shannon Bex.

Says Dawn, “Animals don’t have the voice to speak out, and that’s where it’s our place to come in and stand firm with that. And being that we’re artists, we have so much power. A lot is said in these photos, and I always thought that this statement was so beautiful.”

Check out their video interview and photo shoot for the spread here. For more info on the campaign, jump over to PETA’s official site here.

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  • erin

    nice. but they sure don’t look as good as the super models who did that campaign a few years back (most of whom ended up wearing fur later anyway – like crawford, moss and campbell.. pretty sad :(

  • kyleSF

    I wish they would start doing a “I would rather go naked than wear leather” campaign. Not very many people wear fur anymore but almost everyone has something leather.

  • andrea

    I think the girls look awesome and their doing it for a good reason…I love danity kane its sad their group is broken up but im glad they still did this photo together

  • The Science Commenter

    Are u kidding? They look delicious! Nice muscle tone and more boobs than supermodels, I’m sure, although we can’t see them.

  • michael

    I think it’s great to see entire “groups” rather than just supermodels for a change.

  • The Science Commenter

    Nice pun Michael.

  • VeggieTart

    I’d rather they be a little more original than having young, naked women posing with the “I’d rather go naked…” line. Can’t they come up with some advertising campaign that doesn’t involve T&A?

  • Rainbow Warrior

    beautiful warmhearted girls – you rock!

  • Sascha

    Um…what did they do to their faces??? They did way too much air brushing on them when they don’t even need it. Look at Aundreas face…it looks…so not like her and look at Shannon…omg, they all look plastic. They ruined the photo. The photo would have been awesome if they wouldn’t have done that to them. They don’t even need air brushed. Even Dawn looks weird on her face. I love DK though. I wish Diddy wouldn’t have made that rash decision because they will never be the same now without Aubrey and D.

  • Noah

    I was super excited to see Danity Kane in a PETA “Rather naked than wear fur” Campain as I love their Music and I thought it was cool to finally see a R&B Group do something like that and not only NOT wearing fur but also speaking out against it….

    But I was also kind of shocked when I saw several photos of Dawn in the Dirty Money group where she’s wearing fur…. I really couldn’t believe it and thought that it was maybe fake fur – but it looks real! So I was wondering what the hell made her change her mind from “it is so wrong to hurt anmimals” and “I’d never wear fur” to wearing it and even being seen wearing it on pictures.. I think her credibility as a person is zero… I mean it’s one thing to wear fur (disgusting and cruel!) but to be in a Peta Campain and also wearing fur…. it’s disgusting and makes me angry… She should really be ashamed of herself…