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Veg Blog Round-Up: News From Around The Web

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vegan blog round up

Last week Ecorazzi spilled the beans about a brand new segment we started called: Veg Blog Round-Up: News From Around The Web. The Round-Up was created to bring you all the hottest meat-free news on the web and spotlight some of our very favorite vegtastic blogs! And remember, the Veg Blog Round-Up is one-hundred-percent cholesterol free — so don’t be afraid to come back for seconds! Here’s what happening this week:

Humane Society of the United States: Sick Standards by Wayne Pacelle
“These Agribusiness Big Shots want to tell us that black is white and white is black. They want us to believe that it’s good to keep animals in severe confinement, with their beaks cut off and living above their own waste. We know better, and with our army of advocates, we are reaching California voters person by person.”

Vegetarian Star: The Veggie Turmoil On Desperate Housewives by Veg Star Staff
“Bree, evil as a mother can be, manipulates little Ben into eating a hot dog! (A real one, not soy.) As predicted, Danielle is McSteamed…”

Vegan Yum Yum: Stuffed Shells by Lolo
“Last night Stewart and I had stuffed shells, which is only slightly more complicated to make than pasta, but is a lot more interesting (and looks more impressive!). If you want to get even fancier, you could pick up some manicotti and fill them using a piping bag.” [Editor’s Note: I made these for a group of carnivorous friends and they devoured them. MAKE THESE TONIGHT!!]

Blog.Peta.Org: Disney Bids ‘Au Revoir’ to Foie Gras! by Amy Elizabeth
“Forget Miley Cyrus’ terrible ‘tween “Sweet 16″ bash at Disneyland; there’s something much, much sweeter to celebrate at Disney World: No more foie gras!”

The Discerning Brute:Candle 79 Redux by Joshua Katcher
“Candle 79 is truly an amazing experience! Mr.Bruni approached his review of Candle 79 as if he were a Broadway critic reviewing a school play. Better yet, as if he were an insecure straight man reviewing a gay bar. Manliness and meat-eating are inseparable in our culture, after all.”

Vegan.com: A Response to Pollan’s Letter to the Next President by Erick Marcus
“The fact that Pollan is now focused on offering solutions makes this the most important thing he’s written for the Times. The route he’s taken in this piece is of special interest. This is not a piece asking consumers to follow their conscience in how they eat — it is instead a call upon government to make radical changes based on economic necessity.”

And there you have it! Didn’t make the Round-Up this week? Don’t fret — remember there’s no crying in blogging — your site could be featured next week…but only if we know about you. If you have an awesome veggie blog that you want Ecorazzi to read, leave a comment below and tell us what’s up! [PS: We fully encourage shameless self-promotion here on the Razz, so go all out!]

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